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Japanese company Nintendo is one of the world’s most popular gaming brands. Famous for their cartoonish graphics, high-quality titles and family-friendly approach, Nintendo are constantly bringing out new systems and accessories for gamers to enjoy. They also offer plenty of deals, all of which can be found at the Nintendo HotUKDeals listings. Read more
Lego City Undercover [Switch] £19.00 @ AO
Found 17 h, 10 m agoFound 17 h, 10 m ago
The best-selling, well-reviewed LEGO City Undercover brings humorous, open world LEGO gaming - with newly added two player co-op - to new gen console players for the very first tim… Read more

Still can't believe this was about £10 in US eShop sale


Thanks OP. This will be perfect to keep our lad occupied on long journeys.


My mind is naked for you - but my kids love to squash things, and one of them is only 4, I blame it on the graphic depiction of smashing other Lego creations that they have been exposed to since birth - we live in a very rough, Lego-unfriendly neighbourhood - one of the neighbour's kids.....he...he destroyed a Lego firestation with a Lego Technic Mack truck just last week. It's hard in the 'hood.


This is a great game for 6 year olds and above as they can just drive around without having to complete missions, but bare in mind you can run people over and steal cars, nothing graphic obviously, but if you're kids are sensitive it is something to be aware of. Oh and for two player you need another set of joy-cons, which is mad. I ended up buying a USB adapter that allows me to use a ps3, ps4 or any Xbox controller, was only £20 and we already have the other controlers so was the cheaper option. Great game though.


£6 cheaper than anywhere else I could see for a hard copy. Thanks OP.

Agatha Knife (Nintendo Switch) £7.95 (Or ~£5.30 from Russian eShop)
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
Agatha Knife is out next week on Switch and they have 20% off the regular price until then. It's £7.95 here, or 447RUB from the Russian eShop, which is about £5.20 according to xe.… Read more
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Downloads ftom Russian eShop comes with free novichok DLC too!


Revolut is your friend for currency conversion without fees (strong)


Looks good with a wacky story but gameplay seems meh to me. Not sure if I will get it.. Heat for price!!

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Register your physical game collection on the switch for myNintendo gold points/Free eShop credit
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
Heads up for anyone who isn’t aware, you can register your physical Nintendo games for gold points which can be used to discount eShop purchases. I just got £4.25 in eShop credit … Read more
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Ok. :S


In my world? No. On hukd, maybe, we're stretching comparatives here. Again, pointless. The majority of freebies require something paid for, thats what im saying. Pointless argument. If its not pointless to you, then I do hope your pushing your point on all applicable freebies. Otherwise ask yourself why here and nowhere else? Fanboy? I wouldn t even wish I had time for that nonsense, nintendo, xbox, ps, really couldnt give a rats arse about whose better, if "I" enjoy something thats all that matters.


Stupidity? So these games with gold and ps+ are free in your world huh? And "again" is obviously in reference to nintendo re-releasing wii u games at full price yet again for the sad nintendo fans that accept it and lap it up.


Not sure if "again" is in reference to Game or Nintendo but cant see why you have to buy again on Nintendo, unless you're coming from old to new console. Either way its a pretty poor/pointless argument, its a freebie in as much as the majority of freebies are. When you start saying its not free because you have to buy the games first, you're diving head first into the rabbit hole of stupidity.


It costs nothing to register the games? You have to buy the games(again) in order to register. That's not free.

Mario Tennis Aces Nintendo Switch £38 w/ Prime / £40 non Prime - Amazon
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
Game out mid-June. Certainly the best price at the moment
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nintendo exclusives should b bought on cartridges as they hold thir value, and 1 day u will likely want to sell it on if u upgrade to next gen of console


Base has the pre-order on 39.85£. They are having great prices las months (since I realized) and prefer to buy from other places instead of Amazon.


from the looks of it this just seems like mario tennis with a story mode, not really worth 40 so gonna wait for a price drop


Looking forward to this. You'd think they'd be bringing out a new strikers game though given its the world cup this year. Very odd


I've got my pre-order in with Amazon now, but I'm keeping an eye on Smyths. If they drop the price to £40 (like they've done for Donkey Kong and Kirby) with the £5 off, I'll Switch my pre-order :-)

Jotun : Valhalla Edition for Nintendo Switch (Russia Pre-Order) £4
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
" Explore vast and varied regions of Norse purgatory, do battle with colossal beasts called jotun and impress the Gods in Jotun: Valhalla Edition, a hand-drawn action-exploration g… Read more
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jco83 The worst cards have a spending fee or minimum charge for foreign currency transactions. 50p - £1.50 on top (horror) Bad for small transactions


I was charged 4p extra on top of what the game costs. I'm fine with a small transaction fee as i only intend to buy the small games digitally


Your welcome, enjoy :)


Just bought through mobile £4, all works perfect, thanks man!


Thank you :)

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Free Arms Glove Stress Ball with All orders over £10 with Code @ Nintendo excludes pre-orders and digital download games
30/04/2018Expires on 30/04/2018Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
Free ARMS Glove Stress Ball with every order over £10 (excludes pre-orders and digital download games) Promo Code: SQUEEZE IT … Read more
Read More
Nine parchments Nintendo for Switch @ Nintendo eshop - £10.79
01/05/2018Expires on 01/05/2018Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Nine Parchments is a co-operative blast'em up game of magical mayhem from Frozenbyte Creators of the Trine series. Also a demo if you want to check it out before you buy.

The US & Canada are relatively easy as I use to buy eshop top-up cards (usually during a discount offer). I've also used the Russian eshop but that's treated like an EU store so my Revolut card works there. The only slightly more convoluted one was the Japanese store, had to set up an Amazon JP account. And I do have different accounts for each store.


Well worth the money. Great game!


It's super difficult to buy from non-EU stores from the UK, unless you create a whole separate account and have a card that works.


On sale until the 1st May, the top three prices being; Mexico $209.99 approx. £8.21 (not sure about any additional taxes) Canada $14.99 approx. £8.38 (plus at least 5% sales tax) United States $14.99 approx. £8.43 (0% sales tax if you choose the right State) Full list HERE.


I was playing the demo the other day and I thought to myself, "when this comes up on sale, I'm going to get it". The rest, as they say, is history.

Just Dance 2017 for Nintendo Switch @ coolshop - £18.50 delivered
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
£18.50 with free delivery I think it's the cheapest it has ever been

Lad will dig this for his birthday.


Thanks OP! My daughter loves the Just Dance games - 4% quidco too :)


Thanks good deal, daughter will be really pleased with this for her Switch. Heat added


Good price @myshon - my kids love these games :)

8Bitdo SF30 Pro Retro/SNES Style Bluetooth Controller for Windows, MacOS, Android and Switch - £24.49 @ Zapals
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
A great little bluetooth controller normally priced around £35-£40.
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I’m trying my luck via AliExpress. Almost the same pricing, here’s hoping it arrives without any nasty surprises (embarrassed)


A great controller. I used this to complete Celeste on the Switch (a fairly difficult game) and had no problems whatsoever. While the d-pad isnt perfect, it is MUCH better than the one on the official Switch Pro controller. It pairs with the Switch straight out of the box. You are able to turn the console off with the controller, however you CANNOT wake the console with the controller and so will have to press the power button on the Switch to wake it. The best feature for me though is that I can pair this with multiple devices at once. For me this is: 1: Nintendo Switch 2: PC 3: SNES Mini with 8bitdo dongle. You can switch between all devices really easily without having to pair each time. When you turn the controller on, you just hold a button down that represents the device you will be using it on, i.e hold down "Y" for Switch, "X" for PC, then press the "Start" button. It will automatically go into the correct mode without having to pair each time for different devices. It also remembers the last device you used it with so only need to press the "Start" button to go back into the last used mode. A very well made controller. It supports everything the official Switch PRO controller does EXCEPT NFC (only useful for scanning amibos). Its not as comfy as a PRO controller, but if you have ever used a SNES controller then you know what to expect. Hope this is useful.


yes, but it'll take a few weeks


Is it free shipping to the uk with the pad before I look to order one


im sorry to hear that, i would open that case immediately, you've already waited 3 months thats more than generous imo. Also in my experience paypal almost always side with the buyer so i'd like to think you'll have a good chance of getting your money back. good luck (y)

Lego The Incredibles (Nintendo Switch pre-order) @ 365Games (delivered)
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Cheapest price by a fair amount! To be released 13th July 2018. Perfect timing considering The Incredibles 2 is coming out in cinema soon.

Lashed out and got the mini figure one lol. My son saw this and immediately wanted it so thanks for the heads up and what is a significant saving. Heat added


Just debating whether to pre order the one with the mini figure for an extra fiver.....


Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there have been issues with orders going missing or being late, my issue is specifically with their so called loyalty scheme. They were extremely inflexible with me and had I instead converted my points and placed my orders two days later, I would then have been entitled to the extra points. Seems a bit ridiculous to penalise a customer for the sake of two days, rather than give them what they should have been entitled to by rights, especially as the orders had not been despatched by that stage.


I ordered a couple of games from them (one was a pre order) and got the first game two days layer. No issues with 365 so far, however it is early days for me.


I would implore everyone on this site to NOT use 365games. I placed two orders one day after another and used points I gained previously to convert into vouchers to use on those orders. On the third day, I received an email advising of a promotion whereby if I convert my points into vouchers and redeem them against an order, I can gain an additional amount of points, eligible for one week only. As I had literally placed two orders over the previous two days, I asked if they could give me the points, instead of me cancelling and reordering, as I had already converted my points into a voucher and redeemed it. They told me basically if they did it for me, everyone would have to get the same treatment, so tough. I rated their service as poor in response. I got an email back from 'Mia', a trainee customer service person (that should have been the clue), that she might be able to offer me some points as a token gesture, but just to be clear, I wouldn't be getting anywhere near what I could have received had I placed the order when the promotion went live. She then had the cheek to demand that I change how I personally rated the service that she gave me. Needless to say, I gave them a mouthful. I have cancelled my order for Shenmue (the other was too late to cancel) and I will be closing down my account. I would strongly recommend everyone else does likewise, as they do not give a damn about customer loyalty, unlike thegamecollection and, who have to date been excellent and of course don't take money up front. Previously I would defend 365games but after this email response, I will no longer support them and will be closing my account. Please think twice before using this company if you care about loyalty schemes, as they have no loyalty to their customers.

Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy‑Con £224.99 @ Toby deals
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Good deal,bought before from them without problems.
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I know someone who swears by Toby deals and it's really caveat emptor. She hasn't had any issue, but as others have mentioned, after sales service is almost non-existent on this one.


As I understand it, these are Asian market imports so even if you have any problems (I'm on my 3rd Nintendo Switch since launch, 1 LCD screen, 1 battery) trying to return it to "Toby deals" Nintendo won't touch it as it as not an EU model either.


Has anyone actually bought from them so actually knows what they're like? So tempting, especially with the code WELCOME6 for new customers that gives you another £6 off.


Not going to chance it even at this price I'd rather wait and buy from somewhere more reputable still heat for a good price for anyone that trusts the company :)


Looks like one of those wowcher clone companies

Steamworld Dig 2 (Nintendo Switch) preorder £23.95 @ coolshop (incl delivery)
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Hi all Seems to be a tad cheaper than the 365Games deal posted the other deal. Price includes postage. Hope this helps :)
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Loved this on PC. So much better than the random nature of the first game.


Very good game but how is this hot?!


How is it irrelevant? It's a comment relating to his opinion on the price, which is kind of the whole idea of this site. As a sarcastic jibe, your comment is vastly more irrelevant.


Would you. Thanks for your irrelevant comment.


If I was paying this price I'd expect it to include all 3 games

Nintendo Switch 32GB grey - refurb w/ 12 Months warranty £235 @ Tesco eBay
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Seems a decent price with 12 months warranty - limited stock so be quick Around 90% sold as of posting

That'll do, thank you!


Simply games is cheaper


Ordered thanks


I probably should have added that it'd be worth the look out. That was just an example, the seller has one AFAIK but you find them hovering around that price.


I don’t think a saving of £15 on new is good at all for a refurb to me it needs to be £40-50 less than you can buy a new console

Shovel Knight - Treasure Trove [Nintendo Switch] - Norwegian eShop for £14.45
LocalLocalFound 15th AprFound 15th Apr
This method would be buying from a foreign eshop to get it so cheap. On the UK eshop the game is also on sale, but only from £22.49 to £17.99 On eshop-prices, it shows the US, Jap… Read more
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Supposedly on until 19/04/2018 Yes Shows as 186Mb on my switch :)


What's the download size? I already own it on pc but as I never play games on my laptop I've only complete the original version


Is it really that good?


Heat added. How long is the deal on for


One of my favourite games ever, with the final DLC campaign coming out soon - makes the deal even sweeter. Heat.

Nintendo switch Skyrim £29.99 theoutletshopuk / Ebay
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Brand new for £31.99 plus switch version comes with all the DLC worth a punt at that price. seller has updated their price so haveedited to reflect
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Only used them once so can't comment as to "Normal" but my copy from them was sealed, pristine and still had redeemable eshop points so every indication it was brand new.


My copy arrived with the case cracked in two places, inlet torn, and scratches on the cartridge contacts that indicate second hand use. Is this normal for this seller?


No, its not subjective. I was using your measures, Witcher 3 is a lot bigger than skyrim, you were going off size and content. Witcher 3 is 3.5x the size of skyirm and has way more content. You even used BOTW earlier to compare, which is also a bigger map than skyrim and still has another DLC coming out, so arguably should have more content.


I'd like to play this game but i really don't feel like I have the time. Looks like the type of thing you gotta commit to and I got ** to do lol


And that's not subjective? I think we just have to disagree on this one.

Playing with Super Power: SNES Classics Book - £12.99 instore @ game
LocalLocalFound 14th AprFound 14th Apr
Only in store. Saw it reduced to £12.99 this morning.
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Annoyingly the paperback has the superior cover. The hardback has a rather dull US console design. Apparently they did do a much better EU/UK console cover design but I’ve never seen one To confirm.


Cheers for confirming, my store didn't have any :(


The one at game had a hard outer slipcase. It was the Norwich store.


What's the store location? My local didn't have it either


That looks to be the paperback, the GAME one appears to be the hardback when looking online. I'm gonna check out my local today as I'd personally much prefer a hardback to a paperback

Robonauts Nintendo switch eshop £2.69
06/05/2018Expires on 06/05/2018Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Jump between planets, fight weird creatures and save the galaxy alone or with a friend! Pretty good game played the demo and enjoyed it seems a bargain at this price.
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Great price just got myself a copy !


Well worth that price, I too can't be bothered shifting about countries to save pennies. I want all my content to be mine and on one account in the event Nintendo decide cut down on it or incase I need to put my account onto a new machine and re-download everything say for a hardware fault or something


The backing track for this is great.


The most populated part of Russia is in Europe. Nintendo do include South Africa as part of NoE.


Still useful info if, like me, you keep US or Canadian accounts topped up via PCGameSupply. Strangely, Nintendo counts Russia as part of Europe so UK debit/credit cards work on the Russian eshop.

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