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Posted 28 October 2023

[PC/Mac/Linux] GOG Collection of Free Games - 50 in total

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I realise that a thread has been done before - for 32 Games iirc, but there seems to have been quite a few more added. I also realise that some have been free for quite some time but others more recently, so if you haven't got any or theres some you havent got, then fill your boots (or backlog of shame :D)

Full list of free Games is as follows:

Ascendant gog.com/en/…ant
Akalabeth: World Of Doom gog.com/en/…oom

Beneath A Steel Sky gog.com/en/…sky
Betrayer gog.com/en/…yer
Bio Menace gog.com/en/…ace

CAYNE gog.com/en/…yne

Dagon: by H.P. Lovecraft gog.com/en/…aft
Daggerfall Unity GOG Cut gog.com/en/…cut
Delores: A Thimbleweed Mini- Adventure gog.com/en/…ure
Dink Smallwood HD gog.com/en/…_hd
Doomdark's Revenge gog.com/en/…nge

Eschalon Book I gog.com/en/…k_i

Fall Of Porcupine Prologue gog.com/en/…gue
Flight Of The Amazon Queen gog.com/en/…een

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game gog.com/en/…ame

Hello Neighbour Alpha Version gog.com/en/…emo
Hellpoint: The Thespian Feast gog.com/en/…ast
Higurashi When They Cry gog.com/en/…shi

Janosik - Highlander Precision Platformer gog.com/en/…sik
Jill Of The Jungle: The Complete Trilogy gog.com/en/…ogy

Loria gog.com/en/…ria
Lure Of The Temptress gog.com/en/…ess

Martial Law gog.com/en/…law

Nomads Of Driftland gog.com/en/…and

OpenTTD gog.com/en/…ttd
Our Life: Beginnings & Always gog.com/en/…ays
Overload - Playable Teaser gog.com/en/…ser

POSTAL: Classic & Uncut gog.com/en/…cut

Quake II RTX

Samorost 1 gog.com/en/…t_1
Sang-Froid: Tales Of Werewolves gog.com/en/…ves
Shadow Warrior Classic Complete gog.com/en/…ete
Shores Unknown: Arrival gog.com/en/…emo
Sin Slayers: The First Sin gog.com/en/…sin
Stargunner gog.com/en/…ner
Sunrider: Mask Of Arcadius gog.com/en/…ius
Symphonia (Student Project, 2020) gog.com/en/…020

Teenagent gog.com/en/…ent
The Darkest Tales - Into The Nightmare
The Elder Scrolls: Arena gog.com/en/…ena
The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall gog.com/en/…all
The Life and Suffering Of Sir Brante - Chapter 1 & 2
The Lords Of Midnight
Treasure Adventure Game
Tyrian 2000

Ultima 4: Quest Of The Avatar gog.com/en/…a_4
Ultima Worlds Of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams gog.com/en/…ams
Urbek City Builder Prologue gog.com/en/…gue

War Wind gog.com/en/…ind
Worlds Of Ultima: The Savage Empire gog.com/en/…ire
GOG More details at
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  1. dvavajiva's avatar
  2. davocc's avatar
    Thanks OP, great listing - you can actually click on each one and it adds them to your cart (which you can check out for free in one hit).
  3. Tel_G's avatar
    Brilliant. Cheers
    thewrecker7477's avatar
    No probs. I had done all the game names in hyperlinks to make it easier but there seems to be a bug within the app that has made them disappear.
  4. DarkoJ's avatar
    What games would you guys recommend?
    MrKrabs's avatar
    Tyrian 2000
  5. Forgottenshopper's avatar
    Thanks Wrecker for all your work on this, and adding the links to the games..
    I have added the few missing links, hopefully..
    thewrecker7477's avatar
    As above. I had put all the games as hyperlinks when creating the thread but after submitting they seemed to disappear and it really ****** me off. It must have taken me half an hour to do the whole thing (think theres a bug in the app) and I wasn't doing it again so one of the team kindly added the links in so kudos to them (edited)
  6. Battenberg's avatar
    Thanks OP, 32 more added to the neverending backlog.
  7. copperspock's avatar
    There were 9 I didn't have. I must be slipping! Cheers!
  8. backyard's avatar
    Transport Tycoon Deluxe Open source has always been free. I bought it when it first came out for £50 in 1994... Which is £100 in today's money. Games today are half the price of what we used to pay.
  9. BigLil's avatar
    Thanks op!
  10. aLV426's avatar
    Thanks for sharing OP!
    Sadly a lot of these recommend a discrete GPU, that rules out my 4th Gen i5 laptop useless.
    I guess it's time I built myslef a newer gaming rig!
    john_n3MU's avatar
    The graphics card represents a key component of any PC. It communicates with the processor and RAM to gather data. It then converts that data into a signal that renders images on the computer’s monitor in real time.
    There are two types of graphics cards: integrated and discrete.
    A discrete graphics card is a separate processing unit inside your computer. This hardware component is a standalone unit that is either connected to a special port on your motherboard or is itself part of the motherboard. The latter is usually the case with laptops.

    The discrete graphics card is separately installed in one of the PCIe slots on the motherboard. It handles all the graphics processing on the computer. This term is an important one for PC-building enthusiasts who are learning about new terminology.

    The two giants in the graphics card industry are AMD and NVIDIA. They collaborate with hardware-manufacturing companies, including ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, and Zotac. These companies design their own discrete graphics cards using their unique chips and architecture.

    Clarification..........hope it helps (edited)
  11. Weldobud's avatar
    That’s brilliant. Thank you.
  12. NuttyS's avatar
    Thanks op!
  13. irishsea's avatar
    Thank you
  14. john_n3MU's avatar
    HOT. Thanks OP.
  15. Screamadelic's avatar
    Thanks OP!
  16. Canopus's avatar
    Looks like I had most of them, but still 14 more to add to the ever growing games to play in my gog library , anyway, thanks and heat added.
  17. elanio's avatar
  18. a-j's avatar
    Worth noting that several of these are demos, but great to know there's a single page listing all the freebies.

    Seven I didn't have, taking my total up to a nice round 128. Can't believe I'd missed TES 1&2.

    I should really try and give them some money for something some time. (edited)
    Skerries's avatar
    mine is at 423 and I think I have only ever paid for one game
  19. Legion's avatar
    Nice list dude! Heat
  20. Schind2k's avatar
    Fantastic work, thank you!
    One day I will get a Steamdeck or similar device and I will now have over 48 games waiting for me!
    waz12345's avatar
    dont wait, they are fantastic...and well priced. Grab one and enjoy the games
  21. FooFighter's avatar
    Thanks OP, great thread very helpful

    Already had them all in my library but never played any however!
  22. rectangularcuboid's avatar
    Looks like i already had 36 of these, got the remaining 14
  23. Eye-Will's avatar
    Another 31 games to add to my backlog. Heat added.
  24. weta46's avatar
    Picked up fourteen games, thank you.
  25. Ashdash2019's avatar
    Thanks op.
  26. sdduk's avatar
    Nice find OP thank you i did get some.
  27. JonDOnnis's avatar
    This is great, thanks
  28. lucyferror's avatar
    Thank you
  29. Jessie72's avatar
    Thank you
  30. Butlerboy's avatar
    Thanks wrecker7477, your effort is much appreciated
  31. knl1990's avatar
    Thanks . Heat added. Most should work with the steam deck . What's the deal with GWENT ? Can't add it to my basket
    a-j's avatar
    Free to play game by the same peeps that run GOG.
  32. Opanious's avatar
    Thanks 12 more to My games list on GoG , How I'm ever gonna play them all I don't know ??
  33. Sylar2023's avatar
    I already have them, but they never change them.
  34. buliztik's avatar
    Quake 2 RTX?
  35. xenophon's avatar
    Wow, some that take me back to my Spectrum and Amiga days!
  36. xenophon's avatar
    Anybody played the Urbek City Builder Prologue? Like the look of it but sounds like it's just an introduction.
  37. superstarbj1's avatar
    I’m always adding these free games to my accounts so if I’m the future I get a decent pc I’ll have hundreds of games to play day 1 if I don’t I haven’t lost anything -
  38. PurpleRain21's avatar
    WHat is special about these games? Never heard them before??
    john_n3MU's avatar
    'cause u never had a basic Amstrad 64,,,,,joking..these are mostly chunkies anyway...
  39. Happy_Merchant's avatar
's avatar