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Posted 5 August 2023

Ritter Sport Orange Chocolate 100g - Plymouth

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Ritter orange sport 100g for 29p found in Plymouth farmfoods with about 30 or so bars on the shelf.

Like most farmfoods this will be national if in stock.

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  1. hugekebab's avatar
    I got badly addicted to these in Germany. Like the German Alan Partridge.
    Crossbow's avatar
    What was your fave/s? Did you bring back the addiction to the UK?
  2. lindy526's avatar
    This is really nice . I bought some the other month when it was reduced in herons. Not being a sweet chocolate lover l found with the dark chocolate this wasn't too sickly sweet.
    Crossbow's avatar
    Yeah, dark chocolate always makes things taste better as more real chocolate & lower sugar+milk content.
  3. deleted2810965's avatar
    Ritter Sport is a well known and high quality chocolate brand from Germany.this price is a bargain.
  4. xxbluedragonxx's avatar
    At last a reason for sport. Fitness chocolate!
  5. Sully1's avatar
    I always wanted a yoghurt ones and it's crazy that I cannot find them anywhere.
  6. hartleyhare2020's avatar
    Five Alive!!
  7. Bird68's avatar
    Stop saying Five Alive!
    hartleyhare2020's avatar
    It is the humour.
  8. 1duck's avatar
    These are grim, got them when they were this price a few months back. They are a bit like the orange creams from roses rather than Terry's chocolate orange. Wish I'd found that out before I bought 6 of them.

    The other Ritter sports were also the same price the biscuit one was really nice, the mint one was spearmint so tasted like toothpaste squirted in the middle.
    jamie60509's avatar
    So the fact that you failed to read the packaging to understand what was inside is the fault of the product? It has never been marketed as a Terry's chocolate orange type thing...
  9. jamie60509's avatar
    Ooh! They're 79p in ours and that was a good deal!
  10. JackBauer123's avatar
    First time seen chocolate and sport being advertised synergistically
    bozo007's avatar
    The "Sport" bit is about the square shape that makes it convenient to be carried in a pocket.
  11. lozmeister's avatar
  12. copystuff's avatar
    Tried two different farmfoods none there staff said it was 3 weeks ago when they had them (edited)
  13. plymouthgal's avatar
    Managed to get 4 in Plymouth yesterday, thank you
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