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Meaco Arete One 12L Dehumidifier & Air Purifier - £178.98 delivered / £173.98 with code (First Time Users) @ QVC

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Finally, got my hands on a Dehumidifier. Was looking at the 12l Meaco Arete One as they seem to be the best out there right now.

Totally forgot about QVC (bought a Meaco fan from there a few years ago) and was shocked to see stock!


Compressor or desiccant? Compressor

Weight: 10.9 kg

Dimensions (HWD): 472 x 319 x 237 mm

Refrigerant: R290 / 45g

Noise level: 35 and 38 dB(A)

Power supply: 220-240 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption at 20 °C and 60 % RH:151 watts

Approximate electricity costs: 5p / hour based on 34p / kWh

Operating temperatures: 5 °C - 35 °C

Filter Type: Washable dust filter & optionally installable HEPA filter & charcoal filter

Tank size: 2.5 litres

Variable humidistat: Between 40 % RH and 70 % RH

Maximum airflow:
Low fan speed: 80 m³/h
High fan speed: 100 m³/h

Digital display: Yes

Fan speeds: 2

Laundry mode: Yes

Auto-restart: Yes

Child lock: Yes

Continuous Drainage Option: Yes

Room size: 50 m²

Also don't forget to register for the warrenty too!


(if your a new customer, you can get £5 off the order too)

Just had it Delivered via DPD and this is the Back of the Unit:

QVC More details at QVC
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    I got a 10L Arete about 2 weeks ago, having had the Blyss 16L for a few months too (that was £100 in B&Q at the time).

    I would say they are both are very good machines and are well worth having in a property.

    They both have pros and cons, and I will use both, but if I had to choose one I would say that the Blyss may actually be the slightly better machine for me, which surprised me, but I can see why the Meaco Arete would be better for others...

    Here's some thoughts after trying them both out for the last two weeks, the Blyss in my Living Room, the Meaco Arete 10L in My Bedroom.

    1.-General Air Extraction...

    The Blyss seems more powerful (with that 16L rating I guess you could expect that), and seems to get humidity down a bit quicker, and go a little bit lower too.

    2. Laundry Mode

    Both have this and both do definitely help, but is probably the biggest disappointment with the Meaco to me...the system seems set to go down to 35 when you use this mode, but to me the Meaco just never goes lower than about 46 ish and usually stays around 50...I was thinking it would go down to under 40, but no, it doesn't get anywhere near to 35...I was thinking of contacting Meaco about this, if it is a fault or something, but I think it is working fine just that it will not get down to that level in my environment....I guess the 12L will be able to get closer to that 35 level.

    The Blyss laundry mode is better I feel because it has that oscillating fan which means it can blow air onto a clothes airer etc...Also the humidity levels have regularly gone down to about 37 when I have use this mode.

    I could be wrong but the Blyss does seem to do a better job in Laundry Mode for me.

    3. Size and portability

    Both are very similar size wise and easy to pick up / wheel about, the Meaco is good here though as they do say you can position it almost against the wall, whereas the Blyss need more clearance around it.
    Both easy to remove the water filter etc.

    4.- Noise and Night Modes etc

    The Meaco does seem to be quieter in general operation and I feel more comfortable having it in my bedroom than the Blyss, but even then I would not be able to sleep with it on in normal really.
    But the Meaco Night Mode seems pretty good so far, it basically just monitors humidity levels and kicks in when needed, I set it to a higher level about 60 (so it needs to come in less, but still doing something), and it just comes on fairly quietly for about 2-3 minutes to get the level back down and then goes totally quiet again...it's not bad at all, borderline to me whether most people would be bothered by that in their sleep, to me it seems fine.

    So the Meaco 10L definitely has its advantages (quieter, useful modes) but so does the Blyss 16L (a bit more powerful I find, but then the Meaco 12L may be more at its level).

    So, just some honest thoughts there, both seem pretty good to me.

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    I bought from QVC twice and they cancelled twice and sent letters in January. Awful service and will never use them again. Customer service was pleasant but very poor and didn't have a clue. The 2nd time they assured me there was stock but once again cancelled. I have purchased direct from Meaco and it is amazing, so just a heads up about QVC.
    That sounds like good advice, I researched a lot and was lucky to get a good deal on this site last week with John Lewis and a 5 year guarantee included
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    I'm looking for one to dry my washing. I read it says Laundry Mode so I'm assuming that means its good for drying washing?
    I know it sounds a silly question but I know nothing about these and it's a lot to spend. Cheers
    We use ours with a ceiling drying rack, with the advantage of a dry house. With dry air blowing over the clothes they usually dry overnight. You'll be shocked how much water is collected when you first use one of these.
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    I have the 12L model and after having some damp proofing done to the house, had this on in each room for a few days until the whole house was 45-50 humidity.

    Collects so much water you'd wonder where it all came from! Great product and great investment to protect your home from damp.

    Anyone buying for the laundry mode note that the manual states laundry mode most effective in a small room with the radiator on so it basically simulates a windy dry summer's day.
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    Thanks, managed to get one

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    Do they actually make the house feel warmer. Do you need to use them in each room to gain the benefit? Intrigued as to if this will make a real difference to the warmth in our house. 
    My house was built 1935 and it has improved the temps. However it isn't a heater but by taking the water out of the air (and the damp from the walls) has increased the temp. Costs 7p an hour (20l model) but for me is worth while
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    I recommend buying a piv machine, they are amazing.
    What's that? Link?
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    When buying a dehumidifier, keep an eye on the energy use. Mine is not energy efficient and weeks usage would cost about £1 more than this one. That adds up.
    £1/week is hardly anything
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    Thanks! They also have the 20L in stock, which is what I have been looking for. Don't forget 5% cashback from top cashback.
    Where is it?
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    I took delivery of the Meaco ABC 10L dehumidifer a few days ago from JL @ £150

    Man, what a game changer that thing is for our flat. Our bedroom normally has a humidity of 50-55% so when the missus dries the laundry in there, it spikes to 62-65%. Since I have noticed small amounts of mould in our windows so I dehumidifer was much needed.

    The amount of water this collects is hilarious. First night I left it running at low speed (it is quiet enough) it collected enough water from 10pm - 5am to almost fill the internal tank, reducing my bedroom from 59% to 47% humidity.

    It DOES make a big difference overall having one of these and I am very happy with ours.

    The Arete range range is a dehumidfier AND a purifier, which I didn't need as I have Levoit 300S purifiers already over here.

    Edit: Corrected tank capacity from feedback below. As mentioned the tank is not 10L but the unit can draw upto 10L of water during operation. (edited)
    Would you recommend buying one with a higher capacity?
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    I'm new to dehumidifiers. Is the Arete One range better than the other Meaco products? And how do they compare to Honeywell?
    Arete One is the newest model and generally more energy efficient, has small tweaks (you can see the water inside it) and better designed to look more like a lifestyle object, source
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    Gne again.
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    So you buy the hepa/carbon filter on top of this price right?
    One HEPA filter comes preinstalled in which Meaco recommends to replace them roughly every 3 months. The dehumidifier can be used without a HEPA filter which reduces noise by about 4-5 decibels but it will only dehumidify the air, not purify it as well. You can buy additional Meaco HEPA filters on their website but a lot of them have been out of stock for ages.
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    I'm testing my parents dehumidifier to dry laundry at present and I'm not as impressed as I thought I'd be.

    Running it cost more than the heated airer we leave on overnight with a cover over it and the clothes don't appear to be as dry compared to the airer.

    We leave the spare room window on the latch with the airer and don't suffer from excess condensation in there. My other halfs mother doesn't get on with her heated airer but she's never bothered putting a cover (spare king size sheet) over it to contain the heat.

    Right at this moment I'm running both the dehumidifier and heated airer to see if it works quicker as a combination but if I was to go for only one option it would be the heated airer. (edited)
    I'm surprised that the dehumidifier is that much of a power hog, the heated airers I've seen have equivalent power draws. Keeping a window ajar means you're spending extra on the heated airer plus increased home heating costs.

    I use a dehumidifier full time in my place so there is no extra power usage and all that energy becomes heat anyway which is all good.

    I put on a full set of super king bed sheets and in less than 6 hours it was bone dry and smelling fresh like it dried outside. (edited)
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    Do these cool your house in summer?
    Unlikely, because some heat is given off, but if the humidity is high, lowering it may make house more comfy. (edited)
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    How much would one of these cost to run per hour for me? That's my kWh I don't fully understand how to work it out though Any help would be great thank you.
    Difficult to calculate given that you don't know what the humidity would sit at for your room and the desired level you want. It also has different efficiencies for dehumidifying based on room temperature. There is an optimum-ish room temperature for these to run max efficiency. I'll have to see if I can dig up the manual.

    The good thing about this unit is that it cuts off once you reach desired humidity level and checks every 30-60 mins.

    Saved me an absolute fortune in electricity in comparison to my old unit!
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    If you are on the fence about a dehumidifier, don't hesitate, it's a life changer... Don't know what took me so long to get one.
    Totally agree, bought the 25L a couple of weeks ago on this site, very impressed indeed, no regrets
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    Cost to run the 12L model.
    About 5p per hour.
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    If you are trying to save money and your washing is taking days to dry on a rack look at investing in one of these.
    We have and honestly it is a life changer my wife and I are very happy with this. Plus we haven't switched on the tumble dryer since having it.
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    I'm looking for a air purifier to use in a room that we have a logburner in. Need it for the smoke. Dehumidifier is a bonus. Would you say that this model would be a good option for me?
    It might be worth checking why the log burner is letting out smoke as ours doesn’t. I don’t think they should.
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    Just some useful Information

    Seems to be 165w?

    49336309-cujes.jpg (edited)
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    I ordered the 20L from QVC at the end of November. They said it was in stock so I expected quickish delivery. They eventually sent me an email saying their supplier wouldn’t be delivering it until end of Jan. I cancelled my order. 
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    Just purchased the 18l version from Costco and started using it yesterday. Put it on the 6hr laundry setting and practically dried the washing. I'd say 1 and a half times on laundry setting will fully dry clothes. Cost was around 35-45p for the full drying
    We have a humid finished basement. We have our Costco 18L Meaco Arte on an energy monitoring plug. Often uses 3-4kwh per day. At current rates (approx 37per kwh) thats £1-1.50 per DAY. Adds up. Machine uses about 230W when in use.
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    This is where I got mine from - just be aware I had to email them directly (twice) for updates on my order as their communication is none existent otherwise. They also took payment immediately and I think there is some fine print in regards to cancelling/refunding orders.
    I see they now have a tick box for pre orders to cover them for stock delays.
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    Ordered a 20L but having checked their Trustpilot, wish I didn't. I see they use Evri too.
    Anyone had any recent deliveries with QVC, any issues?
    Yes, no
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    Do these work well with smart plugs? Eg when powered on, does the unit return to its previous state? Or do you need to physically press the power button on the device?
    No, they advise not to:

    "For those who opt to use a plug-in timer or a wifi app plug, the expert warned against doing this. He said: “This will damage the dehumidifier by forcing a power cut and shouldn’t be used. This means the dehumidifier is not able to shut down properly.”

  27. Avatar
    Thank you for your recent purchase.

    This item is being sent to you directly from the manufacturer and will be delivered in the advertised timescale.
    Yeah I got this yesterday and then I checked my QVC account online to find that they had cancelled it without telling me. Hope you have better luck.
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    After ordering on Saturday, I just had an SMS from DPD that this is going to be delivered today.
    Me too, was wondering about the poor reviews but can't complain at this service.
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    Cheaper to run than a tumble drier and you get the bonus of a dry home preventing mould. Trust me once you have one your tumble drier will be almost redundant, if fact I'm waiting for my tumble drier to give up so I can have a dish washer instead.
    I bet the tumble drier does a smashing job of the dishes though?
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    The first time I ran the 20L dehumidifier I noticed it was a lot of water so I measured it. 5 pints! After that it was negligible until I put the washing out in the house, then it was 3 pints over the course of the day. My house is usually around the 18/19 degrees mark
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    Buy direct (via TCB) and get a 5 year warranty and excellent service.
    What do you mean by direct, as in for meaco website? If so it is currently sold out. However the warranty document linked on the QVC page and on meacos site seem to suggest that authorised sellers still get their warranty. Maybe I have misunderstood it though. (edited)
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    Thank you for the information glad there are members that give valuable information instead of stupid comments that Don't answer the question that is posted. thank you.
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    I've got this exact one from Appliances Direct. Waited since November to get it. It sucks so much water from the air it's unbelievable.
    So far, really happy with it.
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    I’m going to pick up the 18L version for £227 from Costco. Plenty in stock. They’re also available online for £235.
  35. Avatar
    I have this model bought from John Lewis, it’s great
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    I bought the 20lt version last wk, my house is so warm now, no condensation and the heating doesn’t need to be on as much as it’s actually stopped the air being cold and it’s much warmer, it’s sucks so much water out, ive a 3 bed detached bungalow with an annex so I’m needing to move it around in different rooms for effectiveness, all day and night it’s on and not even filled half the tank so for a smaller house I’d get a smaller version, I don’t think I needed the 20lt one tbh. Maybe the bigger the size the more powerful I don’t know. Love the fact it’s an air purifier as my teenage son struggles so much with pollen so it will be staying in his side of the house in summer to purify the air.
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    Thanks OP! Been looking for a dehumidifier and these seem to be highly recommended. However, they've been oos everywhere. I realise we might be paying extra for having one now, but when I have condensation issues in my flat, I can't hang about and wait for damage and mold.
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    Ordered yesterday from a website meacodehumidifiers.co.uk saying dispatch due on 28th January. £178.99. turned up today via DPD!
    I thought I was ordering direct from Meaco but checked their company reviews on trustpilot and was happy that they weren't dodgy. (edited)
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    Code NEWTEN might be worth a try for some people

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