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Posted 8 March 2023

Knipex Electronic Super Knips burnished, with multi-component grips 125 mm - £16.35 @ Amazon

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Material Stainless Steel
Item dimensions L x W x H 13 x 5 x 1.6 centimetres
Colour Red
Handle material Stainless Steel,Steel
Weight 0.06 Kilograms

Precision pliers for ultra fine cutting work, e. g. in electronics and fine mechanics
Ground, very sharp cutting edges without bevel
Precisely shaped tips cut wires close to a surface from Ø 0.2 mm
Shear cut with controlled micro cutting edge misalignment for the most precise cutting of even the thinnest of wires and for a long service life
Joint with stainless steel rivet

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Accurately cut abutting, fine wire and hard wire Sharp cutting edges made of induction hardened, special tool steel The Knipex Electronic Super Knips is manufactured from special tool steel and polished.

The cutting edges are ground with a very small bevel for almost flush cutting of even hard wire and are induction hardened to approx 64 HRC.

Accurately cut fine wires, e.g. that are touching enclosures and components, thanks to precision tips.

Work involving dexterity: low weight and smooth operation Great dexterity is needed when working on electronic components and in precision mechanics.

Due to its frictionless handle spring, the Knipex Electronic Super Knips 78 81 125 is so smooth-running that energy can be metered out very precisely – with dexterity. Opening spring and opening restrictor simplify work further.

The tough model among the fine pliers In the Electronic Super Knips 78 81 125, Knipex has produced extremely manageable, light, slim electronic diagonal cutters with best accessibility that focus on cutting thin and harder components. These continue to be cut almost flush.

The minimal external bevel gives this Knipex Super Knips the necessary strength.

Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. LJbanaynay's avatar
    Yes as already mentioned these are the ultimate tool for trimming cable ties. I have pair solely for that reason. You'd be better with a normal pair of side cutters for general purpose. These would blunt quite quick using them as i use side cutters (up to 16mm multistrand) (edited)
  2. keith.burtle's avatar
    I used to be the rep for knipex..Draper tools.no need to say this but ud be pushed to find better quality.ask around great name in trade.
    josh971's avatar
    Draper or knipex
  3. Gav_881's avatar
    Have used these for years, a set for every bag, have used lots of alternatives over the years but these are the ones i like best.
    dwattsy21's avatar
    What sort of thing do you use them on? And why these over standard side cutters? Thanks
  4. tommybuges's avatar
    Heat for Mario edition
  5. jouster's avatar
    Ordered a set. Thanks OP and thanks all for your comments. Much appreciated and why I love this site.
  6. dwattsy21's avatar
    Pronounced kanipex if anybody is used to pronouncing with a silent K
  7. jouster's avatar
    for those that own...are these worth the cost or would something cheaper be similar
    Waldolf's avatar
    For daily use, or the odd plug fitting twice a year?
  8. elitearmadillo's avatar
    they havent mentioned possibly their best selling point, use with cable ties!
  9. tanabe's avatar
    I have ordered
    Great kit
  10. JBAseR's avatar
    Now £18.23?
  11. Dodge62's avatar
    Good find. I need to replace my 10-year old ones after I attempted to cut through 1mm spring steel thinking it was wire. They are fantastic snips.

    Edit: gone up now. £18.23 as mentioned in last post. (edited)
  12. DevilzGtr's avatar
    49731671-CftsE.jpgI got a dispatch email but something's a bit odd with this one! Anyone else's order arriving in the year 7433?
  13. jouster's avatar
    yeah just got the same and they've supposedly reordered this for me three times now and its been undeliverable each time even though we've had other deliveries by Amazon other days too

    Something is not right...and now Amazon have come up with this

    the item keeps getting damaged during transit. it could be that it is not properly packaged. In this case, I will need to escalate the issue to our packing department.

    Now been credited £10 in promotional credit..but I just want my cutters (edited)
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