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Posted 28 September 2022

[PC] Fallout 76, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Total War Warhammer II, LOOM, Horace & more - Free @ Amazon Prime Gaming

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From October 3rd you will be able to claim and keep Fallout 76, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Total War Warhammer II & more (PC) for free via Prime Gaming.

Once claimed, these games will be yours to keep forever - regardless of your Amazon Prime membership status. Offer will expire on October 31st.


Prime Gaming is offering seven free titles in October! From desolate post-apocalyptic lands in Fallout 76 to fantasy battlefields in Total War: Warhammer II, this month’s lineup challenges players to fight their way through the past, present and future.

  • Fallout 76 (MS Store)— 25 years after the bombs that ended the world fell, you and your fellow Vault Dwellers emerge into post-nuclear America to explore a vast decrepit wasteland in this open-world multiplayer addition to the Fallout story.
  • Total War: Warhammer II (Epic Games)Immerse yourself in a breathtaking campaign of exploration, expansion and conquest across a fantasy world in this turn-based civilization management game. Take command of real-time epic strategy battles with thousands of troops and monsters at your command, and make your mark on the world.
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War (GOG)Dive into the magical land of Middle-earth as you forge a new Ring of Power, conquer Fortresses in massive battles and dominate Mordor with your personal orc army in the latest installment of the Middle-earth series.
  • Glass Masquerade: Origins Explore an artistic puzzle game inspired by Art Deco and stained glass artisans of the 20th century. Combine hidden glass pieces to unveil clocks and themes exhibited by various cultures of the world at the ‘International Times Exhibition’, an interactive electronic show.
  • LOOM Explore the Age of the Great Guilds and take on the role of Bobbin, a Weaver boy, as he unravels the mystery of the strange power that has swept the Weavers into oblivion. Blacksmiths, shepherds and clerics have woven their knowledge into the very fabric of reality itself, and it is now up to Bobbin to save his Guild and the universe from an unspeakable catastrophe.
  • Hero’s Hour A fast turn-based strategy RPG with real-time combat, Hero’s Hour allows you to develop your cities and armies, level up your heroes to gain new, powerful spells and skills, and explore the wonders and dangers of procedurally generated maps as you aim to conquer your enemies before they’re able to do the same to take you out.
  • Horace Heralded as one of the best in its class, this huge platforming adventure pushes the boundaries of the genre with the profound story of a small robot learning of life, the universe and Douglas Adams.

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  1. Avatar
    Shadow of War will be available on the 5th.
  2. Avatar
    MVP as always, thanks @merb0786!
  3. Avatar
    The Fallout thing is free dlc is it? Or is it the actual game?
    the game
  4. Avatar
    They really putting f76: the Pitt on there when it says it's free for all players?
    The offer here is for Fallout 76; the wording about The Pitt is there as a supplement to make clear that there's been a significant update.
  5. Avatar
    Does Fallout 76 have a single player campaign now?
    I remember at launch it didn’t have it, no missions at all.
    There are a few main quest lines now - one fairly long one that loops around the map, then additional ones came with some of the major gameworld updates: Wastelanders (added human NPCs and factions), Steel Dawn/Reign (Brotherhood of Steel).

    Almost all of the content in the game can be played solo, with just a few of the endgame missions really designed for groups - when these events are started they send an alert to other players so they can head to it if they want to join in.
  6. Avatar
    This has happen before with a few games i bet Shadow of War will be added tomoro or in a few days ...
  7. Avatar
    Fallout 76 key

  8. Avatar
    Great deal, voted Hot

    Another 3+ games that will live forever in my steam library un-played.
    Sad times, I don't think any of these are going to be Steam redeemable.
    Microsoft store, GOG, Epic and then Amazon's own launcher.
    At least GOG's Galaxy launcher lets you combine all the other stores into something useful.
  9. Avatar
    Fallout 76 must be a steam key? First for prime gaming (edited)
    No, redeemable via MS Store.
  10. Avatar
    Is there a way to install it on steam deck?
    Heroic will allow you to play GOG & epic games, it is the best way IMO. I believe support for Amazon is on the way.

    Otherwise try lutris to play anything else.

    I reckon you could get all these to work on the steam deck - everything I have tried I got to work - even some more obscure stuff although it took a mess about.

    protondb.com is your friend
  11. Avatar
    @merb0786 Hi, I can't see Fallout or Total War available on the platform yet, should they be there already?
    Hi, will be around 5pm later today.
  12. Avatar
    Warhammer nut but never got around to the videyer gaemz. Would seem rude not to now! TY for the tip!
    Fantasy or 40k? If you haven’t tried Final Liberation (Epic 40k) I can highly recommend it. Old and bugged on modern Windows but an excellent game for it's time. Edit - not on this offer but often available reduced from GOG, etc. (edited)
  13. Avatar
    I only wanted shadow of war, I'm not too fussed aboutth rest - does anyone know if it'll appear eventually or has it been removed from this "deal" ?
    ? Look one comment above yours.
  14. Avatar
    Anyone else not seeing Middle-earth: Shadow of War on the list. I have everything else showing there, just not that.
    It will be there in the next few days, Shadow of Mordor last month was the same if I remember right.
  15. Avatar
    If anyone would like Shadow of War, here you go:

    Cheers. I managed to redeem it. Now I just need to complete Shadow of Mordor and get on this.
  16. Avatar
    Fallout 76 - the biggest kick in the nuts to fallout fans in history.
    I recently started playing it again, last time was at launch. Pretty fun in co-op. Just don't expect great quests.
  17. Avatar
    Fallout 76 is great! Ignore the negative comments from people that still hang onto the initial 2018 release... it's a completely different game now.
    I really want to like 76, I loved 1 & 2 for their time, and 3 & NV for the stories, have 4 ready to play once I finish my current playthrough of the Elder Scrolls games, but there seems to be very little love for the latest installment in the Fallout series.
  18. Avatar
    Don't sleep on Horace, lovely game with lots of retro references. Loved Loom on the Amiga too so may revisit that ..
    Played Horace a few years back at EGX, absolute awesome game!
  19. Avatar
    For me - the best part of the free Prime games aren't the big AAA releases. It's the oldies like Loom and Monkey Island
    I already own them but I'm still happy to see them, such brilliant games
  20. Avatar
    Decent freebies 👌 👏
  21. Avatar
    Loom is beautiful and well worth a play
  22. Avatar
    Gotta love this Legacy Games website, everytime i try to redeem my key it either freezes up or fails to load at all.
    I'm pretty sure all the games are casual filler, I've never felt the need to make an account and always leave them unclaimed.
  23. Avatar
    No Shadow of War showing for me
  24. Avatar
    Nice collection this month but is it just me, or is Shadow of War not showing up in the games?48354026-XkQmS.jpg
    Same here
  25. Avatar
    Just bought shadows of war in preparation for my Steam Deck arriving, refund inbound.

    For anyone who can't see it on the promo page it's apparently going live tomorrow
  26. Avatar
    Nice another one great month from Amazon.
  27. Avatar
    I heartily recommend Horace. Brilliant game, especially if you are middle aged and from the UK.
    20gb download...
  28. Avatar
    I mean better quality than the past few months of gamepass and that's a paid rental service..
  29. Avatar
    Wasn't aware this was a thing and just picked up football manager 2022 for free, happy days!
  30. Avatar
    Anything about Prime Day Oct 11-12
  31. Avatar
    Their best month yet, even though I already own TWH2
  32. Avatar
    Great games, just bought shaddow of war on steam last week typical
  33. Avatar
    Hot (though not for FO76). Thankfully there are field of view mods for Shadow of War that fix the super close-up camera (so you can actually see the world you are exploring).
  34. Avatar
    Three titles historically offered via Steamworks and yet Amazon refuse to provide Steam keys. It's infuriating that they don't provide Steam keys.
  35. Avatar
    Thank you OP for ths post @merb0786
  36. Avatar
    Nice one
  37. Avatar
    If you missed out on Horace when Epic gave it away ages ago this is a chance to grab a superbly crafted platformer that's got some lovely humour and a decent emotive storyline.
  38. Avatar
    That legacy games website is a steaming pile of how are they even in business?
  39. Avatar
    I cannot find middle earth :s
    Between Upper Earth and Lower Earth?
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