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Posted 16 March 2023

Sea of Thieves - Deluxe Edition for Xbox One, Series XIS & PC Windows - £2.00 @ Hungary Xbox Store

£2£17.4989% off
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Update : £2

Price failure
£2 for no Game Pass member.

GB store £35.99
Buy Sea of Thieves Deluxe Edition | Xbox

No VPN required, just order on the Hungary store with your Xbox account and it will appear in your library.

Xbox Live Gold membership required to play on Xbox One; sold separately.

Celebrate five years of Sea of Thieves with this special edition, which includes a copy of the game with all permanent content added since launch, plus a wide-ranging assortment of extra cosmetics and collector’s items.

In addition to the 2023 Edition bonus content – Hunter Cutlass, Hunter Pistol, Hunter Compass, Hunter Hat, Hunter Jacket, Hunter Sails and 10,000 gold – this edition of the game comes with a further Deluxe Bundle containing the Black Phoenix Figurehead, Black Phoenix Sails, Crab Dab Emote, Deck Hide Emote and 550 Ancient Coins for use in the Pirate Emporium.


Xbox More details at Xbox
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  1. Erboka's avatar
    Remember Forza: buy a code.
    Mr_Happy44's avatar
    I grabbed forza for really silly money, think it was a couple of quid. I managed nearly 3 days of play before they removed it from my account and refunded. Gutted
  2. Bubblekitty's avatar
    Worked, bought a gift code, checkout was a bit rough since webpage translate wasn't working

    it helped to use a image to translated text website and use windows snipping tool to paste the image

    I already have 950 hours in this game and highly recommend it (if your PC can handle it) either with friends or alone it's a beautiful fantastic fun game with something for everyone, highly recommend for anyone of any age!! Especially for this price, I mean wow. (edited)
    demodragon's avatar
    I got the game working but the deluxe bundle didnt seem to activate. You have any issues?
  3. Inspector_Gadget's avatar
    I've bought this through my Microsoft account and yet it's not the showing up on the account. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
    demodragon's avatar
    Go to microsoft store type in Sea of Thieves Deluxe Edition;; it should give you an install option instead of a buy option. The windows screen is one of the most unintuitive sites ive ever come across.
  4. caveman4562's avatar
    Noob here sorry, have to ask separate purchase between console and PC ?
    Mr._E's avatar
    Sea of thieves is a part of "Xbox play anywhere". You can buy from Microsoft and you can play on Xbox and pc. No need to buy it twice.

    Secondly, you do not need Xbox online subscription for pc I'm pretty sure.

    See link
  5. Wenja's avatar
    Is it safe to do this
    bomberman1's avatar
  6. iwo's avatar
    I was already using the Game Pass version. Does this version require a redownload?
    flofulu's avatar
    Hello, not at all but with Deluxe, you can install Deluxe pack
  7. kyeung's avatar
    Even though its on Gamepass, this is a decent price for non Gamepass users. Cheaper than grey key sites. Voted hot
    Doyl's avatar
    I'm a game pass user and it's good for the bonus stuff, you get emotes, ship sail + figurehead, and 550 ancient coins.
  8. EmeraldGreen's avatar
    Welcome to Our Playground: Official Sea of Thieves Deluxe Edition Trailer

    Seeking Fortunes: Official Sea of Thieves Season Nine Deep Dive
  9. Doyl's avatar
    Cheers, never done this before but always wanted a copy of sea of thieves since I play it so often haha.
    Buzroastbeef's avatar
    I have GPU but have never played it yet. What do you like about it?
  10. ivandias's avatar
    Worked for me.. Got charged £3.86.. Thanks OP
  11. mattlong37051's avatar
    Purchased also, wonder if the same will happen to the horizon bundle as I had that removed from my library
  12. Tinyrant's avatar
    Worked for me
  13. Darth-Skeletor's avatar
    can confirm works. dont know if theres a way to change the language on the site but its pretty straight forward. thank you!
  14. IK990's avatar
    Followed @Erboka 's advice and got it as a code! Got charged £3.81 (no game pass), cheers OP!
  15. Ashdash2019's avatar
    Sorry, the requested sheet cannot be found.The URL may be incorrect or the page you are looking for may no longer be available.

    Error code: J+nxPmjZ5uxHcpCtNIMZUT.28

    i can not buy as a gift lol. gutted.
    Darth-Skeletor's avatar
    still works for me
  16. Dizzeeeee's avatar
    Price on mine says 1700 HUF, so looks like they have increased slightly but still a crazy price
    flofulu's avatar
    As specified £3.73 = 1700 HUF for no Game Pass member.
  17. iby2012's avatar
    for those who havent done this before, need a Hungarian address, here's a place (Hilton)
    Hess András tér 1-3,

    might need to translate the countries, france, germany, greece, then hungary, not anything like the neglish name unfortunately
    pr10rflanker's avatar
    Took payment, but not seen anything on Xbox messages or email for the code.....does it take a while?
  18. Rico_Uk's avatar
    Great deal, thankyou! heat!
  19. adamtattonreid's avatar
    So I just grabbed it for 850.00HUF which is £1.99?!??
    Mr._E's avatar
    Yoo niceee

    £3 instead of £2 will hit me hard . I could've bought AC Unity code with that once upon a time (edited)
  20. babva's avatar
    Worked for me, Game Pass Subscriber as well (but how long for....) and it shows as £2 on the credit card history! Heat given
  21. ricso31's avatar
    I used this a couple of days ago on the 14/05. Worked fine.
    Got charged £2.01
  22. zoolander2's avatar
    I have just gone through the long winded process of translating lines to make the correct purchase selection and this text came up:

    The gift is sent in the form of a digital code, which can only be redeemed by the recipient in the following location: Hungary. The recipient must meet the age classification requirements. For more information, see the Microsoft Gift Terms and Conditions and The Store Terms of Sale.

    So should we still expect it to be deleted from the account later do you think? (edited)
  23. Scarlet_Pimp's avatar
    Really good game make sure you have a mic and are prepared to work with the other players though.
    I've had plenty of games with strangers where we have done a lot, but also had plenty of games with troll players, just leave the crew when you get put in those games. If you have some friends to play with you are going to have a great time.
  24. Bubblekitty's avatar
    This comes with £5 of premium currency, insane.
  25. Malabus's avatar
    Why do you need Xbox Live for this game?
    Doyl's avatar
    It's an online game.
  26. RetroJimmyX's avatar
    Worked, £2, thanks OP
's avatar