Unfortunately, this deal has expired 3 August 2023.
Posted 19 July 2023

Samsung EVO Select Micro Sd card 512GB - £27.99 / 256GB - £13.99 / 128GB - £8.99

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About this item
  • Samsung EVO Select 512GB microSDXC UHS-I U3 130MB/s Full HD & 4K UHD Memory Card inc. SD-Adapter (MB-ME512KA/EU

All the space you need
The smarter choice. Enhanced speed and compatibility deliver dependable performance. Huge capacity lets you store tons of media on your phone, load your handheld console with games, or download more apps on your tablet. Top-notch speed makes transfers seamless with trusted reliability.

Fast and smoothTackle big tasks with ease. Even with huge files, the EVO Select is reliably quick with superfast U3, class 10 rated transfer speeds of up to 130MB/s.¹ ² Big apps load and run smoothly, while 4K video stays flawless with A2, V30, and UHS-I Interface.³ 4

Expand and store big
Free your phone from limits. Find your perfect fit from 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, or an enormous 512GB. With so many sizes, all your needs are fully covered. No more worrying about storage—there's space for all your memories.5 6 7 8 9
You're fully protected
6-proof peace of mind. The EVO Select takes on life’s adventures with water10, temperature11, X-ray12, magnet13, drop14, and wearout15-proof protection. Your irreplaceable experiences deserve the reliable choice.

¹ Speed and rating apply to 128GB, 256GB and 512GB cards. 64GB card is U1 rated, with transfer speeds of up to 130MB/s.

² Stated performance is achieved by using EVO Select microSD cards with Samsung readers.

³ Ratings apply to 128GB and 256GB cards. 32GB and 64GB card is A1, V10, UHS-I rated.

4 The foregoing read & write speeds are based on internal tests conducted under controlled conditions. Actual speeds may vary depending upon card capacity.

5 Test Device : Samsung Note Ultra

6 4K Video (3840*2160) 30fps (Video size 30Min 7.93 GB)

7 FHD Video (1920*1080) 30fps (Video size 30Min 2.95 GB)

8 Image 4000*3000 (Avg Pic size 2.36 MB)

9 Image 4000*1868 (Avg Pic size 1.81 MB)

¹0 Water proof: withstand up to 72 hours in seawater.11 Temperature proof: operating temperatures of -25 C to 85 C; non-operating temperatures of -40 C to 85 C. 12 X-Ray Proof: up to 100mGy, equal to airport X-ray machines. 13 Magnetic-Proof up to 15,000 gauss, or the magnetic field equivalent of a high-field MRI. 14 Drop : withstand drops up to 5meters (16.4 feet) 15 Wearout: up to 10,000 swipes 16 Samsung is not liable for any damages and/or loss of data or expenses incurred from memory card data recovery. 17 Proofs are for the microSD card and do not include the adaptor.
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  1. moneybanks14's avatar
    Bought 3 cheers!!! Shhhhh!
  2. hopeless's avatar
    Wow that's cheap... Can anyone suggest a flush adaptor for this so I could use it on a pc and it wouldn't protude
    wjw's avatar
    I think this the smallest I came across.

    SanDisk MobileMate UHS-I microSD Reader/Writer USB 3.0 Reader amzn.eu/d/4…3XE

    But for the same price or little more if you have usb type c, you can get usb c hub with card reader and other usb ports. The hub can be placed next to the pc.
  3. slybunda's avatar
    just ordered the 512b evo plus for 25 quid all in from that banned shop in bolton, cant argue with that price.
    slybunda's avatar
    Arrived today and working great in my phone. Cant believe the capacity you get these days for 25 quid. Roll on 1tb for 50 quid now
  4. WheelinNDealin's avatar
    Can you use this in a Nintendo switch? Cheers
  5. boombadoom's avatar
    bought cheers! Had a quick look around and people say these are good for steam deck, anyone fancy confirming here too
    Deedie's avatar
    I have one. Works perfectly. As long as you don't receive a fake.
  6. Bill_Carr_PH's avatar
    50p cheaper than the prime day price (for the 512).
    toughCookie's avatar
    Wasn't there a Prime offer that will refund you the difference automatically if the price is lower after Prime day? Or did I just imagine that
  7. 3LeggedDog's avatar
    This or a high endurance card for tesla model 3 dashcam/sentry?
    Is this overkill? I currently have a usb3 flash drive that keeps erroring
  8. Trve_Kvlt's avatar
    Thanks, just bought with £5 off amazon offer.
    amour3k's avatar
    Do you have a link for that? :-)

  9. Sp0oner's avatar
    Showing as £37 for 512gb for me now was in basket then dissapeared went back to deal and loaded page and price gone up Amazon out of stock for the 512gb it's 3rd party sellers now typical I miss it as i'm trying to buy it. (edited)
    Brutes's avatar
    Back up mate 💪
  10. y_knot_me's avatar
    I never get vouchers from Amazon. 😥
    pokemon2's avatar
    find the £5 voucher in HD,
  11. Inquis's avatar
    1TB needs to be £60
  12. lycp's avatar
    50673511-G3FFl.jpgAwesome, thank you for your information.
  13. maciejklaser's avatar
    Price is good, but bear in mind that this is a slower card - not good for recording 4K if you need higher framerate or if your device does not have a lot of buffer for recording. I had to replace this exact card with a much faster Sandisk Extreme Pro for optimal performance. Samsung should be ok for mobile gaming and storage of course
    tearex's avatar
    95mb write for me on my laptop
  14. Professor's avatar
  15. marc_handley's avatar
    Great spot op,I've got all 3 in my basket 💰, just a quick question anyone now if the 256 gig will be fine in a Nvidia shield TV 2015 ( yes I now it's old but still a damn good powerhouse) if not I'm sure the 128 will
    Thanks guys
    wjw's avatar
    256 gig it will ok. But it depends on what you want to use it for. If it is for installing apps and classic games emulators, and small size roms etc. that would be ok.

    But if you want it for Plex media or large file, it will be filled quickly.
  16. Speculator's avatar
    tempting. Stacked £5 off £15 with £5 for £60 GCs.

    50625835-E1swp.jpg (edited)
    Gwyn_Dewey's avatar
    How do you do this
  17. Forecaster's avatar
    Last purchased on...
    Oh well, great price anyway.
  18. brian_je's avatar
    Anyone know if this would be good in a rog ally ?
  19. Speculator's avatar
    Even cheaper with the 15% off electronics

    pokemon2's avatar
    nice but how ??? what do you mean to get that price?
  20. Scalesofjustice's avatar
    Hot for a steam deck, fried for a Rog ally
  21. Sid666's avatar
    Super duper price thanks OP
  22. Player-1's avatar
    my £5 voucher not showing
    vbhagaur's avatar
    Showing up for me though, try again
  23. Player-1's avatar
    Still showing £27.99
  24. komi's avatar
    Thanks have ordered using £5 voucher
    vassy4u's avatar
    256 or 512?
  25. dancemonkey's avatar
    Well what a surprise. 1 day after their price guarantee for Prime Day
  26. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Great price, I don't need one but of course I bought one.
  27. Nym2105's avatar
  28. pokemon2's avatar
    yes, nice price, but i got many, from the last deal. and sadly s23 do not use card, i do not use camera.. so it is a waste to buy it
    has070's avatar
    So why did you buy it? It's the HUKD way
  29. AYK's avatar
    Got the price difference refunded for prime day purchase.
    dav31's avatar
    Is it automatic? I don’t have received mine yet
  30. djf48's avatar
    Great price and with the £5 off £15 voucher it's even better - ordered Thanks
  31. dav31's avatar
    Bought another with the 5 off 15 voucher
  32. dogsbelly's avatar
    Thank you ordered and got the 512gb with £5 off. Cracking deal thanks.
  33. JuniorReis's avatar
    is this good for photos and videos by dji mini 3 pro ?
    Player-1's avatar
    Yeah it will work fine

    Yeah it will work fine (edited)
  34. seumas_beathan's avatar
    I don’t really know anything about SD cards, can anyone tell me of this will work and be good for a Go Pro? Thank you
  35. azl's avatar
    anyone used these with Viofo dash cams and did they last long?
's avatar