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Posted 21 June 2023

Portable Power Bank Charger 10000mAh 22.5W Fast Charging PD3.0 QC4.0 USB C in/Out Four Colours - £9.99 @ JNT UK Official / Amazon

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Spec looks good, worth a punt for a tenner, can return as it is prime

About this item
  • 【JONKUU's confidence 】Our factory was established in 2005, high quality (we have a three-year warranty) and competitive price and enthusiastic service are our magic weapon to win!
  • 【22.5W High speed output 】Combined with the most advanced PD 3.0 & QC 4+ fast charging technologies, JONKUU 22.5W power bank can incredibly fast fuel your new iPhone from 0 to 54-60%% in 30mins, 2X faster than traditional 2.4A chargers.
  • 【Super thin and super compact】The capacity of 10000mAh is stored in an incredibly slim body that is 30% thinner, 10% smaller, 20% lighter than its kinds. You can easily take it anywhere without feeling bulky and heavy.
  • 【Super compatibility power bank】 Our products are compatible with almost all mobile phones, we are also compatible with heating vests and some smart wear
  • 【Warranty and Support】If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours. JONKUU is a registered trademark, we are committed to providing you with the ideal of high quality products and services.

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  1. RFC1795's avatar
    The issue I see with that Amazon listing, is that the reviews are against a different version of what is being sold now. Look at the images people have posted, they're not the same as what the seller is now selling. I see this quite often and unless there are very recent reviews which might be indicative of the review being for the current version, I tend to skip over it. It's like the seller is piggy backing off old reviews basically to try create a sense of trust or whatever.

    For example, I bought some basin taps just a month ago, if I go to order a history, click product link as if I want to buy the same, the current listed taps don't even look remotely the same.
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Sometimes they do it to con people into buying a product that seems better than it really is.
    Other times they do it because it's a lot easier than creating a whole new listing for a very similar product.
  2. Mr_Chondo's avatar
    Can this be charged whilst it's being used?
    JC7's avatar
    Yes you can charge the bank whilst charging another device, but very slowly. Good for charging several devices overnight
  3. twisted89's avatar
    Any time you see weird brackets used in the description you know its a top tier, quality Chinese product.
    inc's avatar
    I'm looking for a battery that can incredibly fast fuel my iPhone, so why would I look beyond JONKUU?

    High quality and competitive price and enthusiastic service are their magic weapon to win you know.
  4. BigStart's avatar
    230g is too bulky for jacket pocket / jeans, for 10k mah best to keep it under 200g so its slim.

    one full charge of 4000-5000mah mobile battery more than enough, convenience and portability the entire point of this form factor.

    If you want more Mah go for a 26000 flight friendly powerbank, it will be good for 3-5 charges, it will go in your backpack not a pocket. (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    The heavier the better, more likely it will have the right amount of mAh in there
  5. aLV426's avatar
    Sadly it appears once again that Northern Ireland looses out:
    This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. Please choose a different delivery location.
    Seriously - you can ship it all the way from China to the UK - but your definition of the UK does not include Northern Ireland?
    hgthompson's avatar
    Don't worry, you're not missing anything - Mine arrived today - cheap tat, will be going back.
  6. wakkaday's avatar
    What is a good light weight one ?
    Dodge62's avatar
    Nitecore NB10000 amazon.co.uk/gp/…SZG

    I suppose you want cheap as well as good and light weight? Choose any two...
  7. Skillz's avatar
    Do you use the Type C to charge it?
    Toomsey's avatar
    Based on the picture, yes.

    Says 20W max input for type C.
  8. johncrawford's avatar
    Looks a great price for fast charge and decent capacity/weight
    Any "deal" recommendations for a 45w power bank for steam deck?
    yeababyyea's avatar
    Any good 40% off voucher at the min.

    VEGER Power Bank 25000mAh, 130W Fast Charging USB C Portable Charger, PD QC 3.0 Battery Pack with 4 Outputs Compatible with iPhone/Samsung Series Phones, iPad,Tablet, MacBook, Dell, AirPods,and More amzn.eu/d/6…dqy
  9. dergal's avatar
    Hmm - people saying it is heavy - I love one of these and its 20% off meaning £16 - I have two of these actually - amazon.co.uk/VEG…FBV
  10. ha9ap's avatar
    I brought this power bank and after a few uses it over heated and some smoke appeared. I then purchased a more popular brand called INIU which is more money but its really good with loads of decent reviews
  11. zackkr's avatar
    Does have shares in lithium and cobalt mines with all the power banks he shares?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    yep, just call me Roman Abramoswitch
  12. bfam's avatar
    Not heard of this brand. Best to go with a known and reputable Chinese brand in my opinion.

    Heat regardless
  13. forcedv's avatar
    Any 65w powerbank bargains out there?
    dps's avatar
    Amazon B08ML1PHB2 - has a 15% voucher.
  14. Clay92's avatar
    If its good enough for it's good enough for me! (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Looks good to me. You are able to return, so hassle free really I think
  15. FRESHHHH's avatar
    The reviews are not great.
    nigelbutler's avatar
    Always check the most recent reviews.... In this case they are positive
  16. hatot's avatar
    Bought thanks
  17. nigelbutler's avatar
    Yeah I think this is a good deal . Fast charge 10000mah pd for £10 is decent nowadays
    gen271674's avatar
    Is it? Got 20000mah for £12 from Amazon. Surely that's more decent
  18. MaZSuPeR's avatar
    remember to charge and discharge at least three times to get the full capacity useage
    leondas's avatar
    There is no need for lithium-ion batteries. Just urban legend. It was valid for NiCD batteries long time ago. Lithium-ions just need 1 full discharge and full charge in every 1-3 month depends on its usage. With more frequently use just do this method once a month to recalibrate the battery and get valid discharge diagnostics
  19. CMoore23's avatar
    Bought for a mate who is always asking to charge their phone or vape at mine or in the car
    nsdfknojansd's avatar
    And he will still ask you after recording this as a gift
  20. stephenpg's avatar
    Worth a try , can always return .
  21. G.Force's avatar
    Mine came today and full of scratches, looks like they have been used 
  22. acm20001's avatar
    this most likely wont even be close to 10,000mah
    Trekman_1970's avatar
    I can charge my A52S with a 4500mah battery to 80% Twice which is a theoretical 72% real availability using this charger. Bought it last week, think thats quite good. (edited)
  23. Trekman_1970's avatar
    I can charge my Samsung A52S 80% Twice with this pack @100% which I think is good for £10 and it charges fast.
    So that means a 'real' capacity of 7200mah.
  24. SPLE22's avatar
    I never buy 4 star reviewed products from amazon
  25. Jonnyblock's avatar
    Do any of the power bank deals come with a mains charger included?
  26. mcivoronline's avatar
    This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. Please choose a different delivery location.
  27. KiNG's avatar
    This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. Please choose a different delivery location.
  28. montresor's avatar
    Does this use the proper fast charge & whack up the voltage to 9-10 volt, as genuine QC 3 chargers do
  29. chrisgeller's avatar
    So if it's really 10000mAh, it should easily charge up my P30 Pro and my husband's P30, especially now they're getting on a bit and don't have their original capacities. Do you think it'll be able to?
    Clay92's avatar
    If the two phones capacities are under 10,000 then should do
  30. Spartan_992's avatar
    i never leave home without my trusty JONKUU
  31. Iqqy22's avatar
    Which is a good power bank 4 a flip 3 that I can charge for at least twice.
    Battery goes on these like ever so quick.
  32. rowlystravel's avatar
    i can feel the confidence
  33. crinklecutnose's avatar
    Is that dark part all screen? what else is going on on that screen apart from the percentage of charge? Curious and curiouser.
  34. donny's avatar
    • 【JONKUU's confidence 】Our factory was established in 2005, high quality (we have a three-year warranty) and competitive price and enthusiastic service are our magic weapon to win!

  35. doughnutman's avatar
    I wonder what ther company's "weapon to win" strategy is?

    .... no wait I see it
  36. ashraf86uk's avatar
    This don’t look like it has a 10,000 capacity
  37. leondas's avatar
    Be aware with this 22.5w ability. If your phone or tool charges at 22.5 (which is so rare) you can get the fastest charging speed. Otherwise (98% of time) the charging speed will reduce to the next level which is usually 18w. Or 15w. Depends on equipment. Still not slow but definitely takes two or 3 times longer to get full battery than with original wired charger.
    I also have chinese noname portable battery but never ever again....after 6 months of occasional use the usb-port got lose so now it does not detect the cable many times.
    The built quality especially the soldering inside of these are horrendous. (edited)
    JC7's avatar
    I have the S22 Ultra and it definitely charges at 22.5w
  38. pantaiema's avatar
    Is it supplied with USB C cable ??
    Clay92's avatar
  39. Andi-C's avatar
    Forgot to say I bought yesterday and delivered today. It's on charge at the moment... Won't get used until Saturday !

    Mine looks new (unlike others).
  40. Andi-C's avatar
    Mines dead !
's avatar