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Non-contact Multi-mode Infrared Thermometer EN 60601 - £3.99 (UK Mainland) at eBay / Worx

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Infrared Thermometer measures the human body or surface temperature based on the infrared energy emitted by the forehead or an object. You can quickly get measurement results after pointing the temperature probe to the target. Safety and accuracy is the priority, passive infrared receiving technology and clinical test make sure this forehead thermometer measurement unnecessary to touch the body.

Key Features
  • High temperature accuracy, +/- 0.2 ˚C in common body range.
  • Multi mode adjustment, for body, surface and room temperature measurement
  • Fever warning, indicates over-temperature and alarm
  • Auto shut-down, after measuring finished
  • Memory records, lasting 32 measurement sets

  • Measuring Range: Body mode range 32.0-42.9°C, Surface mode range 0-60°C, Room mode range 0-40°C
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.2 ˚C
  • Precision(body): 32.0-34.9°C ±0.3°C, 35.0-42.0°C ±0.2°C, 42.1-42.9°C ±0.3°C

Included in your purchase:
x1 Thermometer
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  1. Avatar
    I already posted this.

    Anyways, here is a vid on how to calibrate them for this exact model.
    Dont worry I see same item posted 5 times on same day by 5 different people and that's apparently fine lol
    I haven't seen your post tho somehow. Some days there's just too many.
  2. Avatar
    I have one and it seems to work well. Three modes: body temp, room temp and surface temp.
  3. Avatar
    Medically we don't recommend infrared thermometers, they're not as reliable as a regular contact one. Deal itself is great
    Oh, you're awake
  4. Avatar
    Folks, just to through some science at this so it’s limitations on accuracy can be understood. This device will be inferring the temperature by measuring thermal radiation. However, the amount of thermal radiation emitted for a given temperature will vary due to something called ‘emissivity’. The value of emissivity varies depending on the material, including it’s colour. For example, a piece of metal painted black will have a different value of emissivity to water. The device will have been ‘calibrated’ using a specific value of emissivity. This means the temperature indicated will not be accurate when measuring a body with a different value of emissivity. For most situations, where you just need a reasonable idea of temperature, it will probably be ok.

    TLDR Medical use - This device may not give an accurate measure of body temperature. Use it to get a temperature value when you are healthy and, then when you are ill, use it to see how the temperature indicated differs i.e. if it is much higher then you probably have a high temperature. Just don’t assume any values displayed are accurate.
    How is this usually dealt with, are the recalibrated to human skin? i.e. when doctors were using these sorts of things to test people at the door.

    I'm confused by the effiacy of this one, this listing claims genuine medical certification. But other listings are the same Chinesium rigamarole as any similar device really.

    Tempted to buy two at this price, as a spare and to see how much the measurements vary.
  5. Avatar
    Is the display back-lit?
    Yes, 3 different colours
  6. Avatar
    I've been zapping my nan with this and she hasn't been allowed in our house for three years.
  7. Avatar
    Thanks OP, worth a try. Heat from me - I'll tell you the temperature when it arrives.
  8. Avatar
    Awesome! Bought one…. Getting ready for Covid 20,21,22…
    23 as well
  9. Avatar
    Didn’t need it but ordered anyways. Might come handy some day
  10. Avatar
    thanks op, perfect for my next halloween costume
  11. Avatar
    Bargain, thanks op
  12. Avatar
    Thanks op
  13. Avatar
    Bought, thanks op heat added
  14. Avatar
    Was looking for one after COVID finally got me over Christmas. This looks perfect.
    Huh? Makes zero sense. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  15. Avatar
    Would this work on bath water?
    Yes, set it to surface temperature. Their not 100% accurate.
  16. Avatar
    Will it work to help see temp of pipes in heating system for calibrating, balancing radiators?
    Of this is the model I think it is, then unlike more expensive IR thermometers it doesn't have guiding light.
    Okay for forehead temps, but less useful for DIY tasks. Or as a laser pointer toy for a dog or cat.
  17. Avatar
    Always wanted one of these so I can point it at things like my dog or a roast joint
  18. Avatar
    646 sold in the last 24 hours. Wowzas!
  19. Avatar
    The ad has been removed. Is anyone else getting that oos
  20. Avatar
    Bought. Cheers OP
  21. Avatar
  22. Avatar
    Any good for pizza ovens to check the stone - does it go to 500c?!?!
  23. Avatar
    Already got and ear thermometer for kids, ordered it anyway. Heat!
  24. Avatar
    The one I have has a range between -50 to 550 C.
    A Mercury Thermometer to calibrate.
  25. Avatar
    Bought one, my daughter is poorly and as soon as she spikes temps she has to take hydrocortisone tablets so these are so handy!! I have about 10 somewhere, I always seem to lose them somehow.
    To think and I kid you not in Covid time (2020) I paid £60 for same model 😬
    There canny.
    Thanks again
  26. Avatar
    These are utter pap.

    If purchasing for medical reasons for personal use, do yourself a favour and use a tympanic (in ear) or stick thermometer instead.
  27. Avatar
    Would something like this be more accurate? Solely for doing cold spot detection around house?

    Is it not the same thing?
  28. Avatar
    Heat from me
  29. Avatar
    Thanks, bought 10 for eBay!
  30. Avatar
    Does it work with water like a running shower ?
  31. Avatar
    I like to point it at a keener leaver and ask what the benefits are; it's amazing how quickly it registers the temp increase, almost instantaneously
  32. Avatar
    These are crap ! Rather get a braun in ear
  33. Avatar