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Inov8 ROCLITE G 345 GTX Hiking Boot £69 @ Inov-8

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Mad cheap. I bought some before Christmas for £75 and I thought that was a good price. Loads of sizes available and free delivery. This weekend only.

There are deals on these items too

Roclite G 275 £78
F-LITE G 300 £112

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The Roclite 345 GTX hiking and running boot with graphene-enhanced G-GRIP outsole and utilizing GORE-TEX product technology offers the optimal combination of the world's toughest grip, climate comfort and protection.

“Our number-one expert pick for 2020… the combination of running-shoe lightness and graphene sole technology is ideal for beginners looking for out-of-the-box comfort, as well as serious athletes looking for reliable all-terrain grip at speed.” T3, May 2020.

"Released to great fanfare, the ROCLITE G 345 GTX is the first hiking shoe to use graphene, and it has been awarded our GOLD award in the footwear category for 2019." The Great Outdoors Magazine

“In a world where the word ‘innovation’ gets thrown around, the graphene G-GRIP is a true innovation, one with clear advantages to the runner and walker. These boots, the first to use the technology are, ahem, a step change for this market.” Sidetracked, January 2019.

“The ROCLITE 345 GTX is a radical new boot for anyone looking to travel fast and light across the hills – score of 84%.” Live For The Outdoors, April 2019.

“For running it gives you that extra ankle support, which I find great on rocky descents. Hiking-wise, it feels like you get most of the benefits of a hiking style boot, but at a trail shoe weight. Winner – rating 9.5/10.” RunUltra, April 2019.

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  1. Avatar
    I purchased these as part of black Friday and lost waterproofing on my first walk in wet grass
    Did you know the tongue section is not waterproof? The fabric under the laces has no goretex behind it. I was a bit disappointed also but now I know I use them accordingly, no stream crossings in these I’m afraid!
  2. Avatar
    I do keep coming back to these but I see so many reviews about poor quality. Either splitting or just losing their waterproofing
    Yea the reviews put me off too, but I was looking at them when they were full price. For £75 I thought they were worth a punt. (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Good price. Really grippy soles and quite comfortable to wear. Absolutely useless if you need waterproofing though. First time I wore them in long, wet grass my feet were totally soaked. I found them quite small fitting so consider either a half or full size up.
  4. Avatar
    Hi what's the sizing like I wear a size 9 trainer New Balance and Adidas.
    I’m a 10 and I find that New Balance are a bit small. These fit like a glove.
  5. Avatar
    I see Wiggle has some limited sizes for £57.99, in fact just picked up a pair myself (edited)
    Nice! I just checked too because my brother is after a pair. Worth checking out (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Very lightweight, wide toe pocket but splits overtime and waterproofing fails. Good for dry summer hikes. Had these for a couple of years but replaced them due to the above reasons
    Yep, horses for courses. I had a pair of Scarpa SLs for 14 years until I accidently left them in a Car Park in the lakes. They were bullet proof, but a bit of the top for the walking I now do with my young kids in the summer months.
  7. Avatar
    These were "reviewed" on the gadget show a bit ago, alongside a pair of Quechua MH100 MID, which they also said were cheaper but also good.
  8. Avatar
    They are comfortable but don't last. The material splits where the shoe flexes at the toe's.
  9. Avatar
    Saw these the other day but the reviews seem pretty bad for durability
  10. Avatar
  11. Avatar
    That's a bargain. Would buy if I didn't have some newish inov8 shoes. Of course they're no going to last like clumpy rigid leather boots, but if you like light, flexible n grippy, they're great.
  12. Avatar
    great deal OP
  13. Avatar
    Good price, voted hot but surprisingly mixed reviews. Inov8 are usually excellent all round but build quality has had some recent stick on fell running forums.
  14. Avatar
    Anyone find any promo codes , searched but no joy ?
  15. Avatar
    Thanks for sharing
  16. Avatar
    These boots are ok at that price but waterproofing does not last long unfortunately
  17. Avatar
    Do these get stained the first time you step in some mud??
  18. Avatar
    Very poor ratings regarding waterproofing on Wiggle so I decided against but thanks for posting
  19. Avatar
    I've been looking for some waterproof goretex boots but there seems to be a common problem with all newer models irrelevant of the make.
    Waterproifing fails and poor quality. They all must be using cheap overseas manufacturing
  20. Avatar
    I've took a punt on the ones from wiggle. £58 I couldn't refuse.
  21. Avatar
    Looking at them why would you ever think they are waterproof ?
    It’s gortex - I’ve got a pair of soloman’s that look identical and are fully waterproof. 
  22. Avatar
    They seem to have pulled the deal. I can't add any to the checkout , and now no sizes of any colour available
    I literally just placed an order. Works fine for me
  23. Avatar
    Super comfy and light. Bought a pair at almost full price in June last year, picked up another pair a month ago but the width had changed, so had to go down half a size.

    20% off with BLC
    Hi...can i ask how you found the blue light discount code...ive been through the website,and dont see an association with inov8😵‍💫
  24. Avatar
    Not great reviews on wiggle (heat added anyway!) - Everyone of the reviews is saying they aren't waterproof, so I'll pass.
  25. Avatar
    Great deal
    15% discount on top using student beans
  26. Avatar
    My Wiggle order arrived this morning and first impressions are impressive. Quality, fit and looks all seem really good and feels like an absolute bargain at £58 or even £69 from Inov8.
    Fingers crossed they last! (edited)