God Wars: The Complete Legend [Nintendo Switch] (pre-order) £28.99 at 365Games

God Wars: The Complete Legend [Nintendo Switch] (pre-order) £28.99 at 365Games

Found 4th Apr
Looks like only the Switch will get this as a standalone release outside Japan, although the new content will be available as DLC on PS4 and Vita.
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What's this then?
Woah, God of war on switch!!
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coffeehair4 h, 7 m ago

What's this then?

It's God Wars: Future Past plus all DLC, with quite a few hours'-worth of new gameplay and more playable characters.

This is possibly one of the most Japanese of Japanese RPGs, being based on folklore around the origins of the country. The developers reckon that there's 100+ hours of gameplay in the full package.
TheRaveDigger20 h, 50 m ago

Woah, God of war on switch!! [Image]

Don't I got so excited
Is this site any good never used them
I would implore everyone on this site to NOT use 365games. I placed two orders one day after another and used points I gained previously to convert into vouchers to use on those orders. On the third day received an email advising of a promotion whereby if I convert my points into vouchers I can gain an additional amount of points for one week only. As I had literally placed two orders over the previous two days, I asked if they could give me the points, instead of me cancelling and reordering. They told me basically if they did it for me, everyone would have to get the same treatment, so tough. I rated their service as poor in response. I got an email back from 'Mia' a trainee customer service person (that should have been the clue), that she might be able to offer me some points as a token gesture, but just to be clear, I won't be getting anywhere near what I could have received had I placed the order when the promotion went live. Then she had the cheek to demand that I change how I personally rated the service! Needless to say I gave them a mouthful. I have cancelled my order for shenmue (the other was too late) and I will be closing down my account. I would strongly recommend everyone else does likewise, they do not give a damn about customers, unlike thegamecollection and base who have been excellent and of course don't take money up front. I was going to defend 365games yesterday but after this email response, I'm very glad I didn't. Please think twice before using them.
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