Keep Your Free OneDrive Storage

Keep Your Free OneDrive Storage

Found 11th Dec 2015
Not a traditional freebie, but might be useful for some. Follow the deal link to keep your current OneDrive free quota and be unaffected by the upcoming changes.

edit: deadline is 31 January 2016 (thanks @HotDealDude)
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Why they are doing this for existing users?

I wonder what will happen if they reduce the quota; is it shared with email i.e. I'll stop receiving emails.
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I think I've got about 250gb at the moment so certainly worth a punt
thanks for the info op didnt know this was going to happen have now kept all my free quota heat added
Not sure why this initially went cold, useful info for those that didn't know
Usefull link
Great link.
I forgot I had 130GB until I clicked this link so thanks for sharing this.
I had NO idea about this!

I had already learned that they were going to be scaling back users storage space due to some that were abusing it, but I didn't know it was possible to "opt out" of this happening.

Thanks so much!
Thank you
Heat heat heat - first time I've heard of this, I thought the tech sites would have been all over it!
thanks for the heads up
I think you'd best add to the OP that the deadline for this offer seems to be Jan 31st 2016.

There is a catch where you need to accept offers and promotional content by email from OneDrive, but it states that you can opt out of these emails at any time.
Some have said that it's possible to uncheck this checkbox and still proceed and get the confirmation that your account will be unaffected.

Still, might be safe to just opt in to these emails and unsub from them later on.
Getting to keep the free 15GB and the additional free 15GB camera roll storage space just for following this link and accepting the occasional email you can opt out of later seems pretty fair to me

Edit: best add the end date for this to the deal so that it expires.

Further information on this can be found here:

(I don't mean to hijack anything, OP. I wouldn't have known anything about this if it was not for you so I just dug a little deeper for further info. Many many thanks)
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Thanks! Normally I am not using this service, but have a Microsoft account, so might come handy in the future.
Many thanks for this, they kept this quite. Heat added.
Thanks for this
thank you
thanks for info
Thanks for this
Good to know and while I do have a Hotmail account it feels slow and sluggish compared to Gmail. Plus, for extra storage I could always use for it.
Cheers. I'm not going to forfeit the 1TB of free MS OneDrive storage I've accumulated. Slower than iCloud and DropBox it's still free and, because I can, a great way to store encrypted personal and banking documents which not even MS and its NSA/GCHQ/MOSSAD chums can decrypt.
thanks for this
Thanks for this useful info.
Thx. Anyone know how to turn the marketing optons off afterwards?

Thx. Anyone know how to turn the marketing optons off afterwards?

I would imagine that the option to opt out would be in the email itself.

If/when you get such an email then have a scan at the very bottom for any text that says "unsubscribe" or "opt out" or something similar, should be around there somewhere.
Thank you
I don't even use One Drive but followed the link all the same. heat
Thanks didn't realise I was going to lose the free storage! I thought my sign up bonus back in sky drive days was for life!
Good job OP!
Excellent, thanks for posting.
Thanks OP
Good to know, any free storage is good storage
Mega has 50GB free storage,not bothered about one drive....
Much appreciated. Thanks!
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