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Dehumidifiers are becoming increasingly popular as the UK's summer grow hotter and balmier. Top dehumidifiers from the likes of meaco and ebac can help to keep your house more liveable, with dehumidifiers for your car now also being available. The best deals and offers on dehumidifiers can be found right here on hotukdeals. Read more
EcoAir DD1 Classic MK5 Pink Dehumidifier for £120.80 @ Amazon
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Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
Ecoair mk5 pink dehumidifier About this item High efficiency & quiet dehumidifier with 5 power levels incl Economy & Auto modes. ECO E7 Technology (no refrigerant gas) auto… Read more

Dessicant dehumidifiers like this one tend to be more costly to run than refrigerant ones, though work better at lower temperatures.


Have the 20l per day one and they're excellent, although I picked mine up from marketplace for about £30 lol


Hi is it cheap to run. Im wanting one for cellar 12f by 30 thanks


Looks like a giant lady shaver


I have one of these, they're very good. Mind you, it's saying £120.81 for me.

Vida Portable Air Conditioner 12000BTU 3 in 1 Air Con, Air Cooler, Dehumidifier Fan Function £329.97 (UK mainland) delivered at Ebuyer
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
Product Description Energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly cooling unit for homes, offices, home gyms and conservatories Introducing the latest in quiet, energy-efficient co… Read more

I might sell my 8k BTU unit for this, my LG unit is ok but doesn't cool my living room as good as I wish it did.


Thanks. That’s good to hear. The description on the website is obviously wrong then and this is a pretty good deal IMO.




Thanks for confirming (y)


The Toolstation one does yes, The window kit is about a 4 foot long white bit of plastic with a vent hole and the insulation buffers that you can fit to the window. Haven't used that yet myself but good to have

Russell Hobbs RHPAC4002 2in1 Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier 9000BTU & Window Kit £271.99 del.with code (UK Mainland) @ eBay electricalshop15
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Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
9K BTU & it's cheaper than Amazon by £28. The 20% code ends on Thursday. Description for the AC copied below. When used as an air conditioner, this unit will keep you cool and… Read more

Not just has Chinese components in it, made entirely from Chinese components. Especially the components that would differentiate it from what you would call "cheap Chinese rebadged units" namely the compressor and electronics. So, the EX100's key components are sourced from state owned enterprises then assembled in a state owned factory (TCL), yet somehow this makes your AC not a rebadged Chinese piece of cr*p, whereas this Russell Hobs (that is the same in respect to its Chinese origin, western owned badge and UK customer service) is? Enlighten me to your superior reasoning abilities... Before you say "but it's twice as efficient" which it isn't, how does your EX100 stack up against this (1/2 the price) TCL 12,000 BTU unit, most probably made in the same factory that is equally quiet, energy efficient with bonus heat pump, has near identical physical dimensions and weight, no surprise of course, as I'm sure you're aware as per the terms of a manufacturing agreement, western companies have to hand over their technical data and secrets. :D In light of this information, explain where the £400+* price difference, were I buy the EX100 on Amazon is justified? *vs a 9000BTU unit on amazon Can you provide any evidence that ETWOW is EU owned? If you can sufficiently prove it, I'll buy one! ;) Also how very convenient that the conscience you accuse me of ignoring suddenly goes out the window when there's profit to be made personally, eh? (lol) (y) How's this for some reading material? (nerd) Since there's God knows how many of you, it should only take a fraction of the time to read these books in chapters and discuss amongst yourselves your selfs in your "we hate the Chinese" book club! (cheeky)


Scroll back through our conversation and you'll find I haven't denied this once. Fully aware the Delonghi EX100 has Chinese components in it - I'm even aware that it's made by TCL. I have ignored your Remko recommendation entirely as it is rated 30% less efficient than the EX100. Impressive that you recommended a German? brand regardless. We sell a brand of electric scooter known as ETWOW. Made entirely in China but owned by a EU company with strict management. We have 10% the number defects as the segment best Xiaomi, which is owned by China. The ETWOW costs our customers twice as much, makes us less % margin, but is far superior and safer in every way. I realize that none of this is getting through, but all the other sock puppets need some reading material.


Let's hear what your adorable little sock puppet account has to say for them... yourself. And please keep denying your EX100 isn't made of Chinese made parts sourced from Chinese owned factories. My comrade co workers in Beijing where I'm currently writing this from are happily spending their state allocated daily laughing allowance on your denial. (y) ;)


"And both of you have spent A LOT more time on this site than I ever will! ;)" You keep telling yourself that ol' chum. I ignored your Remko comment entirely because it's also an inefficient aircon by comparison. But by all means, keep trying. I'm not going anywhere and neither is the anti-Chinese sentiment.


So you both joined on the same day, both post 4K deals from Amazon, write the same "do not buy, Chinese!" comments in the same style, frequently in response to one another, in this case only three minutes apart... fascinating! "I'd ignore the Chinese State employee " T140". You'll only find cheap Chinese goods recommended by them and your post is probably making him look bad to his employers." Seems you edited this i.e. censored it entirely. How very communist and totalitarian, Stalin would've approved! (y) If the German owned Remko I suggested is a cheap (~£450) Chinese good then your Italian owned Delonghi that you also paid also paid "~£450" (4 years go) is a cheap Chinese good, correct? Thanks for the best laugh I've had all week mate, you and your sock puppet account "Avivalastvegas21" are quite the double act! (lol) And both of you have spent A LOT more time on this site than I ever will! ;)

Vida Portable Air Conditioner 5000BTU 3 in 1 Air Cooler Remote Control, 24 Hour Timer & Window Vent Kit £210.49 delivered @ Ebuyer
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
I'm unsure if this is great but it might be useful for somebody here with this hot weather so have at it :) product info: 5000 BTU Air Conditioner Ideal for home Up to 1… Read more

When the unit is too small for the room it can't cool it down efficiently, I don't want to run my 8k unit all day just to cool a room for 4 hours at best.


ThaTs great results full 10 degrees drop !!Ooooooo 20 degrees sounds amazing Right now its 32 (mad) , how many hours did you have your machine on to get it to 20 and have you got pictures of the mod? Dual hose is tge way


I slept nicely after my night shift when it was around 30°. I have installed a vent bought from Amazon which is better at insulating heat and also modded the unit to function like a dual hose model. Altogether my unit performed great. 30 at start and when I woke up later I checked room was around 20°. Mind you I leave the blinds closed so no sun is entering.


The more, the better.


What would be the BTU recommendation for a room of 16 sqm please?

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EcoAir DD1 Simple Black Desiccant Dehumidifier (7 Litre/Day, Quiet 34dBA, Anti Bacteria Silver Filter) - £102.50 delivered @ Amazon
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Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Comes with 2 year warranty. Good price. :) EcoAir DD1 Simple Desiccant Dehumidifier with 3D Louvre, 7L - Black DD1 Simple Dehumidifier Black Edition Simple to use, light… Read more

Worked with both Meaco/Ecoair and tested/used/repaired their products and Ecoair beat Meaco hands down for quality, performance, service and price.


hi, do you mean to open it up to clean? Would this affect the warranty? I only got mine this year so not sure the procedures. Thanks


looks like price has gone up... £145.99


I've had one of the Classic machines (similar but with electronic push button controls) for about 6 years now and it's still going strong. Does a great job with drying laundry.


Mine had 5 or 6 years of quite hard use before it stopped blowing warm air. Good machine - I no longer need one, but would happily buy another of these if I did. Great price too.

Black+Decker Portable Aircon (3 in 1 with dehumidifier) 7000 BTU £239.90 Amazon
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Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
3-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY: This air conditioner from Black and Decker has three operating modes providing air conditioning, dehumidifying and cooling; enjoy the simplicity of programmab… Read more

bugger, missed the deal


Gutted wish I would have bought last night 😴


339.00 now.


Pleasure If it helps i pay around £60 on electricity per month total bill and mine is on at night through the window with the curtain drawn


Very comprehensive description and much appreciated