Unfortunately, this deal has expired 13 July 2023.
Posted 26 June 2023

iTunes Weekly Movie Sale List - 26th June 2023 - From £1.99 @ iTunes Store

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Another week of deals. smaller list so far this week but still some good offers from it.

Deals start on a Monday and are updated during the week. If you spot any new ones feel free to let us know in the comments.

Note that the direct link to the iTunes movie in the deal link doesn't always work, if it sends you to Apple Music you will need to type in the name of the movie manually in iTunes to find it.

As usual, thanks to @DexterMorgan for the script to help this get done a bit faster and save my fingers!

4K - denotes movie in 4K/UHD on devices able to play this back
IE - ITunes Extras
Atmos - Dolby Atmos sound

Don't forget you can get free iTunes credit by collecting Bing/Microsoft Reward Points

Updated 1st July

A Vigilante - Added 1st July
Alone (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Anti-Life - Added 1st July
Escape Room (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Falcon Lake (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Final Days (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Girl House - Added 1st July
Jiu Jitsu (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Kid Cannabis (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Kindling (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Other People's Children (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Relic (IE) (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Shark Attack 3: Megalodon - Added 1st July
Synchronic (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Terror on the Prairie - Added 1st July
The Harbinger (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
The Inspection (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
The Locksmith (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
The Stranger in Our Bed - Added 1st July
The Three Musketeers (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
The Witch: Part 2 - Added 1st July
Werewolves Within - Added 1st July
Wolves of War - Added 1st July
Life at 50 Degrees - Added 30th June
Stuck In Love (Best ever price) - Added 30th June
Super (Best ever price) - Added 30th June
Girls Girls Girls (Best ever price)
Killing Ground (Best ever price)
The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil

88 Minutes (Best ever price)
A Violent Man (2022)
American Summer
Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful
Last Days In the Desert
Meek's Cutoff
Night Comes On
Perfect (2019)
The Decoy Bride
The Year of Spectacular Men

Inside Russia: Traitors and Heroes (Best ever price) - Added 30th June
Putin: The New Empire - Added 30th June
Russia's Libyan Front - Added 30th June
Titanic Arrogance - Added 30th June
Underdog (Best ever price) - Added 30th June
Darienne Lake: Altered Boy (Best ever price) - Added 27th June

American Psycho (4K) (Atmos) (IE) - Added 1st July
Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (4K) (Atmos) (IE) - Added 1st July
Conan the Barbarian (2011) (4K) (Atmos) - Added 1st July
Daybreakers (4K) (Atmos) - Added 1st July
Deepwater Horizon (4K) (Atmos) (IE) - Added 1st July
Ghost In the Shell (25th Anniversary Edition) (4K) (Atmos) (IE) - Added 1st July
La La Land (4K) (Atmos) (IE) - Added 1st July
Long Shot (4K) (Atmos) - Added 1st July
Midway (4K) (Atmos) (IE) - Added 1st July
Requiem for a Dream (Director's Cut) (4K) (Atmos) (IE) - Added 1st July
Saw (4K) (Atmos) (IE) - Added 1st July
The Hitman's Bodyguard (4K) (Atmos) (IE) - Added 1st July
The Spy Who Dumped Me (4K) (Atmos) (IE) - Added 1st July
1Up (4K) (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
3:10 to Yuma (2007) (4K) - Added 1st July
Bombshell (4K) (IE) - Added 1st July
Clerks III (4K) (IE) - Added 1st July
Criminal (4K) (IE) - Added 1st July
Devil's Workshop (4K) - Added 1st July
Dirty Dancing (4K) (IE) - Added 1st July
Dune (4K) - Added 1st July
Escape the Field (4K) (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Hell On the Border (4K) - Added 1st July
Hunter Killer (4K) (IE) - Added 1st July
Mindcage (4K) (IE) - Added 1st July
Patriots Day (4K) (IE) - Added 1st July
Survive the Night (4K) (IE) - Added 1st July
The Princess Bride (4K) - Added 1st July
Tucker: The Man and His Dream (4K) (IE) - Added 1st July
12 Rounds 3 Lockdown (IE) - Added 1st July
211 - Added 1st July
1408 - Added 1st July
24 Hours to Live - Added 1st July
50/50 - Added 1st July
A Cock and Bull Story - Added 1st July
A Dangerous Method - Added 1st July
A LEGO® Brickumentary - Added 1st July
A Royal Night Out - Added 1st July
Abduction (IE) - Added 1st July
Absolutely Anything - Added 1st July
Against the Wild - Added 1st July
Alpha & Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom - Added 1st July
Alpha and Omega - Added 1st July
An American Haunting - Added 1st July
An American Werewolf In London - Added 1st July
Automata - Added 1st July
Bad Karma - Added 1st July
Bad Lieutenant - Added 1st July
Bend It Like Beckham - Added 1st July
Bitter Moon - Added 1st July
Blonde Ambition - Added 1st July
Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Boston (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Bounty Hunters - Added 1st July
Breaker! Breaker! (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Breakout (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Cabin Fever - Added 1st July
Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever - Added 1st July
Chef - Added 1st July
Churchill - Added 1st July
Clerks II - Added 1st July
Colette - Added 1st July
Critical Care (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Cuco’s Big Adventure - Added 1st July
Date and Switch - Added 1st July
Demon Hunter - Added 1st July
Destroyer - Added 1st July
Dom Hemingway - Added 1st July
Draft Day - Added 1st July
Drive Angry - Added 1st July
Endless Love (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Facing Ali - Added 1st July
Factory Girl - Added 1st July
Gangs of New York (2002) - Added 1st July
Ghost in the Shell 2.0 (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Good (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Great Expectations - Added 1st July
Grindhouse: Death Proof - Added 1st July
Grindhouse: Planet Terror - Added 1st July
Hamburger Hill - Added 1st July
Happily N'Ever After - Added 1st July
Happily N'Ever After 2: Snow White - Added 1st July
Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil - Added 1st July
Hummingbird - Added 1st July
I Am Soldier - Added 1st July
LOL - Added 1st July
Like Minds (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Locke - Added 1st July
London Heist - Added 1st July
Love, Rosie - Added 1st July
My Bloody Valentine (2009) - Added 1st July
Out of the Furnace (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Rebellion (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Rex - Added 1st July
Salmon Fishing In the Yemen - Added 1st July
Saw II (Unrated Director's Cut) - Added 1st July
Saw III (Unrated Director's Cut) (IE) - Added 1st July
Snowpiercer - Added 1st July
Stealing Cars (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Survivor - Added 1st July
The Autopsy of Jane Doe - Added 1st July
The Edge of Love - Added 1st July
The Invisible Woman - Added 1st July
The Keeping Room - Added 1st July
The Kid - Added 1st July
The Last Act (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
The Midnight Meat Train - Added 1st July
The Mist - Added 1st July
Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? - Added 1st July
Tyler Perry's the Single Moms Club - Added 1st July
Unstable Fables: 3 Pigs and a Baby - Added 1st July
Unstable Fables: The Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Show - Added 1st July
Wolfhound (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Keanu (4K) (IE) - Added 30th June
Club Paradise - Added 30th June
Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze - Added 30th June
Hearts In Atlantis - Added 30th June
Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie (Best ever price) - Added 30th June
Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie (Original Japanese Version) (Best ever price) - Added 30th June
Pay It Forward - Added 30th June
Performance - Added 30th June
Rurouni Kenshin (Subtitled) - Added 30th June
Suburban Commando - Added 30th June
The 33 (IE) - Added 30th June
The Gauntlet - Added 30th June
The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie - Added 30th June
The Rite - Added 30th June
Time After Time - Added 30th June
Viva Las Vegas (IE) - Added 30th June
Wildcats - Added 30th June
Laguna Ave. - Added 29th June
Dune (4K) (Atmos) (IE) (Best ever price)
Jumanji (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
42 (IE)
Arthur (2011)
Blazing Saddles (IE)
Django Unchained
Empire of the Sun (IE)
Gangster Squad
My Awkward Sexual Adventure
National Lampoon's European Vacation
National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon
Oh God!
Presumed Innocent
What's Up, Doc?
When the Lights Went Out
Young Guns 2
Zabriskie Point

Annabelle Comes Home (4K) (Atmos) (IE) - Added 1st July
Annabelle: Creation (4K) (Atmos) (IE) - Added 1st July
Bad Times at the El Royale (4K) (Atmos) (IE) - Added 1st July
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (4K) (Atmos) (IE) - Added 1st July
Annabelle (4K) (IE) - Added 1st July
Can You Ever Forgive Me? (4K) (IE) - Added 1st July
Poltergeist (2015) (4K) (IE) - Added 1st July
Prey for the Devil (4K) (IE) - Added 1st July
The Curse of the Weeping Woman (4K) (IE) - Added 1st July
Tolkien (4K) (IE) - Added 1st July
(500) Days of Summer (IE) - Added 1st July
9 to 5 (IE) - Added 1st July
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (IE) - Added 1st July
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (IE) - Added 1st July
Aquamarine - Added 1st July
Armageddon - Added 1st July
Australia (IE) - Added 1st July
Bridge of Spies (IE) - Added 1st July
Dunston Checks In - Added 1st July
Father of the Bride - Added 1st July
Father of the Bride Part II - Added 1st July
He Got Game - Added 1st July
Hot Shots! - Added 1st July
Hot Shots! Part Deux - Added 1st July
Marley & Me (IE) - Added 1st July
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) (IE) - Added 1st July
My Cousin Vinny (IE) - Added 1st July
Pearl Harbor - Added 1st July
Road to Perdition - Added 1st July
Signs - Added 1st July
Soul Surfer - Added 1st July
Splash - Added 1st July
Stoker - Added 1st July
Sweet Home Alabama - Added 1st July
The Conjuring 2 (IE) - Added 1st July
The Drop (IE) - Added 1st July
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - Added 1st July
The Inn of the Sixth Happiness - Added 1st July
The Ladykillers - Added 1st July
The Last Song - Added 1st July
The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou - Added 1st July
The Transporter (IE) - Added 1st July
The Village - Added 1st July
Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines - Added 1st July
Transporter 2 (IE) - Added 1st July
Turner & Hooch - Added 1st July
Unstoppable (2010) (IE) - Added 1st July
Volcano - Added 1st July
While You Were Sleeping - Added 1st July
Law of Tehran (Best ever price) - Added 30th June
The Nun (2018) (4K) (Atmos) (IE) - Added 29th June
Those Who Wish Me Dead (4K) (IE) - Added 29th June
Critters IV - Added 29th June
Hoot - Added 29th June
Innocent Blood (Best ever price) - Added 29th June
Jack the Giant Slayer - Added 29th June
The Conjuring (IE) - Added 29th June
Monster Hunter (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
Ready Player One (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
The Equalizer 2 (4K) (Atmos) (IE)
Don't Breathe 2 (4K) (IE) (Best ever price)
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (4K) (IE)
National Lampoon's Vacation (4K) (IE)
Once Upon a Time In Hollywood (4K) (IE)
The Goonies (4K) (IE)
A Knight's Tale
A Love Song (Best ever price)
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Twilight Zone: The Movie

Storm Catcher (Best ever price) - Added 30th June
The Wedding Planner (Best ever price) - Added 28th June
Voyagers - Added 27th June
Paradise City

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (Best ever price) - Added 30th June
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (Original Japanese Version) (Best ever price) - Added 30th June
The Road Dance

Long Way Back (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Prancer: A Christmas Tale (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
Robust (Best ever price) - Added 1st July
King Charles III (2023) (Best ever price) - Added 30th June
Skinford: Death Sentence (Best ever price) - Added 30th June
Peter Rabbit (4K) (Atmos) (IE) - Added 29th June
Ambulance (2022) (4K) (Atmos) (IE) - Added 27th June
The Addams Family 2 (4K) (IE) - Added 27th June
Collide (2023) (Best ever price) - Added 27th June
Dead for a Dollar (Best ever price) - Added 27th June
The System (Best ever price) - Added 27th June
It Snows in Benidorm (Best ever price)

Marlowe (4K) (Best ever price)

The Pope's Exorcist (4K) - Added 28th June

Action Comedy Duos: 2-Movie Collection (4K) (Atmos) £7.98 - Added 1st July
Midway / Hacksaw Ridge 2-Film Collection (4K) (Atmos) £11.98 - Added 1st July
Annabelle 3-Film Collection (4K) £14.97 - Added 1st July
Clerks II / Clerks III Bundle £7.98 - Added 1st July
Happily N'Ever After Double £7.98 - Added 1st July
Father of the Bride 2-Movie Collection £9.98 - Added 1st July
The Conjuring Trilogy £14.97 - Added 1st July
Keira Knightley 4-Film Collection £15.96 - Added 1st July
WB100 Frights Five-Film Collection £33.95 - Added 1st July
The Conjuring 7-Film Collection £34.93 - Added 1st July
Peter Rabbit 2 Movie Collection (4K) (Atmos) £11.98 - Added 29th June
The Addams Family 2 Movie Collection (4K) £17.98 - Added 27th June
Jumanji 2 Movie Collection (4K) (Atmos) £11.98
The Equalizer 2-Movie Collection (4K) £12.98
Jumanji - 3 Movie Collection (4K) (Atmos) £14.97
Star Trek The Original Motion Pictures 6 Movies (4K) £29.99
Arthur 2-Film-Collection £11.98
Caddyshack 2 Film Collection £11.98
Don't Breathe: 2-Movie Bundle £12.98
The Clint Eastwood Collection £12.99
WB100 Inspiring Stories Five-Film Collection £24.95
WB100 Screwball Comedies Five-Film Collection £28.95

TV Shows
Jujutsu Kaisen, Season 1, Pt. 1 (Best ever price) £4.99 - Added 30th June
Jujutsu Kaisen, Season 1, Pt. 1 (Original Japanese Version) (Best ever price) £4.99 - Added 30th June
Jujutsu Kaisen, Season 1, Pt. 2 (Best ever price) £4.99 - Added 30th June
S.W.A.T. (2017), Season 5 (Best ever price) £18.99 - Added 27th June
Deadline, Series 1 £5.99
Screw, Season 1 £7.99
Trigger Point, Series 1 (Best ever price) £7.99
Hope Street, Series 1 (Best ever price) £8.99
Suspect, Series 1 £8.99
Around The World In 80 Days £9.99
The Movies £9.99
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  1. michael.boundary's avatar
    As of this morning National Lampoon’s Vacation is 4KDV

  2. pb-live's avatar
    pb-live Author
    Huge bunch of films added today, just updated the list
  3. White5tar's avatar
    Dune finally £3.99. After skipping out the last few times, I have finally bought it.

    As always, thanks for compiling the list

    Happy Monday to you!
    The_Heroic_Hulk's avatar
    Awesome film
  4. punkindrublic's avatar
    Was just about to buy but it’s not showing 4k for me?
    michael.boundary's avatar
    Currently it’s only showing as HD via the iTunes Store apps, upon playback however via the iTunes Movies app you just get the spinning wheel of doom.

    Via the ATV app it’s showing as 4K and playing back without issue and in 4K. (edited)
  5. BenFranklinGates's avatar
    Capricorn One also down to £3.99. And now in HD.
    pb-live's avatar
    pb-live Author
    Classic movie. Wasn’t showing in CC as it’s classed as a new movie rather than a price drop so added to the list. (edited)
  6. JGDC74's avatar
    Game of Death II is up for pre-order. Despite it being a cash-grab for Golden Harvest using the little unused Bruce Lee footage they had left, it’s actually a cracking film. When they no longer had the burden of trying to shoehorn clips of Lee into the movie, and filming his doubles at obtuse angles, the actor playing his brother is really given the chance to shine. And Hwang Cheng Li (or if you prefer, Wang Jang Lee) is in it too!
    themachman's avatar
    Wonder if the Bruce lee box set in 4K will be available?
  7. sparc's avatar
    Villeneuve's Dune, couldn't pay me to sit through that one again.
    Gressex's avatar
    I couldn't disagree more. With Atmos surround sound and a decent OLED TV I thought it was an audio-visual treat. Still, horses for courses and all that
  8. Mikeymoo's avatar
    Going to get myself Dune, great price. Thanks pb
  9. blackcoffeecats's avatar
    Equalizer 2 might be worth a buy with the new one coming in September. Feels like a £3.99 movie really though.
  10. 8SG's avatar
    Decided to take a punt with ‘The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil’ for £1.99.

    Cheers for another week pb & DexterMorgan.
  11. pb-live's avatar
    pb-live Author
    Surprised there is no National Lampoons bundle really.  

    also Twilight Zone the Movie is well worth getting, it’s a classic.
    Rob_Foster's avatar
    Yep, TZ for me too, as its very rarely on anywhere these days
  12. Gressex's avatar
    I'm looking forward to Amazon Prime day in the hope that iTunes with match prime video reductions
  13. pb-live's avatar
    pb-live Author
    List updated.  Some good £3.99 classics added;

    Time After Time
    Hearts In Atlantis (Stephen King)
    The Rite
    also for Clint Eastwood fans, The Gauntlet is reduced too. I’ve not seen it so not sure if it’s one if his good ones, I’m sure someone else will confirm! 
    deleted2803141's avatar
    Anonymous User
    The Gauntlet is a brilliant film ,a bit far fetched mind you but it’s Clint u can’t go wrong
  14. JGDC74's avatar
    I’ve had Capricorn One on my wish list for over a year, even though it was SD. Now it’s been replaced by a HD version for £3.99! Fantastic film. Telly Savalas shows up for the last few minutes and steals the movie!
    deleted2803141's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Excellent film it’s a pity there are no subtitles, a bit deaf me!
  15. TheBigLebolchski's avatar
    Can anyone that has The Goonies tell me if it includes the video commentary in which you see the cast reunion sit down and record the commentary? The description on iTunes just mentions making of, music video "and more"
    defard's avatar
    Just looked…special features includes - Deleted Scenes, the making of, the goonies are good enough with Cindi lauper
  16. messi_the_best's avatar
    Didn’t know there was a Caddyshack 2. You live & learn.
  17. FRESHHHH's avatar
    As far as I can see, to view your films, you always need an apple phone.
    I switched to android and now buy everything on Google as I can watch them on anything.

    So does everyone plan to always buy an apple phone?
    michael.boundary's avatar
    You can watch your purchased films on Apple TVHD, Apple TV4K plus the majority of these devices which range from Games Consoles to Smart TVs and other video streamers.

    apple.com/uk/apple-tv-app/devices/ (edited)
  18. FRESHHHH's avatar
    Yes,I have a roku stick, but every so often it wants you to sign in with your Apple ID and if you have 2 factor authentication, it will stop you. I suppose you can turn that off.
  19. Wythes52's avatar
    Dune! Been waiting for it at this price so thank you. I’ve not seen it yet. I love the Lynch one and have heard good things about this, so am looking forward to a viewing. 
  20. gslgregory's avatar
    I'm very tempted to get Dune. But I just know that after part two comes out there will be some great 2-film deals for the both of them, but nothing if you already have the first one. That happened to me with A Quiet Place and also Top Gun (still waiting for the second one to come down to an acceptable price on its own).
    pingsteruk's avatar
    Will probably have to wait until this time next year for a good two film deal... It is five months until part two is released then a couple of months before it can be bought at all... I'd be surprised at any decent double deal this year.. I'd buy it at this price of you were planning on watching it in the next month or so.
  21. JGDC74's avatar
    Innocent Blood is the cut version, unfortunately. Will be getting a refund for that one.
    paul_gynn's avatar
    Was going to buy? What is cut in the uk??
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