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First Aid Kit 44pc - £1.99 @ B&M
Posted 1 h, 42 m agoPosted 1 h, 42 m agoLocalLocal
P1 Autocare DIN First Aid Kit. A comprehensive first aid kit packed full of practical items and essentials for administering first aid, whether at home or on the go. For basic fi… Read more
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Thanx, will.look out for this 🔥


Good price.Thank you OP 😁

CYB Multivitamin & Minerals, 365 tablets - £ 13.99 (Prime) + £4.49 (NP) or S&S £13.29-£11.89 @ Amazon
Posted 8 h, 30 m agoPosted 8 h, 30 m ago
32x essential key nutrients to support your everyday health and wellbeing 12-month supply: 1 tablet per day, with 365 tablets per pack Gluten- and lactose-free GMO- and titanium di… Read more

Its just a disclaimer, but the doses aren't high enough to see any change in serum levels so how can they even be therapeutic?


Contraindicated just for pregnant and breast feeding women. Rest of people should take it.


your body will dispense most of this when you pee - there’s literally no point in taking supplements like these.


Crazy low dosages. Don't bother . Just have a decent diet, and if therapeutic are needed, then properly have decent doses from holland and Barrett.


Surely nobody needs to be taking vitamin A

TWO Loreal Paris hyaluronic revitalift filler serums 30ml + Free Nivea face mask £22 Free C&C @ Boots
Posted 11 h, 26 m agoPosted 11 h, 26 m ago
Triple promotion on this deal at Boots atm and these normally retail around £24.99 each 2 for £30 on selected L'Oreal Revitalift Save £5 for every £20 you spend on 1000s of be… Read more

Haha, I'm Hoping it does the trick ;) Thanx chic


If it fills out my craggy face - I’m in. Good find OP, have 6* of heat from me.


Thank you 😘


Apologies, I had another item in my basket at the time of posting and the £5 on £20 deal took half of each item.


Try SAVE3ONLINE brings it down to £22

Siemens Multistix GP Urine Test Sticks - Pack of 25 £4 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
Posted 15 h, 51 m agoPosted 15 h, 51 m ago
see other sellers to get this price.

A description would be nice.


I apologise if I sounded patronising, it wasnt meant to be, and certainly wasnt insinuating anyone is an idiot. I stand by my points raised.


it's literally what the product says itself. what interpretation?. You pee on strip, the colour indicates the glucose level etc. There's no interpret. You match to a chart and it tells you. It literally requires no thought at all and is practically impossible to get wrong (unless you're colourblind) now stop with the scaremongering. It's not an ultrasonic knife or a suture kit .. it's a test strip you pee on and it changes colour. A monkey could do it. It's just the same as taking your temperature, or if you are diabetic then testing your blood on the machine.


No and No. I am lucky to be personal friends with my Doc and he speaks to me like a person, not a specimen. Also, contrary to your assertion I'm not a complete idiot so i am more than capable of peeing on a strip of paper and interrupting the result. When you are bed bound for months at a time you take a little time to read about the condition causing it. Stop talking to people like they are idiots, it's patronising and you are plain wrong. Trigger alert - I also check my own blood pressure daily because i'm a really big boy and yes, i know what the numbers mean too.


It's 9 months if you get it wrong😁

100 x disposable face masks 3ply £9.76- Dispatched and Sold by KAV Distributions on Amazon
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
Update 1
Price reduction from £9.87 to £9.76 on 06/08
Comments are open on this deal, and will be left provided they abide by our site rules. Please keep the discussion on-topic about these facemasks, and not about Coronavirus in gene… Read more
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Exactly! It’s not the quantity. You better off not wearing one if it’s rubbish, it will give you a false sense of security. I buy BFE 95% of 98%.


It’s not quantity but quality


Don't need these, Boris has sorted me out a job lot (y)


Paul James make very very high quality wool facemasks for £8 delivered. They have a slot for pm2.5 filter, not that it stops coronavirus but it is better than nothing. I highly recommend them.


I don’t like the straps around the head, and there is no option for ear straps. I cannot find any decent reusable masks.

OMRON EVOLV All-In-One, Wireless, Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor £84.13 @ Amazon
93° Expired
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
Wrap it on. Press a button. Take control of your cardiovascular health Measuring your blood pressure - at home or on the go - has never been easier thanks to EVOLV's compact and s… Read more

Now £83.52.


I got an Omron wrist monitor for around £30 on Amazon in June. It's accurate and does the job well. Small enough to fit into a handbag too.


I don't think you know what you are talking about...


Design is not something you look for when measuring you heart rate etc.. As long as it gives accurate readings that's all you need. In terms of portability most normal ones are small enough to carry and pack.


This is a far better design if it works, I haven't seen this model before, but for anyone taking regular measurements this is way more convenient and portable

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Salter Doctor Style Mechanical Bathroom Scales – Retro White + 15 Year Warranty - £15 Prime /+£4.49 Non Prime @ Amazon
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
Salter Doctor Style Mechanical Bathroom Scales are designed in black and white doctors style to add a touch of retro design to your bathroom. The Salter 145 Mechanical scale featur… Read more



im seeing 15lb


but the price has gone up to £25?


Back in stock on Amazon (highfive)


Just checked None in my area but cheers anyway (y)

Boots Vitamins and Supplements Buy One Get One Free Today Only at Boots Shop - from 99p + £1.50 click & collect under £20
965° Expired
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
Boots have a one day offer on selected vitamins and supplements, buy one get one free In store and Online Can use code SAVE3ONLINE for £3 off and also if you have any offers on adv… Read more

Wow, what a first deal @Sambi2 - superhot :) Thanks for taking time to share, great post.


Ordered yesterday 4 bottles of haliborange along with one more item. Vitamins is cancelled and just other item getting delivered .. anyone else?


has this expired? bogof not working for me now.


It's £1.50 unless you spend £20 or more.


i am trying to do click and collect but it is charging 1.50 for that service.

2 x Face Mask + Valve Protective Mouth Covering Washable Reusable Adult £3.99 ebay / mmalek89
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
Comments are open on this deal, and will be left provided they abide by our site rules. Please keep the discussion on-topic about these facemasks, and not about Coronavirus in gene… Read more

I have some expensive vale ones that I use for cycling for years with replacable filters. I have since turned the vale inside out so it lets air in but filters on the way out. So there's a consideration for a nicer more comfortable mask for people.


Looking at those one's they look like the one's I bought at the start of this pandemic and didn't wear as the are see through and wouldn't offer any protection and were just cheap foam could use over a surgical mask to make them seal properly tbh.


Seals better around your face so offers the user better protection than the cheap surgical masks that don't seal so it we all wore valve masks everyone's protected.


Quite agree, but get yourself a good quality reusable respirator with P3 filters to protect yourself. A JSP Force 8 with press to check filters which let you easily test your face seal would be a good choice if you can find one in stock. Machine Mart have got the GVS Eclipse in stock at the moment £24 supplied with P3 filters (I believe the sku is medium/large size) :- If you successfully protect yourself from getting it, you are not going to infect anyone else anyway.


I bought my mask for £11 with valves, before the uproar about who it protects. I have compromised immune system, live in a town that is massively overcrowded with tourists...the don’t go out an awful lot. When I need to go to the doctors I will still wear my valved mask, not because I’m selfish, but I feel safe in the knowledge I do not have Covid 19. Also, I’m sorry if people don’t like this, but I reckon it’s more important for me to protect MY life than hope that everyone else is vigilant and wearing appropriate masks.

50 Face Mask Surgical Disposable Mouth Guard Cover Face Masks £4.98 ebay / mmalek89
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
Comments are open on this deal, and will be left provided they abide by our site rules. Please keep the discussion on-topic about these facemasks, and not about Coronavirus in gene… Read more

Why’s that, possibly saturated with virus? I wear one for shopping, leave it in the sun and good to go next time. Alternatively use a few and rotate them.


That is dirty as the virus is on your mask..


Hey @Mustu well done!!! excellent deal - thanks for posting (highfive)


Thank you for that information.


There are reusable FFP2/FFP3 masks. Here are some examples: -GVS ELIPSE HALF MASK RESPIRATOR P3 -JSP TRADESMAN 2 28 DAY HALF MASK A1-P2 -JSP FORCE 8 MASK RESPIRATOR WITH PRESS-TO-CHECK FILTERS P3 These can be reused for several days then you change the filters and use the mask again.

50 Disposable Face Masks - £4.99 delivered @ xessoriez / eBay
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
Comments are open on this deal, and will be left provided they abide by our site rules. Please keep the discussion on-topic about these facemasks, and not about Coronavirus in gene… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Sorry but don't believe one word of this. I know Doctors GPs and A&E Doctors and a registrar. All of them told me at times it was a worry that they would run low while waiting for new supplies but at no time did they run out of PPE. Not PP3 as you say several times amongst lots of spelling mistakes which I find it hard to believe a Doctor would make or that a Doctor would call someone on here "mate" or use the phrase FFS. They also certainly wouldn't be sharing masks or reusing masks for months. This deal is actually really good considering delivery must cost them a few pounds and then there is selling fees and PayPal transaction fees. Even Tesco sells 10 masks for £5 reduced from £6.50 a few weeks back. So 50 masks for £4.99 with free delivery is really good


I’ve just spotted a pile of 50 disposables for £7.99 in home bargains, not a cheap as this but maybe quicker if your in a hurry


Looks like more pollution and different disease for the future generation in this cost saving.


Were these of plastics fibres?


We are in General Practice... On the out skirts... ! I think we get left behind compared to London. I know as I worked as GP in East London for over 16 years!

My vitamins - 55% off + free delivery
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
Found a discount code for my vitamins, they're currently doing 40% off on their site but managed to get a much better code. Also reduced next day delivery to £2
Read More

Don’t worry, it’s disgusting anyways


It was an error.. they cancelled the hand gel only orders because it wasn't supposed to come with free delivery. Received mine with the rest of my order having only one extra item with free delivery.

jazman123 They took orders for hand gel and then realised they could charge more so cancelled and refunded those customers


What happened there?


Anyone know where i can buy a new bottle of these as i dont really want your old ones (highfive)

Dreambaby Clinical Digital Thermometer - £6.99 with free click and collect @ Argos
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
Dreambaby's Clinical Digital Thermometer gives a quick and accurate reading in 30 seconds. The Fever Alert system helps take the guesswork out of reading the result. If a fever is … Read more

Thank you for sharing your link :)


had 2 of these, a nightmare to use in the night without waking them or if they are distressed, spend more and get a decent in ear one this is what I have, perfect for whole family

Free Odeon cinema tickets for the emergency services, nhs, social care sector and armed forces at Blue Light Card
25/08/2020Expires on 25/08/2020Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug

So here is my challenge to teachers having done no work... I work for a mortgage lender assessing new applications, but my employer hasn't been lending since March. I've not been furloughed. Have I just been doing nothing and being paid?


nice 1


It’s £5 for 2 years.... and codes can’t be shared ... if you’re caught you get removed from the program.


is blue light free wife is in nhs. if anyone has any codes and not useing pm me many thanks


I don't think I will use mine. If any Bluelightcard members missed out and want them PM me.

Anthisan Bite and Sting Cream, 20g - £2.45 Prime (£2.33 Subscribe & Save) / +£4.49 Non Prime @ Amazon
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
Hope it helps someone Anthisan Bite & Sting Cream - providing relief for over 50 years Anthisan Bite & Sting Cream is a well tried antihistamine with over 50 years hist… Read more

It's for £2.29 at home bargains.


Hah yes - Ive had one of those for a few years and always take abroad with me. Still not sure how effective they are but very theraputic and seem to ease the initial pain (with a different kind of pain!). :D


I use something similar to this which I bought in Boots years ago, been very effective on Mossie bites, stings from certain plants, etc.


Thanks. Ordered


Got my legs badly mozzied in Brazil last year and all we could get hold of was Pile cream. Worked a treat though wise to ignore the instructions on the box (:I

Safety First Aid Group Waterproof Strapping Tape, 2.5 cm x 5 m 66p (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
194° Expired
Posted 3rd AugPosted 3rd Aug
Safety First Aid Group strapping is 2.5cm x 5m Designed for securing dressings Has other uses, i.e. for sport Latex free and waterproof Adhesive tape conforms easily to awkward… Read more

Single roll is finito. :(




Blink and the single roll has already sold out! (skeptical)


Certainly something I’ll add to my Amazon basket! :)


Thanks, Op! very timely for my upcoming S&S order! 56p for me!! (highfive)

3 Ply Disposable Face Coverings (Pack of 50) £5.49 Delivered @ eBay / knejapackaging
Posted 3rd AugPosted 3rd Aug
Comments are open on this deal, and will be left provided they abide by our site rules. Please keep the discussion on-topic about these facemasks, and not about Coronavirus in gene… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*



Unbranded, are they made in China?


I bought a box of 50 in home bargains for 9.99,


WHSmith is 4 masks for £4.


I was surprised to see them at that price in Lidl

Reusable Black Adult Non Medical Face Coverings 3 Pack - One Size £8 at argos - free click & collect / +£3.95 delivery
Posted 3rd AugPosted 3rd Aug
Comments are open on this deal, and will be left provided they abide by our site rules. Please keep the discussion on-topic about these facemasks, and not about Coronavirus in gene… Read more

I've gone right off Argos after my last visit. There was no one waiting to get in, so went to stand at the 'please stand here' point to be told that I couldn't enter from that direction and that I had to enter via the barriers. I walked 20 metres along the pathway to enter the metal barriers to arrive back at the same spot I'd been at to be told that I could enter straight away. I was told where to go, and which route to follow. I duly complied. There was a large box marked off with tape in front of the assistant and I assumed that I needed to stand in that box. I did so, only to be chided and told to stand behind the box. I duly complied. Next I waited for my item, standing at the point that I'd be directed to, and waited on the large foot print sign this time that said wait here. The item arrived, and the assistant held it out. Having just been chided for not standing in the right place I asked how I was supposed to collect the item, and she said, oh it's ok, just come over and get it. Unlike the first assistant she wasn't behind a perspex screen, so this seemed more of a risk to her and me than did approaching the first assistant. On the way out, I noted that the first assistant was busy chatting to a customer who was standing where I'd been told not to! I fully support the rights of shop staff and their rights to be safe. However, Argos just hasn't got a good balance and there is no pleasure in shopping here. It is only now a place to go to collect orders. This isn't the fault of the staff who were generally fine or pleasant, but more a reflection of what Argos have created. I generally try to buy from physical shops rather than order online - but online is so much easier and more convenient and so much less unpleasant. So (to get back on topic) I wouldn't bother with these masks.


50 reusable ones?


cool design, prefer these to the blue ones but the price is crazy there is a deal for 50 of the blue ones for less than 6£ live at the moment

Urban Classics Everyday mask BY144 2 face masks - £9.39 (+£4.49 non-Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
Comments are open on this deal, and will be left provided they abide by our site rules. Please keep the discussion on-topic about these facemasks, and not about Coronavirus in gene… Read more

I’m waiting for the EA7 version before i bite.


Sometimes I wonder about this site... Free mask, free returns and a quid in the Amazon bank to spend.


"Ere, I'll 'ave two, Dave".


Are you being serious? (annoyed)


Freezing rip off I think

50x 3Ply Face Covering CE certified disposable mask £4.99 @ duzky_uk eBay (Free Postage)
614° Expired
Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
Comments are open on this deal, and will be left provided they abide by our site rules. Please keep the discussion on-topic about these facemasks, and not about Coronavirus in gene… Read more

masks government ordered and werent good enough for nhs. flogged to retailers to get rid of... and utterly pointless wearing.


Although these are likely to be of incredibly poor quality (e.g., no nose clip/grip so will be very ineffective), I don't think you can blame a seller that realises he can make an extra £1 on each sale. They may be almost useless, but they help to fulfil the requirements cheaply, whether you agree with the situation or not. At £5 a pop, their Ebay/Paypal fees will likely be £1, postage £1.50 minimum so that leaves about £2.50. They must have to pay a good £2 per pack of 50, or possibly even more with delivery and import duty, so they're hardly making anything. He could have driven up the price by a few quid, like many did back in March, except they marked them up much more to £40, £50 or more for these back then. Plus online sellers always adjust their prices up and down, so I personally don't think you can have a go at this seller - even though I still think they'll be absolute tat.


Seller has increased the price. Hate stuff like this. They must have seen a surge in sales and for that reason increased the price. Rather than adjust the price to the correct amount I'll expire this listing as i don't think a seller like this should be paid the £6, just the £5 that was originally on offer


Shows £5.99 for me.


Please go and read some actual information from reliable sources, instead of getting your “facts” from Facebook and Instagram. Masks slow the spread of the virus.

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