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Posted 26 June 2023

Integral V Series 2TB SATA III 2.5 Inch Internal SSD up to 520MB/s Read 470MB/s Write £64.96 with code @ MyMemory

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Integral solid state drives are hard wearing, with extreme shock resistance, zero noise and no heat generation.
  • Performance Boost
  • Ultra Fast Speed
  • [Durable and Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Device Optimisation

Condition - New
Colour - Black
Capacity - 2TB
Brand - Integral
Warranty - 1 Year
Barcode - 5055288448889
Product Code - INSSD2TS625V2XSKU357760

MyMemory More details at

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  1. abaxas's avatar
    Perfect for a steam game "drive".

    Have a nice fast NVME as you boot device and this as your storage.

    Best of all worlds.
    Hatsune_MikuwBK's avatar
    While this is generally the advice I would give, I would also like to point out that before NVMe drives were the norm, people were pretty happy with SATA as their OS drives. I was the first ones to adopt a mainstream NVMe Gen 3 drive (bought 500GB for £300 back in 2015) and did not notice an improvement in system response times Vs a SATA drive on Windows. I had an older 2c/2t Core2Duo laptop running Samsung 840 EVO on Windows 7 Vs Samsung SM951 (OEM version of the Samsung 950 Pro) on Windows 10 on my new 6th Gen 4c/8t i7 laptop and found Windows 7 laptop to be snappier. Whether that's due to Windows 10 bloat...I don't know.

    There are other tests on the internet as well that tests the responsiveness of OS's for general tasks and a good SATA with DRAM will not be any noticeably slower than an NVMe drive. Of course, NVMe drives are now very cheap and there is no reason not to go for them so my first point still stands, but unless you NEED the speed/convenience of NVMe M.2 (and you're on a budget), you don't have to hurry to purchase one just because the numbers are bigger.

    Note that SSD speed is like food for the human. If you have enough of it, there is no point in having more. A SATA drive is already at the peak of performance when running an operating system for most everyday users, whether that's sequential or random operations.

    Extra: Testing methodologies aside, Linus did a pretty good conclusion at 11:04 in this video
  2. davem's avatar
    Good price for general storage TBW (Total Bytes Written - typically in terabytes) is 320. * edited to remove my initial conservative endurance view. Looks great for a general purpose storage drive.

    I've run this on the following endurance calculator to show example endurance over 3/5 & 10 years.

    50455641-Spayd.jpg (edited)
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    It's a strange one.
    You'd expect higher endurance numbers on a QLC NAND drive, never mind TLC (which this 100% is).
    At 2TB, you'd expect at least a TBW of 800-1000 for TLC, even on budget drives.

    I think it shows their own lack of faith in this product.
    It should still be OK for most people, they should have backups of important data anyway. (edited)
  3. huevox's avatar
    2tb for 65? Beat that if you can Mr HDD...
    Mr_HDD's avatar
    I tried...and failed.
  4. speedlolita's avatar
    Tempting to pop in my PS4 Pro...
    Tellly's avatar
    Do it! Definitely speeds up OS, game load times & reduces pop in/asset streaming issues… no brainer at this price
  5. Publix's avatar
    Went OOS
    Back in stock now.
    Ordered one that I don't need at this price!
    (I've had 2 for years, use them for backup)
    Never had a problem with MyMemory inc returns/replacement
    Good site.
  6. driver8's avatar
    Surprising that this still seems to be the best priced 2tb, this side of Prime Day.
    Funny that the drop in PCIE drives hasn't caused further reductions.
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    The V series aren't exactly the most reliable.
    I'd go with a fanxiang S101 over this, which is pretty much the same price (maybe £1 cheaper).
  7. rcom's avatar
    Note this has a 3 year warranty, not 1 as stated here.

    Be interesting if someone manages to contact Integral and ask if the TBW on this drive is correct. Seems very odd it's the same TBW as the 1TB drive. (edited)
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    The same TBW is listed on Integrals own specs document.
    I don't get it either, lol.
  8. sion.french's avatar
    Coupon code "IM20" is not valid.
    RockstarRobbo's avatar

    Just checked and all works. (edited)
  9. Plymmatt's avatar
    Good enough for storing vast amounts of photos and videos of drone footage. save me clogging up me M.2
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Will take a bit longer to transfer them over though.
    You can get 2TB NVMe drives close to this price, but you'd need another slot or an NVMe PCIe card.
  10. buka321's avatar
    Can I use it as an external hard drive for my laptop?
    jameshothothot's avatar
    yes i use something like this. sorry as the item i bought discontinued so cannot vouch for this seller but i searched for uk only

  11. trott3r's avatar
    any recomendation for a NVMe PCIe card?
    old motherboard here.
    KostjaKon's avatar
    I'd go SATA like this one here which you can use in your new build when you upgrade the mobo.
's avatar