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ProBreeze 30L Smart-Enabled Compressor Dehumidifier £179.99 @ Pro Breeze

£179.99£229.9922% off
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Rated 81% by Which? making it one of their highest rated.

Drawbacks are it's heavy at 17kg (but has wheels) and noisy at max power (like most).

Pros are that it's very effective, even in colder temps, energy efficient, and not too noisy on lower settings.

I just opened the Ecoair dessicant dehumidifier that I bought but if I'd seen this I'd probably have gone for it instead.

30 Litres Per Day: Removes up to 30L of water per day with low energy consumption in temperatures between 5ºc and 32ºc.

Free Smart App & Digital Control Panel: View your room’s current humidity, set a target humidity and select from 3 operating modes.

Reduce Clothing Drying Time: A great way to absorb moisture in the air when drying your clothes. Offering a reliable & cost-effective boost to all your laundry-drying needs.

Costs as little as 24 p/hour to run: Our energy-efficient dehumidifier has been designed to automatically shut off once it has reached your desired humidity level.

3 Operating Modes: Select between Auto, Turbo and Continuous dehumidification modes.

Smart Dehumidification: Save energy and optimise performance by creating an on/off schedule using the operating mode you need via the app.

Automatic Humidity Sensor: Set your desired room humidity between 35%-85%. Once this level is reached, the compressor will turn off to conserve energy.

Large Water Tank: The large 3L water tank triggers an auto shut-off once full. Use the continuous drainage hose included for uninterrupted use.
Pro Breeze More details at Pro Breeze
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  1. Avatar
    Bought this last night, which reviews recon it was in line with the Meaco’s but fractional cost. All the pros you would expect with the only cons being around the weight of the thing, very heavy
    700 watts and 48 dB. Meaco 25 is about 270 watts and 42 dB, so there is quite a difference. I keep hunting for arete 25, but they are out of stock everywhere. I don't count on any good offer anymore 😞
  2. Avatar
    I was going to buy this until I read 715W power usage which is not very energy efficient even for a large unit
    That does seem high for a compressor model.
  3. Avatar
    I've got in the INVMate II which is similar price. Works a treat!
    Also integrates easily in Home Assistant
  4. Avatar
    24p hour for a compressor based is very bad. Especially given its efficiency is 20 degrees.

    Seems cheap for a 30l for a reason.

    Not sure this is very efficient in running costs to performance especially with today's prices, best thing is doesn't need to be used as much during winter unless using it for clothes drying which you would buy a dessicant for that.

    Plus just saw comments about its very inaccurate sensor so this will be running and wasting electric when it's not even needed
  5. Avatar
    24p per hour? So £5.76 per day?

    Nah, you're fine thanks.
    Are you intending to run yours 24 hours a day ?
  6. Avatar
    Thanks OP.
    Is this better than the Meaco’s?
    And can you connect this with Alexa? (edited)
    I guess it's hard to say vs all Meacos. I'm going by Which?, which is not the last word, but they rate this better than the Meaco Arete 20, but just under the Arete 25. I'd say it's hard to go wrong with any of them, but the Meacos are very hard to find in stock! And at this price I'd just do it.

    I haven't seen any mention of Alexa for this one. I believe they have their own app. I think that Electriq might have some that work with Alexa / Google.
  7. Avatar
    My probreeze dehumidifier humidity sensor is always 15 to 20 % higher than the actual room humidity. At least judging from my Dyson and Mila Cares device readings. Which makes it tricky to use sometimes. Set the humidity lower, it'll be on all day while humidity drops to below 44%. Set it a bit higher, it jumps on and off. Not sure if it has a faulty humidistat.

    So far great in dehumidifying, wish it has a more accurate sensor.
    Which? claim that this one has an accurate humidistat. Not that they're the gospel, but I think that their testing is at least pretty structured.
  8. Avatar
    Inventor EVA ION PRO Wi-Fi 20L Dehumidifier,"Which?" Awarded, Wi-Fi, Ioniser for Healthy Air, Laundry Drying, 24-Hour Timer, Continuous Drainage Smart Low Energy Consumption. (WEE/MM0449AA) amzn.eu/d/g…KCX best bang for buck wattage etc. Brilliant purchase
    I got the inventor eva ion pro 20l last Christmas from Amazon for £159 and it’s great dehumidifiers. 
  9. Avatar
    Very expensive to run.
  10. Avatar
    Just checked and Ebac 4650 is 190w, it was more money to buy but at long run it should save money
  11. Avatar
    What about Ebac, I done decent research and they are very reliable, uk based from 2 to 5 years warranty depend on model you choose, I gone for 4650 and must say very impressed so far.
    Get the longest warranty you can, have had 4, at least 2 sent back for repair.
  12. Avatar
    My DC202 20L compressor uses 290w from the wall on high so this seems pretty high wattage. I was going to look for a more energy efficient one but whilst I saw one 20L use 260w it seems mine isn't too bad. (edited)
  13. Avatar
    I’m in the same spot as you I got an eco air dd1 also but nice spot!
  14. Avatar
    I'm new to Dehumidifiers but bit the bullet and went for Ebac 4850 from Argos. Its been running 24/7 for the last 4 days and chugs out 3.5L everyday which I empty every night before going to bed.

    I have set the target RH to 45% but mine seems to be hovering around 60%-70%. How long does it usually take to bring the humidity down from 70% to 45%?

    It's doing something as I need to empty it every night and keeping my windows free of condensation. A few of my windows used to get a bit of condensation but they're all now bone try in the mornings.

    PS: According to my TP-Link Tapo smart plug, it costs me approx £1 a day (running 24/7) to run this bad boy. But once my humidity hits my 45% target then hopefully it won't be running 24/7 so less expensive to run than it is now. (edited)
    I'd say don't try to get to 45%. In my situation you'd have to have it on full whack all the time to achieve that result. If you raise the Rh to say 55 or whatever see if that gets the results you want.
  15. Avatar
    Wow never knew about WiFi units... Very handy for my kids loft bedroom save me having to keep reminding them to stick it on.
    Sorry so to recap whats cheapest most economical to run unit under £200 please to recap
  16. Avatar
    Does anyone have experience of using a PIV (positive input ventilator) unit? Just wondering how it compares to a dehumidifier. I'd much have something hidden away in the attic, rather than a bulky unit in a room.
    Not much help, but I can't get over the fact that you're pumping cold air into your house, I know it can be heated,but there's another expense.
    I know some people swear by them, so you will be best off doing more research. I can see one benefit, if you had a home which wasn't used often (second home) then that would be a great way of keeping it aired . (edited)
  17. Avatar
    Noisy for a bedroom?
    My Ebac 4850 produces 44db noise and it sounds like a mini fridge when on smart settings, low fan noise. It can get pretty noisy if you put it on high fan speed. So probably not ideal for a bedroom if you don't like such noises while you are asleep. (edited)
  18. Avatar
    I bought the meaco Zambezi dessicant dehumidifier a few days ago....best bit of kit I've ever bought.....wife raving about it's laundry mode......it's also a which best buy.....I went for it over the pro breeze as it uses 300w on low & 600w on high so more efficient and it has all sorts of smart technology to be efficient. Drys laundry in no time & placed in hallway at night on a timer and not a bead of condensation in any of the bedrooms
    i thought the dessicant ones use a lot more power over the fridge type ones - well, mosty of the comments are suggesting that
  19. Avatar
    Was tempted but I see on the Amazon reviews the fan is always running on this even when it’s reached the desired humidity it’s implied that’s not the case with others
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