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Posted 6 October 2022

Over 60's Meal Deal £1 (Soup, Roll & Unlimited Tea + Coffee) - November to December @ Asda Cafe

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Nice deal for the over 60's at Asda

The supermarket is offering those aged 60 and over the chance to enjoy soup, a roll and unlimited tea and coffees for just £1 in any of its 205 cafes all day and every day throughout November and December.

Asda More details at Asda

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Asda has announced a range of new ‘winter warmer’ initiatives to support customers and community groups struggling with the cost-of-living crisis - including offering those aged 60 and over soup, a roll and unlimited tea and coffees for £1 in any of its 205 cafes all day and every day throughout November and December.

The supermarket is also running a ‘Community Cuppa’ campaign in its cafes by creating space for community groups, who may otherwise struggle to meet due to rising energy costs. Spaces will be available on weekdays in November and December from 2pm to 6pm and all community group members who visit will receive unlimited free tea or coffee.
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  1. Avatar
    Absolutely brilliant from Asda, they seem to be the only supermarket helping at the moment as there essential range has taken off really well…Well done ASDA .
    Iceland on a Tuesday are giving anyone over 60 10% off when you shop in store
  2. Avatar
    well done asda Heat
    A shame they're owned by fuel profiteers Euro Garages
  3. Avatar
    Spot on Asda.
    Perhaps Asda could give free soup and a roll to the many homeless people I see outside their stores too?
    The homeless people are unlikely to do their big weekly shop at the same time, so why would they bother?
  4. Avatar
    Nice idea but will no doubt be ab(used) by well off over 60s trying to save a few extra pennies for the stock portfolio.
    Yeah, why not also deny them everything they've paid their dues for, like their State Pensions and NHS care, over their 40-year working lifetimes, often including long unpaid commutes, while you sit in your jim-jams "WFH" for a few minutes a day, moaning if anyone even asks you to think about attending the office once in a blue moon.
  5. Avatar
    "British supermarket opens soup kitchen for elderly" doesn't really have the same ring to it...

    The state on the UK at the minute is embarassing - well done ASDA for this publicity stunt
    Sure the people who will benefit will appreciate it, publicity stunt or not.
  6. Avatar
    Nice gesture from Asda, save on home energy bill too sitting in there for a while with unlimited cups of tea with a chance to socialise.
  7. Avatar
    Cynical marketing ploy to draw people in who normally shop elsewhere, who will then buy stuff at ASDA rather than their normal store.
    Missed the part where ASDA forced them to buy shopping
  8. Avatar
    Nice gesture but doesn't commence til November ending presumably December 31st
    Free soup, roll and unlimited tea or coffee every day for two months.
    Happy to wait
  9. Avatar
    1 find an asda with cafe.
    2 pay £5 to drive to cafe
    3 realise it's cheaper to open a tin art home!
    Or use your free bus pass to get to and from Asda. 
  10. Avatar
    This should be considered age discrimination. I know technically under the equalities act it isn’t… but really winds me up. It’s a cynical attempt to attract affluent older shoppers who will be switching down due to the cost of living. Why can’t they just offer a discount to all customers!
    Why not just give everything away for free
  11. Avatar
    I like the Oasis soup - you getta role with it

    indeed, you getta roll with it
    you gotta take your time
    to pace yourself with the unlimited free tea.
  12. Avatar
    My local Asda removed their cafe and replaced it with a franchise food court so no cafe any more, just overpriced food from "brand names".
    Ours too
  13. Avatar
    What if you're under 60?
    Look for another offer.
  14. Avatar
    My brothers 59 and 60 when this offer commenced so I know where we are going for his birthday treat.
    Thanks Asda!
    Strip club?
  15. Avatar
    But can we stop covering up the fact that this shouldn’t be happening? In doing things like this, we are not holding the government accountable!
  16. Avatar
    Time to put my weathered face and greying hair to good use.
  17. Avatar
    ooooh - Hubby turned 60 last week, he'll be thrilled
    I will be 60 on 22 Oct so something to look forward to
  18. Avatar
    Fill your hot water bottle with free tea before leaving and have toastie toes all night too, win win...
    Attach a straw, wake up in the morning and you've got an instant morning wake up caffeine hit 😁
  19. Avatar
    Unlimited coffee plus elderly equals a long toilet queue but nice of them, free wifi?
    Asda has free wifi
  20. Avatar
    Going to be seeing a lot of 60th birthday parties at Asda cafe for those 2 months lol
    Nevermind that!! Going to see alot of people in their 40's getting faux ID for this!!We could have an undercover gathering of HUKD'ers. Time to get my Zimmer frame out and practice those ollies as part of my disguise.
  21. Avatar
    Positive deal for some but never seen so much whingeing TBH
  22. Avatar
    Wonderful idea shame it's a 36 mile drive to get to one. Heat given though
  23. Avatar
    I identify as 69, bring on the soup!
  24. Avatar
    Oasis Soup. You gotta Roll with it. And a tea or coffee.
  25. Avatar
    Shame they closed our Asda cafe and made it part of the electrics section. HOT though.
  26. Avatar
    My locality asda has got their cafe franchised by costa too!
    How do we find ones with own asda cafes please?
  27. Avatar
  28. Avatar
    fair play
  29. Avatar
    Having recently bought baby food from Asda  that turned out to be out of date for the second time in as many months - and whose customer service rep didn’t give a damn- I wouldn’t be eating in Asda or buying food from there. They show contempt for the law and customers. They have been fined for this numerous times yet still they do it. Just google their fines. 
    Why not check the 'use by' before you buy?
  30. Avatar
    Working for a company getting minimum wage it’s no wonder they don’t give a damn..
  31. Avatar
    Cant seem to find the nearest Asda café. They've loaded all my locals with Mc Donalds!

    Anyway to find out where is the nearest ASDA Café? Their site seems to not come up with any results after i put my postcode in.

    = Asking for Parents
  32. Avatar
    Meanwhile the young get nothing. Supermarkets are ripping people off and this seems quite cynical
  33. Avatar
    Here's the essential bit that's missing. Even more annoyingly, there's no map option to help you find the nearest.…ist
    You don’t know if there’s an Asda near you? Or you just moved house this week?
  34. Avatar
    Some soups aren't a meal?
  35. Avatar
    Will they ID check birthdate when purchasing?
  36. Avatar
    Omg this comment section....
  37. Avatar
    Omg this comment section....

    I don't understand your objection.
  38. Avatar
    well done
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