Powerstar Golf FREE on Xbox One

Powerstar Golf FREE on Xbox One

Found 22nd May 2014
Just came across this, Powerstar Golf is now free on Xbox One, follow the link to sign in and purchase for nowt!


EDIT: It has come to my attention that this is not what it seems, whilst the game is free, Zoë Mode have essentially made this game a free to play title which involves paying for the full game if you want full access (courses, multiplayer, etc). Therefore this is now what could be taken as a glorified demo with limited access.


cheers mate, works

Nice, wonder if its a glitch or not

No its just really, really bad.

I disagree - I really enjoyed it.

Well worth a look.

Awesome! Thanks

I've never even heard of this. Can't beat free though. Thanks Jim Bob Beers

Good find have some heat

heat added. Excellent find.

First Free Games with Gold game?


First Free Games with Gold game?

Max curse of the Brotherhood and Halo Spartan Assault is in June. unfortunately I have both so this makes it feel a little bit better.

Thank you


Thanks - free game is always good, esp next gen !!

Thanks as never would have know.
Was thinking of buying this but as it's free will get it now

Thanks op.

A free Xbox One game is a free Xbox One game...gift horses and all that. Downloaded, golf games are some of the only games the wife will play.

Cheers OP

Nice find it has fairly good reviews too. Was £16

I don't even have an Xbox One but I "bought" it anyway.

Nice one. Heat added.

nice heat added cheers for this


Heat added thanks.

Bought it for when I get around to buying an Xbox One...

Great find mate. HEEAAATT!

They have added paid DLC so this might not be a mistake

Cheers chum! looks like it worked a treat!

Thanks! Heated.

Sell it to CEX for 0.000000000001p.... PURE PROFIT!!

thanks a free game is a free game whether its good or not lol

Thanks! Can't say no to free

Just looked into this and it's not as good as it first seems. It's gone free to play, and apparently only one course is available with the rest all being additional purchases.

Edit: Yep, each "Game Pack" costs £4.79 each and unlocks a new course and character. Your first "game pack" purchase will unlock all the game features, such as being able to unlock achievements. It's basically the same model as Killer Instinct. It's pretty much a demo. There's 4 Game Packs in total, meaning it will now cost nearly £20 for all 4 packs, whereas the game itself was originally only £16
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just had a look

it is now F2P....

for local MP you have to pay £4.79 min, that opens up one course, 5 courses each £4.79 or £15.99 for everything

aha was just posting this (i did search but nothing came up!) then it said its was a dupe!

good deal hot hot hot


aha was just posting this (i did search but nothing came up!) then it … aha was just posting this (i did search but nothing came up!) then it said its was a dupe!good deal hot hot hot

It isn't if you read the 2 comments above

yeah you think im gonna read all these comments when ive already got the game and was gonna post it my self i just came to say i was about to post it. either way hes got heat for it

is there no online MP?

Wow they would give away good stuff and make the Xbox One better since I sold mine twice already.
smh I hate MS

Hot though for whoever owns one.

Hot!!! now i have 2 games for my xbox one i bought in Jan

Great find. Thanks. :-)

Article on XboxAchievements.comhere. It's offically gone Free-To-Play and more expensive than originally was
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