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Blyss 12LTR Dehumidifier - £69.99 @ Screwfix - Free Delivery
Posted 7th SepPosted 7th Sep
I was on the lookout for a dehumidifier deal for months and settled for the £74.99 screwfix one but this has just been reduced to £69.99 Removes 12Ltr/Day 2-Speed Electronic S… Read more

Thanks for this, old part of the house needs a helping hand. Thanks very much!


Bought it and was really surprised how good it is ! Light weighted, looks really smart and picked up loads of water on the first time I've put it on. Bargain


thank you i got one and can't believe how much water it got for not even 24 hours


It would be good to have a rough estimate of how much this costs to run per hour. It is worth considering a more expensive dehumidifier may end up costing less in the long-term - if run 24/7. For example, the 'MeacoDry ABC' I use costs around 4p per hour.


Thank you Hot UK D. My old dehumidifier (the electric cat) died and I can *really* feel the difference in the humidity. Reviews say that this is pretty quiet and the volume of output/price seems really good on this one. Ian

VAVA 300ML Compact and Portable Mini Air Dehumidifier £9.99 prime / £ 13.98 non prime @ Amazon / Sunvalleytek-UK
49° Expired
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th Aug
Seems to be a good price for this, 300ML and portable so can be used in most spaces. Be sure to click the promotion on the page and redeem the voucher before adding to your basket… Read more

Cheers. Was only going to be for a bathroom. Seemed too cheap tbh.


I had a similar portable dehumidifier... rubbish. Makes noise, pretend it's working and collects nothing. Waste of money


Any idea if this is any good?



It says it has??!

Lowry LDH1001 10L Dehumidifier - £49.98 @ Ebuyer
534° Expired
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
Prevent the build-up of condensation and mould growth Suitable for a room size between 10 - 20m squared 2 litre water tank Silent Mode/Timer with delayed start 3 reviews 1 x … Read more
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Instore clearance only (flirt)


Link? Thank you.


I doubt it. More expensive models, such as Mitsibushi, have proper filters which would probably make a difference.


If that's the case without any qualifications then screenshot it and complain. They can't advertise that and then add on charges after you've started to checkout. However, unless it's discriminatory they are allowed to charge different prices to different areas. It's unlikely to be an excuse, just that their couriers charge them more. AFAIK they don't use Royal Mail even for small items like SD cards.


Thanks for your helpful post - Ebuyer state free delivery to the UK*, then when you enter the delivery address they add £15 surcharge. Then they argue the following "Royal Mail is not available for delivery to Northern Ireland for insurance reasons". No other company I deal with has an issue with insurance. To me it's a blatent excuse to charge extra...

Addis Compact Dehumidifier £1 @ B&M (In-Store)
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Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
Now down to £1. Please check your local store for availability. Addis Compact Dehumidifier. Reduces damp, mould & condensation from all around your home. Ideal for use in th… Read more
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i was thinking along similar lines... do thew throw out much heat, or is it mostly cool(ish) air? trying to work out whether this will be better than a small fan for drying mushrooms...




Lets be truthful about these please, i bought load when they went to £6, some packed in within weeks, two are still going after 2 years and the others are still in the box. My advice is buy in bulk and hope for the best. I used mine for herb drying (sage) as they are very ecenomical when they do work.


These are rubbish for normal use. But...... if you wake up to a lot of condensation on the windows in winter they are great to use behind the curtains on a timer, its such a small area it really takes care of the condensation there. I used to use the karcher window vac every morning until if used one of there and now I barely see condensation in the morning.


Mine fills in 2 days. The waste water is great for ironing as it doesn't scale.

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Dimplex Dehumidifier 10L £35.70 / Moretti 10 litre Dehumidifier £26.71 (16 Litre version £35.71)  @ Homebase
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Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Dimplex Dehumidifier 10L for £35.70, not loads of stock but is available at a number of locations when I tested. Looks to be selling for £109+ elsewhere such as Wickes, B&Q so … Read more
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The Moretti 16l is actually a great dehumidifier, pulling a full tank (3l I think) per half day in my cellar at 50% humidity. Very happy for the price even if getting it from Homebase was a faff (had to go back twice because they gave it to someone else)


If the bottom of the box hadn't been a bit bashed in I would have done the same as you. Just trying to help with some more info - don't think they are mentioned on the box, and was surprised to find them. Thanks OP for the deal.


Fair enough. To be honest I didn't fully get it out of the box as I'm not planning to use it until the autumn. I just lift off the main part of the box so I could plug it in and quickly test it worked.


Mine has wheels - swivel castors.


No. It doesn't have wheels.

Addis Compact Dehumidifier for £5 @ B&M
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Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd JulLocalLocal
Great value compact, quiet and portable dehumidifier (y) Addis Compact Dehumidifier. Reduces damp, mould & condensation from all around your home. Ideal for use in the k… Read more
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Well , you don't have much condensation do you. In my case it's a bigger problem, condsensation forms on more surfaces than just Windows, 1930s house solid walls etc. As for power consumption it's between 150 to 180 watts when running, but it's not on all the time as it has a humidistat. Read the article I linked earlier. If you're happy with your dehumidifier then stick with it. For people with problem properties something else is required, and it would seem I have got myself the most economical solution for my situation!


But that's focussing on water extraction per watt, which for condensation issues doesn't really matter. These are cheaper to run simply because they have lower power consumption -- usually anywhere between 30 and 70 watts; a compressor-type will draw between 5 and 10 times that, as well as being far more expensive to buy. If all you need it for is managing household condensation, these will function perfectly fine. I personally turn it on at night when going to bed, and switch it off in the morning. I got sick of dealing with damp windowsills and mould. I picked a slightly bigger one than this up from B+M a few months ago for about £10. It collects about 200ml a night, and i've not had any issues since.


Don't think I'm missing any point, I was replying to someone who said they were cheaper to run. Essentially they are not, if you need to defeat condensation it will be far cheaper in the long run to use a conventional dehumidifier. Sure initial outlay is lower, but you will have to spend about 3 to 5 times more on electricity to extract the same amount of water. Ps. Not overkill in my case, plus it's quiet enough to be in the hall outside bedroom. Don't forget these peltier models run constantly, most compressor models will turn off if fitted with a humidistat


You're missing the point. These little Peltier dehumidifiers are perfect for crappy "modern" British homes where the bedrooms will get steamed up in the night, leading to mould. They're low power, fairly quiet, and extremely cheap to buy. Compressor types are far more effective, and are obviously more efficient per watt...but they also use far more power, have a far higher initial outlay (~£100), and tend to be a lot louder. They're overkill for just dealing with condensation. They're what you buy if you've got a laundry room, or genuine damp problems.


I’ve had one of these and I’ve also got a 15yr old condensing type one. This one you can leave on all day 12 hrs plus and maybe collect a 1/4 of a mug. The condensing one will collect about 2 to 3 mugs.. great to try for a fiver but ultimately useless imo. Bit like a fisher price version

WDH-122H-12R 12Ltr Dehumidifier for £74.99 delivered @ Screwfix
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Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Decent price for this useful dehumidifier with very good reviews (y) Available with free delivery or next day c&c -- Suitable for domestic use. Removes 12Ltr/Day Sin… Read more
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It can extracts 12 litres a day the tank is 4 litres. If you have the ability to drain it another way you can attach a pipe for continuous drainage.


It’s able to extract 12 litres a day max, the tank is 4 litres.


Is this a 12litre or a 4litre? It doesnt make sense it states 12litre but the tank is 4litres?


Standalone air conditioners tend to suck in hot air from outside as well as cooling the air inside the room so aren't as efficient as the split type - well worth considering getting a "proper" one installed as they also warm in the winter and are quite economical (you can get 3-4kW of heat out for every 1kW of electricity used depending on the outside temperature). If I was to buy another portable air conditioner again (I have two here) I would go for a dual / twin hose system so it doesn't try and suck in air from outside the room. They are more expensive but far more efficient.


Thanks for the help guys! Really appreciate it. I live in a new build flat is insulated to the max too much in fact. Any recommendations for stand alone air conditioners?

Princess 352101 3-in1, 7000BTU Portable Air Conditioning Unit/Dehumidifier/Fan, with Remote Control, Plastic, 785 W  £255.56 @ Amazon
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Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
First post! Really good reviews for this model and around £75 cheaper than it's selling for in Argos. Buy now before it starts to heat up for summer. Also, free delivery with Pr… Read more
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It can set the air temp between 40/80 % air flow, as well as being a dehumidifier. I use the thing and yes i no its not the type that others are thinking of and no its not the type but it does cool the air to a temp you want plus it lets you set the air flow. Il send you a pic of the controls if yu want to show what it does.


It's not. It's not even an air cooler. Humidity always makes the heat feel worse, which is why it feels like it's making a difference. Seems pretty expensive for a dehumidifier though.


Thanks for posting. The model number, the photograph, and the writing on the front of your instruction manual says it is a dehumidifier. With an air conditioner, you will have either a fat flexible pipe work to push out of an open door or window, or it will be a split unit where one part is on the room wall expelling freezing air while the remainder of the unit is outside on the ground or the wall of the building. Is your unit either if those? I must say, if your room shoots up to 30 plus degrees and you are using this dehumidifier and feel comfortable again than more power to you


It definitely is not. But hey you believe it is then that's ok. 🥵🥶


It's a finether dehumidifier. Not an all.

Addis Mini Dehumidifier £5 @ B&M (In-Store)
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Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd MayLocalLocal
Further reduced to £5 now in-store. Addis Mini Dehumidifier. Reduces damp, mould & condensation from all around your home. Ideal for use in the kitchen, bedroom, conservato… Read more

Guessing by the water tank size that it's a mains powered peltier based unit. Terribly ineffective, but they will work for somewhere small like an airing cupboard.


Just bought 2 from Darlington store they are actually good for caravans




Is this battery powered or mains? There doesnt seem to be much about this online anywhere other than eBay where its being sold for £50!


Good price but it's B&M, hopefully they'll have three all over the country

Addis Mini Dehumidifier £10 @ B&M (In-Store)
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Posted 15th MayPosted 15th MayLocalLocal
Addis Mini Dehumidifier £10 @ B&M (In-Store)
Down from £15 to £10 now for this mini Dehumidifier. In-Store only & limited availability. Reduces damp, mould & condensation from all around your home. Ideal for use in … Read more

Three types on sale peltier, compressor and desiccant. Peltier is the cheapest and uses a peltier devices to make a cold plate to condense the moisture out the air. From my experience they are useless. I had one and it barely produced a cup of water in a month of being on for hours at a time. I bought a desiccant one and within two hours it produced a 2 pints. Compressor and desiccant is the type that you will want and will make results.


What you mean?


If this is a peltier dont bother. They are useless.

Blyss evaporative mobile 9000BTU air-conditioner/dehumidifier/fan for £249.99 with next day delivery @ Screwfix
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Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Just recieved mine today, nice looking and at decent price. Was out of stock since last summer.
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Yes - hence "hot exhaust air".


i guess the water is evaporated into the air which is heading out the window via the hose


Surly the moisture would then just be floating round in the air again, just adding to the problems. The moisture needs removing from the air and tipping away.


Back into the air that it came from? I didnt anderstand your question.


I agree it sounds counter-intuitive, but actually it is possible and I have experienced portable air conditioners which do this. The hot exhaust air has a greater capacity to absorb moisture than the cool room air, so all you have to do is to have some mechanism (an atomiser?) to get the condensate to evaporate in it.

Hanging Scented Dehumidifier 69p at Poundstretcher!!
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Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd MayLocalLocal
Hanging Scented Dehumidifier 69p at Poundstretcher!!
Saw these for really cheap
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Hang these on wardrobe with their hanger. Scent not too powrrful

Unibond Aero 360 Dehumidifier Twin Pack Refills - £3 at Wickes
677° Expired
Refreshed 21st AprRefreshed 21st Apr
Was looking round for refills and found these at half the price of most places. Stock availability mixed - none in my home town but loads in Sheffield amongst other places. Also av… Read more

£4.99 in B&M


Ordered the last 4 of these for click & collect from my local store, rushed down there only to be told they’re oos. Apparently these are very old stock and they’d returned all their old stock on a pallet months ago and H.O. haven’t updated their stock control records. If you do order or want some, probably best to ring the store for availability, rather than order and pay and then have the order cancelled.


Click and collect order submitted for 4 packs of Lavender fragrance from the Norwich Wickes, only to arrive to collect what I had already paid for and was then told they didn't have any. It's either poor stock control or incompetent staff. And I thought the internet was meant to be time saving. Thanks for the wasted effort Wickes.


If you have problems with damp you need better insulation not these things, which are next to useless for any true humidity problem.


Difficult to plug a dehumidifier into the attic though

EcoAir Hybrid Dehumidifier & Air Purifier With Ioniser - DC202 20L/Day with 5-Stage Purification System £99.99 Amazon
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Refreshed 29th MarRefreshed 29th Mar
EcoAir Hybrid Dehumidifier & Air Purifier With Ioniser - DC202 20L/Day with 5-Stage Purification System £99.99 Amazon
£99.99£122.9919%Amazon Deals
Had this in my Amazon basket since it was on a deal last time. Think this is an even better price now it’s sub-£100. Was over £240 yesterday

Expired Now....


Mine is arriving tomorrow hopefully. :D


Check other sellers, still available from Amazon for 99.99 temporarily out of stock.


Back up to £194


Thanks Ordered one yesterday.

B&M In store Addis 1.8 litre dehumidifier £15
399° Expired
Posted 14th MarPosted 14th MarLocalLocal
Addis Mini Dehumidifier. Reduces damp, mould & condensation from all around your home. Ideal for use in the kitchen, bedroom, conservatory, basement or caravan. Features an … Read more
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This has been reduced to £15 now, It doesent state if its battery or mains powered , Anyone know?


Battery powered..? :{


Thanks lovely. Bagged my self one today


For bathroom use you would be better going with a desiccant model, they perform very well in all situations starting at about £120. The compressor type ones are not very good in cooler temps as they tend to keep freezing up and have to stop to "defrost" This type (peltier) is very good in "low damp" situations such as spare rooms which may be cooler yet collect humidity from the rest of the house, they just tick over and use very little power.


I've had a 'Dimplex FTE10 10 Litre Forte Dehumidifier' for a few years in a very damp flat and it makes a huge difference. Argos sell them. Not cheap, but they do get rid of damp. The service is great too. I was contacted by the manufacturer around 1yr after buying mine to tell me they had found a fault with them. They shipped a brand new one out via courier free of charge within a couple of days and collected the old one at the same time.

VAVA quiet & portable 700ml dehumidifier £19.99 delivered Prime / Non Prime @ Amazon / Sunvalleytek-UK
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Posted 7th MarPosted 7th Mar
VAVA quiet & portable 700ml dehumidifier £19.99 delivered Prime / Non Prime @ Amazon / Sunvalleytek-UK
£19.99£29.9933%Amazon Deals
Collect the promotion underneath the price that says "Get 1 of VAVA 700ML Dehumidifier for £19.99 offered by Sunvalleytek-UK" and the price at checkout drops from £29.99 to £19.99 … Read more

I bought a similar one that turned out to be kinda fan u use in computer. Got it from Groupon...such a disappointment, didn't collect any humidity at all...better to buy a proper big dehumidifier


Most will be returned, I got one for £15 and it hardly took any water out of a humid room (75-100 ml per day), so I returned it and got a proper one for £80 which was taking out around 2 Litres a day.


All gone :(

Pingi Car Dehumidifier - £5 @ Tesco (Instore)
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Posted 16th FebPosted 16th FebLocalLocal
Pingi Car Dehumidifier - £5 @ Tesco (Instore)
£5£7.5033%Tesco Deals
Currently reduced from £7.50. Now I know this isn't the best price we've ever seen for these but if you wish to pick one up from an actual shop quickly then it's not bad really. … Read more
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yeah, dust in any form can be bad, so its worth noting regardless, garden with a breeze flowing away from you will likely be fine, or better measures (preferably) the important thing is to have a clear idea of "dry weight + sock" then you can guesstimate recharging times, if you fancy making it posher & can stitch / got a sewing machine, then toddlers cord trousers for 30p at a car boot sale, snip, fill seal... bingo. Following that sort of theory the wheat bags have had around 3 years use, of being thrown downstairs to be reheated in a microwave, so proven durable, ..but microwaves are out for silica, slow, gentle heat to squeeze the moisture out & bring it back to its original(ish) weight (..presumably written in sharpie on the material). You can do the same with charcoal for long term smell reduction within a car ...thinking stinky dogs for instance. Cub badge earnt (highfive)


Wow mate you really put the effort in with this method. I appreciate all the info and next time I see any silica cat litter I will give it a try. I am abit terrified of the silica dust though. But I guess I could wear a dust mask and pour it outside. Thanks :)


As long as it is the clear crystal "silica" cat litter straight out of the bag fresh as a daisy stuff then yes, (though i'd gently siev it to get rid of silica dust first, carefully, you don't want to breathe that stuff in. Otherwise, speculating here not having seen the bag you are referring to for proper comparison they are the same stuff. I would still pre-dry the dry stuff (baking tray, oven on low for a while, then weigh it dry) weighing it then adding the weight of the thick sock (thicker strands to survive damp conditions & recharging from moisture drawn through it, so you know when it has taken up moisture compared to guesswork. Thicker socks are likely to be better off in an oven on low, which will draw off the moisture & presumably vent it elsewhere, compared to on top of a radiator which will then vent moisture into the room (you have an extractor in the kitchen I guess? I tend to use an old pair of cord trousers leg(s) from when my kid was a nipper to make into bed warmer wheat filled bags or this sort of thing... BUT before you go to the effort, spend a quid on a one off dessicant catcher the type that dissolves from top into a lower catcher tray (sealed) & see if it works as to whether the ugly knotted sock or other forms is going to work for you. My wife loves the de-frost & pre-heat on her nissan leaf, ..feels really smug that she#s the only car in the street that doesn't need to scrape ice off windows in winter, ..& the neighbours love the quietness of the vehicle in a busy street early in the mornings. So the alternative is change to a full e.v. but a tad pricier to begin with.


I have two Pingi ebay ripoffs that are in socks cos the bag burst. I put them on the radiator to dry/regenerate them. Can you do that with the cat litter or does it only last afew times.?


For one of our cars (a smart coupe, lots of glass & a worn out sill seal that allows a wee bit of water in) I bought a £1.00 use once moisture trap, its been in there 8 weeks now & zero moisture trapped, but we know these work, its a case of how you warm / dry your vehicle as to what they will trap, I open a window a crack to allow warmed air to rise & send the moisture out, some of it is "capture" & some of it is technique.

De'Longhi DEX16F Dehumidifier 16L £129.99 (with code) @ Studio
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Posted 10th FebPosted 10th Feb
De'Longhi DEX16F Dehumidifier 16L £129.99 (with code) @ Studio
£129.99£195.1833%Studio Deals
Been looking for a decently priced dehumidifier for a while and was going to go for a cheap generic brand from ebay, but then I stumbled upon this from a reputable brand. The next … Read more

Order cancelled and credit given. Maybe a marketing ploy to get you to open an account!!!


Cancelled my order today but provided no reason for doing so. Has anyone else that ordered had theirs cancelled?


This model was poor for noise according to Which


I had an Ecoair desiccant. Started leaking water just out of warranty. Fixed that myself (poor quality seals). Constantly bad smell for the 2 years I owned it. The large wheel inside would clog with dust after a year and the efficiency would drop off. In the end it started giving off a burning smell, so I binned it and bought a Meaco 12L compressor. Uses nearly half the electric of Ecoair, quieter and easily pulls more water from the air than the Ecoair.


Ecoair is a great brand.

VonHaus 20L Dehumidifier £79.99 Dispatched from and sold by DOMU UK.  @ Amazon
523° Expired
Posted 7th FebPosted 7th Feb
VonHaus 20L Dehumidifier £79.99 Dispatched from and sold by DOMU UK. @ Amazon
£79.99£149.9947%Amazon Deals
VonHaus 20L Dehumidifier – Portable Purification System – Air Treatment – Extracts Damp & Moisture – For Spaces Up To 35m² – Ideal For Garages, Offices, Workshops & Homes

£99 amazon


Still £79.99 from Domu via EBay. Just bought one

Yeah, I was thinking exactly the same thing. Regarding the oscillating button, It just stops the movement of the blade. I assumed it would shut it fully, but it doesn't.


This still never turned its self off, got a feeling that when they refer to off they mean the dehumidifier and not the fan as reading up on them it needs to take in air to analyse the air. By the way when you press the oscalate off button what happens with the flap, does it just stop where it is or does it close?

Thanks. Yeah, mine has been running all day on Silent (still quite noisy) at 54% and I haven't turned itself off at all. Maybe it's not supposed to turn itself off after all? But at least it is sucking moisture out of the air. I've managed to get around 3l of water in 8 hrs.

Deal of the day, 16LTR Dehumidifier - Screwfix - £99.99
190° Expired
Posted 23rd JanPosted 23rd Jan
Deal of the day, 16LTR Dehumidifier - Screwfix - £99.99
£99.99£13023%Screwfix Deals
On sale again, surprised no one posted this? I've had this for about 4-5 years, it can take quite some beating. I've used it to dehumidify a whole house before without heating for… Read more
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I'm using my 'portable' air con unit to humidify the air for the past week as electric heaters are drying the air out leading to asthma and COPD coughs and more. For me, not a time to dry the air out. Cool idea to dry the laundry though if electric wasn't 14.8p roughly per unit(PowerNI).


this is a guy that adds Kale to pot noodles to "make them healthy". (trust me, look at the recent pot noodle deal). On that basis - nothing would surprise me!


showing 129.99 now? did u use any code?


Undoubtedly, but of no use to anyone that may be interested now.


Deal of the hour. Good for people who needed a dehumidifier within a half hour time window and who happened to be on hukd at half 11 at night!

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