Nintendo Switch Deluxe Case £14.84  (Prime) / £16.83 (non Prime) - Sold by Game's Direct and Fulfilled by Amazon.

Nintendo Switch Deluxe Case £14.84 (Prime) / £16.83 (non Prime) - Sold by Game's Direct and Fulfilled by Amazon.

Found 2nd Aug 2017
Looks like the German Version but I don't think it's any different.

Seems like a decent deal to me?
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Excellent deal. Heat.
Sturdy cases. I've got the Zelda one and can't praise it enough.
voyager1235 m ago

are these much better than the case i …are these much better than the case i have?

yep, absolutely.. I have this case its really sturdy
The game holders are crap but everything else about this case is great. Well made sturdy protection.
I'd love to see this case compared with the Orzly case. The aesthetic design & finish of this Delux case looks top notch, but it doesn't appear to offer any storage in the lid compartment (like the Orzly case and other cases) and I'm not sure the best place for the game cartridges is underneath the Switch itself: Isn't this the "buffer zone" which should provide padding/protection for the Switch in the event you drop the case? I wouldn't want plastic cases containing my precious game cartridges in this part of the case, directly riding up against the underneath of my Switch console.
I have the Zelda version. There's a little zip pouch inside the tongue that comes down over the screen, but not a lot of additional storage space. I actually think that the little cart holders work quite well. They certainly don't rub against the underside of the Switch if this is a concern. I might even buy another couple for when I go past 9 games (8 in the cases and 1 in the Switch). It's a good quality semi-hard case though. I'd reccomend it.
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Thank you for this. Purchased in anticipation of getting my Switch in October.
This is solid. I have this, the bigger deluxe one, and the one for my NES Mini. Absolutely recommend this case.

The case is so sturdy compared to other cases, its fine where the carts are stored. There is a small pouch on top that doubles to strap in the switch. I use this to carry a USB-C charging cable.
I have one of these, they have certain batches that have the retaining elastics mounted so they only restrain the corners of the switch, which means you have to be extremely careful which side up you open. Other batches the straps go across the switch, bottom to top, these ones are much more secure.
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Nice Ordered OP! Was waiting for this Ver to come down! Looks Excellent quality too
At 25£ now you have to freeze this deal
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