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Posted 19 January 2023

Bravely Default ll Nintendo Switch Game - £14.99 Free Collection (Limited Locations) @ Argos

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Four heroes, four crystals – one legendary adventure! Lead your party on a journey through five kingdoms as you seek to return the Crystals to their rightful home. Use Asterisks to unlock jobs and abilities that will allow you to take on all manner of monsters, and be sure to use the brave and default commands to manage the delicate balance of risk and reward! The world is in crisis. Floods, rising temperatures, nature gone out of control – the theft of the crystals threatens all living things.

Follow our protagonist Seth, as well as his companions Gloria, Elvis and Adelle, as they travel across the vibrant land of Excillant. Harness their combined powers to defeat the fiends who stole the crystals, and quell the chaos that threatens to tear the realm asunder!

With its brave and default system, Bravely Default ll puts a unique twist on the turn-based RPG formula, by allowing players to go all-in on attacks at the cost of future turns, or adopt a defensive stance in order to bank turns for later use. A balance between playing it safe or adopting a riskier strategy must be struck in order to prevail against the huge variety of enemies you'll encounter.

Collect Asterisks – magical artefacts that grant your party access to brand new jobs – and customise your party to create the ultimate fighting team. Explore the luscious landscapes of Excillant, chat with its quirky inhabitants and grow into a true band of heroes!
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  1. ohmygod2006's avatar
    Thankyou, i didn't even see this til now and you just saved me from searching for stock at argos. Ordered for tomorrow.
  2. iain_k's avatar
    amazon are price matching now too
    Stormpooper's avatar
    £24.14 for me?
  3. ojste's avatar
    Mega deal if you can find it in stock!
    Frank30uk's avatar
    That is the only problem
  4. deleted2889898's avatar
    All showing stock.

    Hankridge Farm


    Cardiff Thornhill
    Talbot Green
  5. bloooo's avatar
    Some in kilburn
  6. Smithers6's avatar
    Some in Guiseley and Bradford showing for me
  7. Teabag28's avatar
    There's a demo on eshop if anyone needs to try before they buy , heat added
  8. Lukus's avatar
    None near Luton/ MK, closest is Corby
  9. Stormpooper's avatar
    Some in Chard if anyone needs it.
  10. paTherion's avatar
    Just got one in Newtownabbey/NI. Thanks a lot

    (I see there's at least one each in Cookstown and Ballymena stores). (edited)
    CMAC1986's avatar
    Ah would have loved to get one from Argos in abbeycentre .
  11. dealermac's avatar
    Fantastic game.

    Pasting in a (slightly updated) version of my comment from the £20 Amazon deal, as lots of people seemed to appreciate it.

    "I took a chance on [this] for £20 as I'd heard good things, but was always really put off by the slightly juvenile / kawaii art style. But having played 20 odd hours now, I'll readily admit I was really wrong about it.

    At about 10 hours in I hit that point I so often get to with JRPGs where was unsure of how it was going to pan out. I was really enjoying it, but hit the first major boss, and it took me 7 or 8 attempts to beat him. I'd basically fought every enemy up to that point, and found it nicely balanced so far (I was actually able to beat the boss, so that's something) but had a few concerns the difficulty curve might start climbing to the point where it's requiring me to grind for grinding's sake. That's normally the point where I quit a JRPG. Fortunately, it turns out I just hadn't got my head around all of its mechanics at that point, and once I had, it got easier.

    Behind its seemingly simple looks are a surprisingly deep and complex battle system, which is quite unique, and which make it quite involved and strategic. Like if you block, you gain an additional turn, and you can borrow up to 3 turns in the future. So you can actually hit an enemy 4 times, and end up on -3 turns. That's great if you finish the enemy off with those 4 turns, but if you don't, then your character is left defenceless for 3 turns, or at very least, at the mercy of other party members to heal them. It's a great system, but took a while to get my head around how to use it in boss battles.

    It's also very job based. So every character has a primary and secondary class, which effect their stats, but you only ever level up the primary. So to get strong rounded characters, you need to rotate the roles they play once in a while. That adds tons of depth to it, but it takes some mental adjustment, and I don't think I'm 100% there, even after 20 hours.

    Couple the above with the fact that you can use permanent buffs from job classes you aren't using any more, and you've got a huge amount of scope for mixing and matching. So you might get to a certain level as a vanguard, and get a buff which makes you hit harder, but then switch to a black mage + monk, but still use the vanguard's buff while no longer a vanguard. Oh, and any character can be any class or combination of classes. The scope for setting up your party is ridiculously varied. It doesn't really overwhelm for those not into that stuff, but I can see why people who are really driven by that really love it.

    Note: I've not played the first game, but understand that's a totally separate story, so not at all a requirement."


    Update: I kept going, and it took me just over 60 hours to finish. There are a few red herring "not the true" endings, but those are easy to spot.

    Throughout the 60-odd hour campaign, I found it really well levelled, and I never really had to grind to progress (though I did do quite a lot of non-essential tasks and battles along the way). Full disclosure, the story isn't especially strong, but the job-class systems work really well, and right to the end I was still mixing and matching, and trying new combinations. Even without an especially strong narrative, the game was engaging and fun for a full 60 hours.

    It's actually the first traditional long form JRPG I've seen through to the end in over 20 years (FFX in 2001) so that speaks volumes. Long and short, if you're into old school JRPGs, give this a go! 🔥

    Oh, and if you can't get stock for £15, £20 is still a fantastic price for this amount of great game. (edited)
  12. J_Staunton's avatar
    Good old HUKD wild goose chase
  13. lenus337's avatar
    Got a copy before Christmas for £20 from Amazon which was a good deal so this is a great price. Hopefully one day I'll actually play the game
    Tireeq's avatar
    Same here lol. Went to boot it up yesterday and instead continued with my pokemon violet endgame clear up. The thought of another 60+ hour campaign is scary to start haha
  14. Richiejohn's avatar
    Stock is an issue as with most Argos deals but it's a great game at double the price
  15. largeypool's avatar
    Managed to get one at my local 👌👌👌 thanks.
  16. Xtranathor's avatar
  17. TokyoGhoul's avatar
    Ordered. Cheers OP 😁
  18. Bokko's avatar
    Managed to get the last one at Rochdale, thanks
  19. Ste10001's avatar
    Picked this up locally, thanks op
  20. fell123's avatar
    Great game and cheapest I've seen it
  21. kyeung's avatar
    Lowest price yet. Hot
  22. Awbery's avatar
    Out of stock unfortunately, great price though!!
  23. DaveVII's avatar
    Available at Bristol Imperial Park
  24. UkBrighty's avatar
    Thanks OP £13,49 with staff discount
  25. IxisNaugus's avatar
    None near me, sadly. But heat for anyone who can grab a copy. Fantastic price!
  26. liltman's avatar
    Great price, this price on PC please!
  27. j8te1's avatar
    4 left in Rochdale.
  28. cbatbh's avatar
    in stock in soton totton
  29. lancerhnj's avatar
    Is the first one required playing?
    Tireeq's avatar
    I don't think so outside of the returning mechanics. This is meant to be like the final fantasy series where each number is a new world entirely
  30. Nezben's avatar
    Snagged this when it was £20 a while back.
    Not even started it yet.
  31. Skoot34's avatar
    Stock near me, that's a pleasant surprise. Thanks (edited)
    whatupdog's avatar
    Glad to help
  32. dan_uk's avatar
    Dagenham got stock if you're nearby.
  33. robw_123's avatar
    There's stock at Bromsgrove if of any use to anyone.
  34. FreebieJeebie's avatar
    Would curry's price match?
  35. Andrew_Rigby's avatar
    Available at Rochdale Argos for anyone nearby
  36. Seanspeed's avatar
    It's so seemingly random which Nintendo-system games will get cheaper over time.
  37. Dan-san's avatar
    Managed to get one 6 miles away in macclesfield.. thanks op
  38. comradboris's avatar
    Just checked. I forgot I already have this in ma stash. Big stash. Will never play everything.
  39. Kenjiin's avatar
    Picked it up from Canterbury Argos yesterday afternoon. Looks like they still have stock.
  40. dvavajiva's avatar
    Thanks OP. Just got one in Wishaw. The next available still shows in Lanark if anyone lives nearby (Lanarkshire, Scotland).
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