Posted 6 February 2023

Salter Dual/Double Basket Pro Air Fryer 7.4l 2400w £113.99 Delivered @ Studio (£108.50 via app)

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About this deal

In stock and ready for dispatch.

5% discount off your first order via the app

If you are happy to take the hit on your credit rating you can get £20 off this item.

Almost Ninja equalling 2400w power on this but it maxes out at 210c as opposed to 240c on the Ninja(which is approx £90 more expensive).

3 year warranty (2nd & 3rd year on registration)

Product description
Cook healthier meals for the whole family using the Dual Air Fryer from Salter. Featuring a generous family sized 7.4 litre capacity across two independent cooking chambers; this extra-large air fryer can make double portions and cook different food ready to serve at the same time. With an impressive 2400W and perfect for family cooking, this twin cook fryer has 6 cooking functions with pause, resume sync and match features to ensure identical cooking times and temperatures.

Save 64% off energy bills using this dual air fryer when comparing the energy used to cook a chicken in a 1.8 kW electric oven.

The adjustable temperature and 60 minute timer gives you control over each compartment allowing you to cook different foods together.

The sync and match cook functions allow both compartments to be ready at the same time with a temperature pause and resume function.

A healthy alternative to deep-frying, this Dual Air fryer requires little to no oil, keeping the same great taste for all the family.

A cooking chart and selection of recipes is included for cooking a variety of meat, fish and vegetables as well as bread and cakes.
In-store availability, prices and promotions may vary from those online.
Salter combines precision design with a strong family ethic to create products that enhance your lifestyle
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    Does anyone have experience with this model? Are both the draws the same size? Can the tray be cleaned easily? And most importantly what is Studio like with returns as Airfryers can be a bit fragile? 
    I’ve got this one. Trays are cleaned easily although I tend to line each one with tinfoil or grease proof before cooking most things which means I don’t have to clean as often. The trays in each drawer have silicone feet, I assume to stop them scratching the bottom of the drawer but they all broke off within a couple of uses which was a bit naff but they’re not really necessary. That aside, I’d recommend it. It’s quite big but I keep it out on my side anyway because I use it every single day. Hardly use the oven at all now. Was a bit sceptical beforehand that it might be a cupboard dust collecter but I have to admit it’s bloody brilliant! I’d like a second one really as it’s not quite big enough to feed a family of 4 depending on what I’m cooking. I’d switch out my 2 full size ovens for 2 of these if I could.
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    8% cashback for new customers on topcashback
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    Can you change the tempature ?
    On the airfry option no, stays on 210. But if you select anything else yes. I'm assuming the manual setting is the same as airfry (please correct me if I'm wrong) and you can change the manual temp.
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    We've been dithering about getting an Air fryer. The £20 off code worked paying by card not Studio credit so I thought £93.99 including delivery was pretty good, and not much better around at the moment.
    Blimey, you got a good deal without applying for a credit account.
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    Not the best, but still something, no credit check
    49532222_1.jpg (edited)
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    This particular model for £94 - deserves to be hotter. (edited)
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    Tiny trays
    We have the 7.6l Ninja dual so these baskets are only 0.1l smaller and we have regularly cooked whole chickens up to 1.8kg in one of the baskets.

    The fact the baskets are rectangular in shape makes them far more useable compared to the normal round shape of single basket air fryers IME. (edited)
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    Picked one up in Asda for £58 last week
    Why didn't you post it as a deal?
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    I think its the same model, £110.00 in Argos, but also £95.00 at kettle and toaster man (i have never shopped with them so cannot say if they are good or not.

    They sell graded products so not new.
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