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NINJA Foodi MAX 9.5L Dual Zone Air Fryer (AF400UK) - £229 delivered @ Currys

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Will likely go out of stock quickly as always, but may help some.

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Fry a feast

The Ninja Foodi MAX Dual Zone AF400UK Air Fryer lets you cook 2 meals at the same time, in the same appliance. The 2 large baskets with individual cooking zones provide up to 9 litres of cooking space. That means you've got enough space to cook for over 8 people at one go.

Sync and match the zones

The SYNC function makes sure that your chicken and chips are finished at the same time. The MATCH function copies settings of the first zone to the second, so you can cook twice as much of the same dish. And if you're cooking just for yourself, you can always use just a single zone.

Easy to use and clean

There are 6 customisable programs that let you bake, dehydrate, roast and more. It's much faster than a regular fan oven, and using up to 75% less oil than conventional cooking methods.

The air fryer is easy to clean thanks to the dishwasher safe parts.

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  1. Avatar
    I paid £160 for exact same model a year ago. Since having it I use it everyday, my oven is now only used for pizzas (as they are to big for the air fryer). One of the best things iv brought
    Me too! It’s been brilliant
  2. Avatar
    Martin Lewis was telling everyone to get these a few months ago. Now he's telling people to be careful of using them. He's become the voice of Doom.
    My ninja foodie has really helped me cut my energy costs. But never cook from frozen where possible. Defrost in the fridge and then airfry. You cut your costs by half. Same goes for microwaving.
  3. Avatar
    You have to laugh at people keeping up with the Jones' on fads like these.
    You have to laugh at the dinosaurs that won't keep up with technology just to spite themselves
  4. Avatar
    And people keep buying them on inflated price..mental
    If someone needs something and they want it bad enough. then why not buy it theres really nothing mental about it at all.
  5. Avatar
    It's not just the power saving and speed these thing cook food at, but also they cook the food in such a way that the food tastes a lot nicer. Things like chicken, baked potatoes, chips are so much nicer than when done in the oven.
    Think I need to give it another try, I bought this model a year ago and its just sat there.
    I cooked chips and shook them multiple times but it burnt the tips on some and others were raw so it was shoved in cupboard, think I'll have to give it another try
  6. Avatar
    Only on a Flamedeer event could something be voted hot for simply being in stock, it’s standard price it isn’t hot
  7. Avatar
    Struggling to see why this deal is so hot?......these have been around this price bracket for ages. Think folk are voting hot just because they've been harder to find than rocking horse droppings.
  8. Avatar
    I get like good 10 notifications (most likely more) a day about this being back in stock. Except it doesn’t work at checkout most of the time so now i dont bother even checking.

    I don’t think I’ll get one until it is reasonably priced despite how crazy the world gets. There is no worse case scenario here as i can still cook using oven if and when needed. This is more of convenience/health thing for most tbh

    As for those that do want to get this this is still a “deal” based on current demand and even i have posted these before so voted hot (edited)
    I just placed an order and it went through straight away
  9. Avatar
    I paid 184 with very the other day
    New customer code ☑️
  10. Avatar
    Voted hot, purchased one thanks
  11. Avatar
    Some companies have profited so much from Covid, the war... This world is messed up.
    Capitalism in a nutshell. Someone’s misfortune is my opportunity.
  12. Avatar
    Argos dose a drop of these at 9:30am. I’ve got one to collect today xx
  13. Avatar
    Managed to order one finally! Thanks for the post!
    Have you manage to collect it? Did order got cancelled?
  14. Avatar
    I'm glad I can remove this notification / alert now thank you op
  15. Avatar
    Can you cook wild goose in this?
    Nope because the bird flu🙈
  16. Avatar
    Must be out of stock. won't accept my address although it did at first
  17. Avatar
    Since air fryers are super popular due to energy consumption and ese of use. Is this one the best? Or is it power hungry?
    If you only use one basket it uses half the amount of energy. It's up to 2470W if you use both baskets. If you use one basket it is up to 1235W.
  18. Avatar
    Ordered without any problems, much appreciated
  19. Avatar
    Apparently I am buying one for my parents for Xmas as I decided to randomly purchase. My father in particular always looks for energy cost saving methods, will this help this?
    Absolutely if they had an electric oven. Near instant heat, can knock 25% off cooking times.
  20. Avatar
    Ah so tempted. Not sure I need or want one but I have fomo from the hype.
    Normally if something has hype and keeps selling out and warrants reseller activity, it is for a good reason.

    I have gone for it, go for it my friend (edited)
  21. Avatar
    Just trying to decide whether to get this (FOMO) or wait until I can get some Lakeland vouchers and for them to have it in stock
  22. Avatar
    Highly recommend - we have had ours since the start of the year and use it everyday. It's rapid and cooks very well. Easy to clean too. (edited)
  23. Avatar
    whats better this type or the 9/15 in one model
  24. Avatar
    Thanks picked one up not sure why I didn’t get stock update.

    Also don’t know why Ninja doesn’t keep stock for their own site first but collection on Tuesday
  25. Avatar
    Like gold dust, but my order is placed, thank you
  26. Avatar
    It’s showing that stock has been delivered to loads of stores. I can order to the following stores near me: Bromley, Croydon, Sydenham, Orpington, Colliers Wood, Brixton, old Kent Rd, Charlton, New Malden…. It’s the same for the smaller model (AF300) as well. Get in there quick people….
  27. Avatar
    Why would you spend 229 on a air fryer? If electric is 34p a KW and your oven is 2000 KW that means for a hour (of constant heat) which a oven never does would cost you 68p. So you could use your oven minimum 336 hours that's if again if it was using constant electric so really over 400 to 500 hours. (edited)
    Well air fryers don't need to preheat so the time in use is far less than a traditional oven. You can sync food too, so two separate drawers cooking at different temperatures but timed to finish at the same time - rather than having to cook separately in the oven. Time savings aside, they give you much better results too - even frozen chips taste miles better. I didn't really believe it all until I got one but have to say they are good.
  28. Avatar
    Have ours for about a year now. We use it daily, it's healthy, cheaper and quicker. A very good investment
  29. Avatar
    Is it cheap to run/use this air fryer?
    see post above where it details the wattage in each/both baskets. As it cooks food much quicker they are cheaper to run than an oven, but nothing is cheap to run these days. It's all relative - food needs cooked and this would be the cheapest way too cook. If you need huge quantities of food cooked the oven may win out - there will be a sweet spot somewhere where they will be similar. For a 3/4 person family this will win every time
  30. Avatar
    Love our ninja dual. You can fit a Medium whole chicken in one side, roasted veg in the other. Very easy and excellent results. Oh and air fried chicken wings….
  31. Avatar
    Been looking at this for ages, never in stock. Thanks for this, not only I stock, but bargain price. Thanks OP!!! HEAT !!!!
  32. Avatar
    RRP is not a deal…….
    RRP does NOT define a deal, I wish this was pinned to the main page.
  33. Avatar
    Out of stock already.... (edited)
  34. Avatar
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