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Gaviscon Double Action Mint Tablet 12 (Hanging box only) 30p instore @ Superdrug
Posted 17th AugPosted 17th AugLocalLocal
Found instore in Superdrug (Wembley) Only the boxes with the little tab on top - like in the picture-hanging in a plastic strip in the display (in mine the ones without this - alth… Read more
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Just found some, barcode is 5011417568408.


Thanks Op, picked some up in my local :)


Barcode pls?


These are not good to your belly. Change your diet and get rid of the heartburn.


I find sucking works better than chewing with Gaviscon, works wonders for me :D (:I

180 Omega 3 6 9 Softgels  Now £6.12 + Free Delivery with code @ My Vitamins
Posted 14th AugPosted 14th Aug
Get 60% Off 180 Omega 3 6 9 Softgels when you use discount code: OMEGA60 Brings the price down to £6.12 with Free Delivery What Are myvitamins Omega 3 6 9 Softgels? myvitamins… Read more

Get omega 3s instead of 3 6 9. You get enough 6s and 9s in food already and getting more omega 3s to balance the ratio is what has health benefits.


Can get the same things in home bargains for 3 quid


"these tablets are way too big. I could still feel them in my oesophagus for hours after I took them. a big no for me" (:I


non-vegetarian/vegan if that helps anyone

Peppa Pig plasters at Home Bargains - 49p instore
Posted 14th AugPosted 14th AugLocalLocal
10 Peppa pig plasters. Also other varieties. Great for the kiddies
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Lamisil Once Anti-Fungal Athlete's Foot Cream 4g £4.79 (Prime) / £9.28 (non Prime) at Amazon
Posted 9th AugPosted 9th Aug
Usually around £7 most places. Also Superdrug:
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If the lacquer is working for you, I'd certainly take that option over the tablets.


Up my way it's considered cosmetic so your given lacquer to paint on. It's a faff.


I hear a lot of people give up with it. The blood tests are fine, results supposedly came back fine each time. It's the feeling like you have a permanent hangover that's the bad part. I found certain batches, brands were worse than others or had different side effects. Some make you lose you sense of taste. But the feeling like crap part isn't good. My doctor told me to stop taking the tablets as he thought it was successfully treated. I explained that it wasn't. He stopped treatment and then the bloody nail was back to normal fungal situation in about one month! Then I had to start from the beginning again, I was really pissed off. I'd been on them for around 6 months! I took them for a further 7 months... And still felt I could have done another month or so but was very happy to stop.


Yeah, makes you wonder if it's worth it along with the blood tests.


Nizorol shampoo does the same thing (available here over the counter)

Beechams Flu Plus Caplets 8 -  19p at Home Bargains
Posted 8th AugPosted 8th AugLocalLocal
Beechams flu plus caplets 19p @ home bargains in orpington. Unsure as to if it is national
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None in hayle. Shame. Not national


8 flu tablets for 19p from home bargains


Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s free in SCOTLAND, Wales and Northern Ireland for everyone. But... I always buy my own. Why would anyone go to the doctor to save 19p?


Yes and cost the struggling NHS about £40.00 to save yourself £0.19. You realise that those that work actually have to pay for medicines £9.00 from the doctor, dentist isn't free for those that don't choose to sit on our arses also. I've never understood why students who get nothing in benefits have to pay, while those getting thousands in benefits get them free. Oh, hang on, was this bait (embarrassed)


Is this what I need to start a Breaking Bad business opportunity :/

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Free Madness concert for public sector.. Police, teachers, NHS etc at Clapham Common Mon 26th August
26/08/2019Starts at 26/08/201926/08/2019Expires on 26/08/2019Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
Click on the link for free tickets for emergency service workers and teachers for Madness concert at Clapham Common Mon 26th August
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Yes I accept but you’ll need to fly me down from Glasgow.What times your private jet picking me up on Saturday?


I am a nurse my ticket plus one can I bring a friend who is not a nurse ?


If I can't manage, tickets are yours ;)


old McDonald had a veg wrap... (excited)


Do please explain how that is delusional?

Galpharm Paracetamol 16 Tablets for 15p @ PoundStretcher
Posted 7th AugPosted 7th AugLocalLocal
In case you wanted to pick up some Paracetamol and save a trip to the GP - decent price here. Description For aches and pains from muscle strain to menstrual cramps and headache… Read more
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not everyone can take ibuprofen (or paracetamol for that matter) Always check with your local pharmacy if you are taking any medication which you have on prescription or have purchased yourself over the counter, Stay safe!


Which so many children can open with ease and a lot of mature adults struggle


Couldn't agree more - it surely costs the NHS much more then that and thats money that could have been spent for something more serious and critical. If all of us pledged not to go to the GP and get prescribed medicines for the ones available over the counter - it would make a significant difference.


I’m not sure of the exact cost but I can guarantee it costs a lot more than 15p for the NHS to prescribe these. I sincerely believe that everyone should purchase these. 15p is a very small cost for anyone that takes them regularly.


I don’t think most people realise that cough syrup doesn’t work at all and it’s mainly just sugar.

12 Months Supply Allacan Cetirizine Hayfever and Allergy Tablets - £5.19 delivered @ Amazon /  Your247Chemist
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th Aug
Allacan UK Branded Hayfever Tablets 12 months supply (based on 1 tablet per day) Can relieve allergic symptoms due to hayfever and other airborne allergies such as house dust mit… Read more
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Ditto. Can't complain at the price.


Mine just arrived and with a 12/2021 expiry date.


Personally I take these all year round as I'm allergic to the entire universe, but they do just as well for occasional too it. These are the non-drowsy type for most folks. Had antihistamine on prescription since the early 90s & in the last few months doctor took me off prescription and told me to buy over the counter instead to save the NHS money. Really can't complain at this price!


Thanks (nerd)


Garmin Vivoactive 3 Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitor  Rose Gold/White - £179 eBay Currys
Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
Garmin Vivoactive 3 in Rose Gold and White £179.00 I have been looking out for one of these for my wife’s birthday and couldn’t find it for less than £199 in this particular colou… Read more

Its said the 2 year guarantee is included. Its the Extra care for accidentally damage that was an extra £15.


Hope you paid for it


Good price for the rose gold. I've not seen it lower.


Gotta keep em' happy mate :D


Just waiting for Argos to reduce there’s so I can go get gift vouchers from Morrison’s using my AMEX which currently has 5% back on £30 spend making it £170 and return this one.

Bristol Labs Paracetamol 500mg 16 tablets 19p @ Savers
Posted 1st AugPosted 1st AugLocalLocal
As title in store at Savers, good price for 16 tablets.
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That depends on various factors, as I'm sure you well know. At the end of the day, a 43% drop in paracetamol related deaths since the introduction of legislation has occurred. It's quite possible that many people wouldn't think that as few as 32 paracetamol could actually kill them, therefore they might not even bother trying it. I remember when the initial laws were brought in, we had the odd pharmacist writing in to publications saying it was pointless and wouldn't make a difference. If the reduction had only been a small percentage, you could probably argue that it was just down to a greater awareness of what a horrible way to go it was. But given such a marked reduction, I just don't buy that it's down to 'awareness' alone. Besides all of that, somebody who takes 32 tablets, regrets it and seeks help is probably less likely to die of an overdose than someone who takes 500 tablets then seeks help. That's a lot more sh*t to get rid of.


So you do not "feel" that 32 is a fatal dose then? Excuse my quotations ;)


Sigh. It's almost as if people are wilful ignorant and don't bother to read threads...


You're entitled to 'feel' whatever you like. Personally I 'feel' people were about as aware in the late 90s about the dangers of paracetamol overdoses as they are now, and that a reduction of over 40% of paracetamol related deaths since the legislation came in is likely to have some connection. That's a pretty big reduction, too big I think to be solely down to a greater awareness.


Well it *does* do something, demonstrably so. Sure, if someone is determined then they could take that approach and take the time to do it. But I think you underestimate how often suicide attempts are very much an 'in the moment' thing. And if you've got instant access to 500 paracetamol in your house in one of those moments of crisis, you might use them. But in the time it takes to go to several shops and making multiple purchases, if you can even drag yourself out of the house, the moment can easily pass. And I wasn't just saying 'you can't argue with the figures', this study shows a dramatic drop in paracetamol related suicides since this legislation was brought in.

Holland and Barrett penny sale is back!
160° Expired
Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
Holland and Barrett penny sale is back! Buy an item and get the next item for a penny, cheapest item is the penny item on selected items..
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I doubt many bargain hunters go to H&B i just had a look at the prices of this so called penny sale and fell off my chair in shock (horror) and bashed my noggin - now i do need some headache pills so Superdrug / Savers it is lol (shock)


Got some Penny boards and O'Neill t-shirts for a great price from Sports Direct thanks to a post on here. Still one of the cheapest places to get a penny board, but my Penny Nickel was around £35 then. Cheapest is typically £50. And the original Penny was around £22. O'Neill organic cotton t-shirts for £9-£10 each. MyVitamins has a more constant 50% off - but then has some of the best prices with that constant discount. Holland & Barret's offers change all the time, and certain products are a great deal at a certain time. With all of these, you'd be silly to buy without the regular discount, but using it the deals can genuinely be the best.


Not at all for branded stuff. Supplements, sure. They seem low quality/strength too. But for example try to get Minvita rice - normally £6, now £6 for two, anywhere else for that price. Okay sure, you can can argue even paying £3 for 500g of rice is a lot - but it's by far the cheapest around. Glad I made use of the 50% off, and now can use the penny sale for the products that weren't in the 50% off - namely Minivita and a £7 ecodenta toothpaste (no way I'm paying that, but willing to pay £3.50 per tube for two - as it's organic, xylitol toothpaste, cruelty free and pretty natural). The rice is GABA rice which and I don't eat large quantities. But yeah. A sale is regularly on, but can make certain products a very good price compared to anywhere else.


You forgot Eurocarparts! ;)


Holland & Barrett have a sale on?! So do Sports Direct and DFS....

Drive Streak Self Propelled Manual Mobility Aid Folding Wheelchair Lighweight - £47.99 Delivered by livewell-today / eBay
1179° Expired
Posted 31st JulPosted 31st Jul
Apply code at check out to get this price. With its stylish Mag wheels and attractive black steel frame the Black Streak you are sure to appreciate the desirability of this mo… Read more

electric chair. Now that's a situation you don't wanna find yourself in (annoyed)


sorry I should explain manual = I need someone to push me self propelled = the wheels are bigger so you can push yourself electric = well that’s self explanatory (y)


It is a manual one. There is no electronics


Humour is an acknowledged and oh so British way of dealing with difficult issues. I'm more worried at the comments pointed at obese people rather than any "jokes" Where gambling, alcoholism, and even over-sexed are considered Diseases, it's worth nothing the majority of non-medical obesity cases result from mental ill-health. Directly comparable to the swathe of serial HotUKDeals commentators. Not to mention the permanently coiled, ready to strike and respond to what they consider to be a slight against them (or someone they know) Relax, it's just a wheelchair - and NO, it's not self propelled. Ridiculous description.


I challenge everyone on this thread who thinks it’s funny to crack jokes to spend a day in a wheelchair. Just one day. Then I suspect you won’t find it so funny. Disability is not a joke. Shame on you all.

Clock Yourself (Physiotherapy App on Android & Apple IOS) Temporarily FREE (was £2.09 on Google Play)
273° Expired
Posted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
Can you think on your feet? CLOCK YOURSELF = Physical Exercise + Cognitive Exercise (simultaneously) x SPEED #thinkfaster #stepfaster #braingames #sportskills #reactiontimetraini… Read more

ah missed it, expired


Damn meant to get this last night but forgot now expired typical!!


Bit niche, but If anyone is in the market for a physical neuro rehab device/gadget I have a Fitmi bought about 18 months ago for $380 and shipped from the states which is collecting dust at the moment. I can dust it off, test it, and sell it to someone if interested with a hefty discount. I could pop it on ebay if they'd prefer seller protection. Seems to be really effective and I tested it and it was working fine. Send me a message.


Happy to help :)


Don't like the idea that the app uses your phone call directory and call history. Not going to let it have my friends numbers. Why does it want the information?

Oral-B 5 Way Clean Manual Toothbrush 45p Amazon Pantry (+£3.99 Delivery)
Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
Oral-B Complete 5 Way Clean Medium Manual Toothbrush, Superior Cleaning, Polishing Cup, Medium Bristles £1.50-£3 everywhere else but only 45p on Amazon Pantry
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You can get free delivery by ordering 4 items from a list of items, also you can get £10 off £30 on another list of items and there is the 50% off sale. I bought some of these plus shaving foam and deodorant, cheap razor blades etc. Made quite a few savings. Well worth a look. (y)


All Amazon Pantry orders need to include a minimum of £15 worth of Amazon Pantry items (Standard delivery fee of £3.99/order).8)

Omron M2 Basic Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor for £19.76 Delivered with Code @ Mymemory
239° Expired
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
Description The M2 Basic fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor gives you comfortable, quick and accurate blood pressure monitoring. Clinically Validated Intellisens… Read more

Have high blood pressure and the Docter sent me to hospital for an ECG a few weeks ago and was told I had arterial devibralation, so all that expensive equipment told them what my £18 monitor told me months before!


Rated top marks in the Which magazine.


Just a word of warning, this model shown is old. I’ve used the M2 basic - I fact I’m on my 4th so this may be old stock. Here is the current model: My experience is the longer they have been “knocking around”, the more likely they are to be out of calibration. ;)


Quack told the wife that these are as good as his “professional” one


Ordered. Thanks @Brutes (y)

120 CLA Softgels (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) Now £4.35 with code + Free Delivery @ My Vitamins
69° Expired
Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
Get 60% Off CLA Softgels (120) when you use discount code: VITS60 What Are myvitamins CLA Softgels? myvitamins CLA is a premium source of conjugated linoleic acid that is… Read more

Previously seen very good results with CLA softgels whilst looking to lose fat and preserve muscle mass. Would be one of my go to supplements for cutting regardless of the lack of research given personal experience suggests it works for me.


Most vitamins are not needed unless you are deficient it just gets excreted in your urine! Snake oil!


only high quality CLA will help in weight management of which it would never cost anything under £25 ,donot waste your money on safflower junk.


Snake oil would have more effect.


The evidence, on balance, suggests that it doesn't do anything.

120 Alpha Men Multivitamin Tablets (was £14.99) Now £6.00 with code + Free Delivery @ My Vitamins
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Get 60% Off the 120 Alpha Men Multivitamin Tablets (120) when you use discount code: ALPHA60 What Is Alpha Men? myvitamins Alpha Men is an innovative blend of vitamins and … Read more

Sounds like you've got a grip on things. I've pm'd you the one I went for, are you noticing benefits from the longvida tablets? I forgot to mention that all the reading I did on magnesium led me to believe that because of over farming land it is very hard to get enough from food (possibly with the exception of organic) as it just isn't as nutrient strong as it should be. I came to the conclusion the best way to get enough magnesium is topically from Epsom salts and bought a few sacks of it haha. I disolve it in a spray bottle and spray it usually on my feet and let it dry while I'm watching TV. I have no idea how effective this is I just assume that when I put my socks on my feet will continue absorbing the salts but it could be complete nonsense lol.


Regarding magnesium stearate it looks fine: Will look into it more, and the other bulking agents, but that one seems fine. I've found Healthline to provide decent, balanced information (as in, they don't read like like anti alternative, big pharma shills, nor hippy woo woo types without critical thinking) What curcumin do you use may I ask? This is one I bought before and seems the cheapest in the UK for Longvida, which seems to be best: I only got one before, then used Novasol. Not sure I noticed anything. There's good discussion in the comments here: Pricey to use it properly I guess. But got a number of injuries that cause me pain, and there's general health benefits as it's effectively a calorie restriction mimetic I believe. Was going to try pairing Longvida curcumin with BCM-95 or so. So the enhanced absorption but low actual amount of curcumin, with a potent capsule of curcumin, thinking that perhaps they can work together or the Longvida can make the BCM-95 better absorbed (not sure if that works though, I imagine it's the preparation of the Longvida that's necessary). I used Swisse before, as it was cheap at Home bargains. Turned my urine bright green lol - may have been chlorophyl. I think I remember it being high in vitamin A, but as long as you take vitamin D and K that's fine. If you don't then high vitamin A can cause real issues (covered in that video). I have organic yoghurt instead of milk. Standard desert is Yeo Valley or another organic yoghurt and fruit - such as sliced kiwi and berries or cherries (defrosted from frozen). Lower in lactose and the added benefit of probiotics. I have plant milk with my coffee typically, except the organic Guernsey milk from Abel & Cole is great. I have coffee right after a healthy lunch, typically with a treat, so perhaps should change that habit. Eggs are great. Best fried/scrambled actually, rather than poached, as you want to denature the proteins in the egg white I believe, which requires the hotter / more aggressive cooking methods. I've mostly used my blender for banana milkshakes heh, so same. Although I did try blending half an organic broccoli the other week. It tasted pretty rough. So warmed it up gently and added a thai chicken cup soup. So turned it into a bowl of soup, which was tasty! Most smoothies seem to be high in sugar, and I like to eat fruit whole as is or with yoghurt. So using a blender to make soup makes sense I think. Then you can add chili and garlic etc. as well. So soup snacks. I'm in my mid 30s, a health nut I guess, but I still eat treats etc. More inclusive rather than exclusionary I guess. Lack of sleep, stress, and a number of injuries and slow healing because of lack of sleep / stress have made me seek out more ways to support healing and paint relief etc. - such as curcumin, CBD, tart cherry juice, glucosamine, bromelain etc.


I spent ages finding circumin I was happy with and finally found one made in Germany that I've been talking this year, it's difficult to see benefits because it's long term tho. When I take multivitamins I only go with Swisse as they are pricey but seem the best quality and are very comprehensive. I've definitely cut down on supplements in favour of just having more fruit and veg every day, I'm also convinced eggs and milk are excellent sources of minerals. I need to start using my blender so I can have things like kale and seeds. I've always had decaff coffee and drink rooibos tea around meals because caffeine inhibits absorption. Obviously try to get organic where it's affordable. As you get older you definitely need to think about nutrition more, I'm only in my 40s but I I'm really starting to miss my 20s health lol.


Yeah, I was just thinking about that recently, as bought some more supplements, but haven't researched the various bulking agents. I was actually thinking it'd be better to eat concentrated food - e.g. natto for vitamin K, and maybe make some other foods. Natto obviously has a wealth of other benefits (spermidine, good bacteria etc.) I did take some Novasol curcumin before, as it's meant to be effective, and it's cheap from MyVitamins. But it contains Polysorbate 80, which is meant to be very bad for you. So going to get more expensive Longvida curcumin instead, which doesn't contain that and has the best research supporting it. All vitamins and minerals, especially fat soluble, have a an inverted U curve for health effect / mortality. As covered here: What you're covering is entering the toxicity/overdose range for minerals etc. You can find that for any substance. So it's important to have the right dose. Vitamin balance is also crucial - e.g. taking vitamin K if you're taking vitamin D, to prevent calcification of the arteries. My comments weren't specifically about this multi vitamin. More specifically about vitamin D, which is the hardest for most to get enough of. So I take vitamin d from MyVitamins - which is the best I've found - cheap - and only Olive Oil, Softgel (Gelatin, Glycerine), Vitamin D. Along with Vitamin K from MyVitamins, which is K2 MK7 I have taken some Alpha Men, but only typically take one, not two tablets, and not every day. Stopped for months, although bought some again recently. Want to do more research on it. I originally only took things I couldn't get through food - specifically Ginkgo and Ginseng from Healthspan. I stopped taking both for some time, although I started taking Ginseng again the other day actually. Magnesium I get from Healthspan (Opti-Magensium). Need to research that more, but it contains Magnesium Citrate, Oxide, and Malate. I believe it's Magnesium Oxide that's not very bioavailable or useful, and in standard magnesium supplements. Magnesium need can be addressed by eating lots of leafy greens though, which is much better. I eat plenty of nuts and nut butters too, which are nutrient dense. The other thing I came across recently is using concentrated food supplements. For example vitamin C from Cytoplan: Only 200mg per capsule, but it's just fruit powder and vegetable cellulose capsule shell. But then you could just eat dried tart cherries for example. Or buy the powders yourself in bulk, and make smoothies/drinks, or even fill capsule shells yourself. But for vitamin C you can just eat a kiwi daily and some berries. I tend to put organic lemon juice from Biona in my water too. I do have vitamin C from MyVitamins as well though, and was even having two tablets a day (2g). My understanding was that as we can't synthesise vitamin C ourselves and need to get it from our diet, we really should have quite a bit regularly - especially as it's water soluble. And as its water soluble overdosing isn't a concern. It's a bit of a minefield though. And while I don't go much by Government health recommendations (likely influenced by lobbying - just look at the dominance of dairy and cereal / grains recommendations) it's worth noting the official advice is to supplement with vitamin D, and I can't see how the average person in the UK can get enough (e.g. people that work in an office or building all day). And if you take vitamin D, you must get enough vitamin K to prevent issues. But yeah, a wholefood, nutrient rich diet is the best. Supplementation has its place in modern life though. As always everyone should do their own research and listen to their bodies. Ideally you introduce one supplement at a time if you do, and monitor it. But just don't take vitamin D in isolation of course. And standard advice would be to speak to ones doctor and not go by the ramblings of a random person on the web ;)


The problem with a lot of supplements tho is the additional crap they contain, for example if you’re consuming a supplement with magnesium stearate everyday, you’ll start to accumulate high doses of it in your system, and this may lead to weakness and impair neuromuscular transmission. So while small doses is loosely defined, you have to consider the big picture and how it will all add up each day and every week. Another issue with this additive is that it can be cheaply sourced. As a synthetic additive, it may come from genetically modified cottonseed or canola which are extremely harmful for you health. Then there's a risk of to much of something, for example excessive calcium supplement intake has been associated with a higher risk of kidney and possibly an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and aggressive prostate cancer. Selenium is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth in high doses or for long-term. Taking doses above 400 mcg can increase the risk of developing selenium toxicity. Taking lower doses long-term can increase the risk of developing diabetes. High doses of selenium can cause significant side effects including nausea, vomiting, nail changes, loss of energy, and irritability. Poisoning from long-term use is similar to arsenic poisoning, with symptoms including hair loss, white horizontal streaking on fingernails, nail inflammation, fatigue, irritability, nausea, vomiting, garlic breath odor, and a metallic taste. Selenium might decrease the ability of sperm to move, which could reduce fertility. It can also cause muscle tenderness, tremor, lightheadedness, facial flushing, blood clotting problems, liver and kidney problems, and other side effects. Also poor quality of ingredients can make the supplement highly inefficient leading to a false sense of security about your nutritional health, the magnesium in these tablets for example is near useless as your body won't absorb it in this form. This supplement lists DL-Alpha-Tocopherol, this is synthetic vitamin e rather than natural. I read about a study where men taking synthetic alpha tocopherol had a 17% greater incidence of prostate cancer. My point is that it's very hard to know if you're actually doing yourself a favour by taking supplements like this and I certainly wouldn't criticize someone who chooses not to. I suspect even experts in the field couldn't give you the full story because the the big money companies swallow info that might affect sales and can sway the results of many studies to create perceptions that favour their sales.

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