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Japanese company Nintendo is one of the world’s most popular gaming brands. Famous for their cartoonish graphics, high-quality titles and family-friendly approach, Nintendo are constantly bringing out new systems and accessories for gamers to enjoy. They also offer plenty of deals, all of which can be found at the Nintendo hotukdeals listings. Read more
Inside (Nintendo Switch) £12.59 @ Nintendo EShop
Found 3 h, 2 m agoFound 3 h, 2 m ago
A wonderful game, at the lowest its been on the EShop. MetaScore of 91 A more detailed review here Description Hun… Read more
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Brilliant game


You are welcome bud. Haggling with amazon for those Thorntons as I type this - you know what I mean ;)


True that - one of the most absorbing games out there in my view.


thanks mat ;)


A real gem. Yes its only 4 hours(ish) long, but it will play on your mind much longer

Nintendo Classic Mini @ - £47.95
Found 4 h, 56 m agoFound 4 h, 56 m ago
Best price I can find for these and doesn't seem to be posted yet. Currently in stock.

Totally agree. Got all the games downloaded recently on my phone and pc. (Aswell as Amiga, Amiga CD32, snes, master system, atari lynx and jaguar, game boy and game boy advanced) way to many to play but I recommend playing hostages on the NES. amazing game


Best video games console on earth!

ThimbleWeed Park (Nintendo Switch) 50% off , now £7.49 @ Nintendo eShop
Found 6 h, 9 m agoFound 6 h, 9 m ago
Lovely game, currently at a historical low price on the eShop MetaScore of 82 Description Welcome to Thimbleweed… Read more
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I must say whoever did knew their games alright :)


I don't know who recommended hollow knight but its one of the the best games I've played! Completely hooked. Red dead is gathering dust!


Well done you (highfive) I hope you enjoy the games - do share your feedback once you have had a play.


I'm going for it (y)


Its very hard to compare the two in my view - unless you are on a real budget, I'd say pick both :)

Nintendo Switch (Refurbished) With 12-Month Warranty via Tesco Outlet Ebay + PLAY15 Code - £206.15
Found 7 h, 47 m agoFound 7 h, 47 m ago
Hey all, I know that there are already a tonne of deals on HUKD for the Switch however, this one I think is a very good price/value and possibly the cheapest with a warranty. Con… Read more

Someone could have played a PS4 24/7 and burnt the crap out of it and return it and it could come under a refurb, so I don’t think I’d personally go for a refurb console, especially these Xbox ones and PS4’s that are the original ones, they came out in 2013 so when they’re refurbished your wasting your time


If you buy it as a cart only off eBay, you can get the game for £26ish so still works out cheaper. I can't speak for Tesco and how they manage their refurbs but the seller notes state: "This item is professionally refurbished. It may have minor cosmetic marks or scratches and may come in non retail packaging. " This is their classification; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grade - Refurbished with Cosmetic Marks This item is refurbished. It has been examined, tested and graded and is showing noticeable signs of use such as heavy scratches or scuffs. However this are purely cosmetic and does not affect functionality of the product. Pre-owned product with cosmetic marksComprehensively tested and fully workingComplete with all necessary accessories unless specified in the listingHas moderate to heavy cosmetic marks (scratches, scuffs)Please note - Batteries are a consumable item and may need to be replaced within the lifetime of the product. Batteries that have been tested to ensure they hold a charge however we cannot guarantee that the manufacturers advertised maximum battery life can be achieved. And below is the Warranty information: WARRANTY At Tesco Outlet you can purchase new and refurbished items. All items are sold with a 12 month Tesco Outlet Warranty. The new items are products that were previously available through Tesco stores or Tesco Direct but have now been discontinued. They come complete with all the necessary parts and accessories and are still in their original packaging. In some instances the packaging may be damaged, but don't let that put you off! The product inside will be pristine. The refurbished items are customer returns. A large proportion of these items have never been used. They might, for example, be unwanted gifts or products customers have simply changed their mind about, which have then been returned to us. They have been checked, inspected, repaired (if necessary), graded and reboxed complete with all accessories. All refurbished items will be clearly marked in the description. These offer excellent value for money along with the reassurance that they are supported by a full 12 month Tesco Outlet Warranty. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's unlikely to drop any time soon. It is entirely the buyers choice. I personally don't mind a refurbished/pre-owned console if there is a warranty provided.


I've had some great stuff from Argos refurbs but some garbage from Tesco. Could just be luck. I think they occupy the same building and may be the same company (Argos and Tesco refurbs) I once got offered a partial refund which took just under two months to receive in a protracted debacle!


Over £200 is ridiculous for a Switch


What’s considered as a refurb? A wipe down with a cloth, they’re companies don’t open them up and clean them, prob just give you a set of new wires and a Johnson’s baby wipe and slap a refurb sticker on em

NINTENDO LABO TOY-CON 04: VR KIT - STARTER SET + BLASTER Preorder (12/04/2019) for £29.95 @ The Game Collection
Found 7 h, 59 m agoFound 7 h, 59 m ago
DESCRIPTION Nintendo Labo: VR Kit is a unique first VR experience that kids and families can build themselves. Package Includes Nintendo Switch game card containing software … Read more

Any proper reviews yet?


Ordered. Thanks!


£5 cheaper than Nintendo store so heat from me but Amazon have obviously got their pricing wrong.


Yes, it's everywhere, not less than £30. So far I could find this to be cheapest. :D


Better than Amazon's price (lol)

Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch @ Argos eBay. Free C+C. - £38.24
Found 9 h, 35 m agoFound 9 h, 35 m ago
Cheapest (ever?) price for this. Apply eBay code. Extra £2.99 for delivery if you prefer.


Just sold my sealed copy of this on eBay for £42 👌


It worked for me when I tried it without issue. You only have a few mins left. And can only be used once.


This code can't be applied to your order?


Good price but not showing many argos's to actually collect from, closest one available to collect from for me is 8 miles away when i have 3 argos's <2 miles away

Yoku's Island Express (Nintendo Switch) 50% Off - Now £7.99 @ Nintendo eShop
Found 9 h, 36 m agoFound 9 h, 36 m ago
Lovely game here at the lowest historical price on the eShop for digital download. MetaScore of 82 Descriptio… Read more
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haha - that made me chuckle alright :)


Like when you see your 6 year old after much effort successfully balanceing their ds3 Nintendo on the bathroom door handle, so can see it while having a poo... And your caught between wanting to give out hell to him for this disgusting habit so it doesn't become a lifelong disgusting habit but your in absolute awe and admiration of their little hand/handle gymnastics and ingenuity.... hmmm ... so you play hear see say no evil with yourself and walk away smiling - The kids got skills! (angel) (...and he got them from me!) (lol) (lol) (lol)


Platformer + pinball! My childhood fav genres mashed into one... that can be played on the road... or on the throne... at a great price!


unfortunately the game has not been released on 3DS. Great price for this on switch tho! Fun game bought it when it was last on sale.

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Game £33.99 @ Curry's eBay with code PLAY15
Found 9 h, 55 m agoFound 9 h, 55 m ago
Top features: - Join Mario on an adventure through unknown worlds and collect all the power moons - Take advantage of his new powers with his trusted friend Cappy - Let your… Read more

That’s harsh. The op has taking their time out to share the cheapest price on a fantastic game. Voted hot thanks for sharing


Brilliant game worth every penny


Thanks for clarifying, and I somewhat agree about Curry's. However, this is the cheapest I've seen the game for and many people may benefit from this deal so I thought it was worth posting for that reason alone.


Fair enough, not aimed at you personally, just HUKD seems to be littered with these kind of Currys eBay posts that are all at RRP before code. eBay should be about promoting personal sellers IMHO not promoting already rich mega corps that just happen to trade on there too. I guess it's harder posting deals from smaller shops and sellers as quantity is usually less, but all these posts from the usual big shed retailers just further discourages ppl from buying from smaller sellers that need it the most, which is a real shame IMHO....


Firstly, I don't work for Curry's, I work for the NHS. Secondly, this is currently the cheapest way to buy the game new, physical or digital. You're welcome to buy it elsewhere and pay more

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Nintendo Switch Neon Red - Neon Blue - £229.49 (With code) @ ShopTo eBay
Found 9 h, 59 m agoFound 9 h, 59 m ago
Use code PLAY15 Nintendo Switch is a breakthrough home video game console. It not only connects to a TV at home, but it also instantly transforms into an on-the-go handheld using i… Read more

Also available in grey if you prefer that colour. can’t get grey bundled with Mario kart for a reasonable price


Good price if you already have MK8, otherwise you would be crazy not to pay the £15 extra



NINTENDO LABO TOY-CON 04: VR KIT £57.95 delivered @ The Game Collection (Also £59.99 @ Smyths Toys)
Found 11 h, 31 m agoFound 11 h, 31 m ago
Smyths Toys link for those who prefer to pick up instore (y) Cheapest yet I believe and a £12 saving on everywhere else. Release date is April 12. Features Nintendo Switch g… Read more

PSVR doesn’t do that & way cheaper entry to VR! Heat (y) 8)


^^lol. This will be to Vr what the Virtual boy was to portable gaming. lol


Pfft. Obviously hard to please. I mean, what other gaming company gives you the chance to look up a bird’s backside? Nintendo innovating yet again. 8) (cheeky)


Really need to see some footage before I make a purchase (embarrassed)

Nintendo Switch Consoles From £199.99 At Cash Converters (+£5.99 p&p)
Found 12 h, 49 m agoFound 12 h, 49 m ago
I've just been into the Hull branch of cash converters and they've got pre-owned Nintendo Switch consoles from £199 and that seems really cheap? You can search online and the pric… Read more
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Worth paying £30 extra for a brand new one imo. Always buy books and DVD second hand, but delicate expensive equipment?... not worth the hassle.


where do you see a new switch for 201 or 207? Lowest with the code is £230


You can get it new on ebay today for a couple of quid more.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers pair in Neon Red/Blue NEW £50.82 delivered with code at ebay /  funboxmedialtd
Found 13 h, 7 m agoFound 13 h, 7 m ago
More than 10 available at time of posting. Delivery is 'fast and free'. Pre-discounted price is (a still competitive) £59.79. Use code PLAY15 for a 15% discount. Possible 1% Qu… Read more

Thanks for your help


Apple watch is smaller and £1200


If none of that tech is useful to you and you want wired connection you could look at something like this.


Can't believe that .sell at no profit . #made in China . OK . Just need a alternative preferably wired and no need for gyroscope or rumble .


HD Rumble (via haptic engine), gyroscope, NFC reader/writer, 20 hour continuous use battery life in both all packed into a tiny shell and all of that x2 for a pair. Just because they are small doesn't mean they should be cheap. Whilst I do agree they are expensive, I can understand why. I've also read that due to manufacturing costs Nintendo sell them at close to no profilt.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Black From £44.19 @ Funboxmedialtd / ShopTo eBay / Currys eBay
Found 13 h, 29 m agoFound 13 h, 29 m ago
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Black From £44.19 @ Funboxmedialtd / ShopTo eBay / Currys eBay Now only available at Currys. £44.19 Funboxmedialtd Credit @SpeedyG £45.89Read more

Correct, OP needs to update the original post


The other links in the op are still showing limited stock at similar price




I get what you mean. With a pro controller its always more comfortable


joycons work fine for playing games, if you're playing mario kart or zelda for more than an hour at a time though they end up hurting in my experience

Fire Emblem Warriors (Nintendo Switch) £19.99 (Prime) £22.98 (Non-Prime) Delivered @ Amazon
Found 13 h, 32 m agoFound 13 h, 32 m ago
Fire Emblem Warriors explodes onto Nintendo Switch, with original characters joining forces with fan-favourite Fire Emblem heroes to battle against the Chaos Dragon. Clash with leg… Read more

I know sweet FA about Fire Emblem but i bought this and thought it was a fun way to spend 20 hours or so (across Main Story Mode and History Mode). The story is pretty non-sensical but serviceable.


Tempted as I don’t have this I went for the Zelda themed one. Hmmmm. Must. Resist. But heat anyway


Is this any good for someone who has never played fire emblem?


Same as all the other "warriors" titles, worth £20 if you haven't got any of the others though. (y)


I believe this is just the price match of Very from the beginning of the month. Amazon has been OOS for ages and now they have it back in stock again.

Nintendo 2DS XL Console - White & Orange (Brand New) £84.99 w/code @ Boss_deals eBay
Found 14 h, 48 m agoFound 14 h, 48 m ago
Nintendo 2DS XL Console - White & Orange Brand New £84.99 w/code @ Boss_deals eBay Use code PLAY15 at Checkout New Nintendo 2DS XL White & Orange, a new member of the … Read more

I've been blocked from buying from them - probably because I kicked up a stick as they sent me a damaged Switch and tried to blame it on DPD! (lol)


Wanted to get one but being so used to super high res screens on phones, I can't go back to playing games on the crappy DS screens with low resolution


I broke and bought one. It's a very good price, especially if you 'tinker' with the console


Yeah it’s definitely working! (excited)

Nintendo Switch 32GB	 console bundled with Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy £237.15 delivered with code @ AO eBay - Today Only
Found 15 h, 25 m agoFound 15 h, 25 m ago
Nintendo Switch Neon Red The Nintendo Switch is designed to go wherever you do. With the ability to transform between a home console and a portable system, the Switch lets you pla… Read more

It says Cartridge for Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy. That and the image implies a physical copy.


Looking at buying this for my son but can't seem to find info on whether the bundled games in the Bandicoot or Mario 8 bundles are a digital or physical copy, has anyone bought these and could tell me please? Thanks



Do you think I can find it cheaper ? Dont need it until June so have a bit of time


Wish I hadn’t ordered from Nintendo the other day 🙈 could have saved a bit of cash 😬

Yoshi's Crafted World (Nintendo Switch) £33.87 @ ShopTo eBay
Found 15 h, 30 m agoFound 15 h, 30 m ago
Use PLAY15 code on eBay to get 15% discount on Yoshi's Crafted World pre-order with ShopTo. Cheapest pre-order price to date Payment taken immediately, I believe.

SCORCHING HOT Thanks for posting, it's £6 cheaper than my previous pre-order direct from ShopTo so I cancelled that and ordered this (losing the egg cartridge holder is nbd as it would sit in the cupboard gaining dust with all the other gaming tat I don't use (lol) )! Can't see this dropping any lower than this in the future either so this is pretty damn good (y)


Ordered cheers


Like I say, I'm not fussed about the card holder, but it seems a bit tight on their part considering this is still a pre-order and that eBay take the hit on the 15% discount being offered. That said, eBay is way easier on the eye and the patience than their own site. I'll gladly forgo the shell for a £6 saving and extending my eyesight / sanity for 10 years. Possibly ;)


just to update, I was curious so I emailed them and they confirmed that it doesn't come with the pre-order bonus of the shell game card holder. Just in case that's a deal breaker for anyone!


No problem, happy to help :)

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