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Posted 28 November 2022

Spotify Premium 3 Months Free (New Users) £9.99 Per Month After @ Spotify

Shared by IhateEbayScalpers
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Individual plan only. £9.99/month after. No other purchase necessary.

Terms and conditions apply. Open strictly to new user accounts who haven't already tried Premium. Offer ends 31/12/2022.

Spotify More details at Spotify
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BTW once you've created the account with the 3 months trial,you can cancel and have premium for 3 months
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    Good timing, on my 20th new Spotify account now!
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    havent they twigged to the +1 gmail thing? do you have to use different card too?
    +1 gmail works fine. Still need to use different card every time - Revolut disposable cards are perfect for that.
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    Is there a cheap way to get and keep an account so I can keep playlists etc?
    If not what's the best way to abuse the system
    Just have one free account that has all your playlists, make them public and then go on your new account and favourite them.

    Alternatively there's a specific version of the Spotify lite app (possibly android only?) that still has some ads (but less) and you aren't forced to use shuffle and you aren't limited in the number of skips. Probably the best free way of going imo.

    Edit: no need to make them public. Just click playlist then options then add collaborator and add your new account as a collaborator. Simple (edited)
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    9.99 for 3 months for everyone else.

    Heat added!
    That’s what I did, perfect for Christmas.
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    Perfect, my current trial finishes today (edited)
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    Thanks OP. Signed up and cancelled.
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    Added thanks
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    Hmm I can't get it to take my revolut card, both single-use and new multi-use ones...can anyone else confirm it's working or have they hotfixed it?
    same here, Revolut and Spotify dont like each other
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    Great deal, OP
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    Nice one OP
    no problem. hope it helps
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    Worked for me just now, so big thank you. Never used Microsoft Rewards before, so you have introduced me to that too.
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    sorted. thanks OP !!
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    cheers another account
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    Great time to be back on Spotify since 2011 🙈. Apple sub just finished, why not Spotify 😁
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    Last year i managed to go about 9 months using free 3 months deals. Currently, im paying for a month so I'll get back right on this. It's very easy to transfer your playlists and pay with a disposable card. Despite having youtube music, nothing beats Spotify, quick and easy to steam music.And its the only one of these players i've used that works flawlessl on the underground.
    any guides ?
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    Thanks! Got tired of listening to the ads
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    Damn, just reinstated mine! Might cancel and open another!
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    Boo! Need an offer for current account holders, waiting in 3 months for £9.99. I don't like setting up a new account and losing all the history, playlists etc.
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    Also to add: I had 3 months for £9.99 as a returning member (these happen but are extremely rare IMO and very time limited!) I saw the offer on the app rather than by email or as a link elsewhere, but I'd recommend trying first if you too have gotten sick to the back teeth of the ever more frequent ads for things you have absolutely no use or interest for!
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    Revolut virtual card + gmail trick still working over this way. Woot
    Please how does this work?
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    Does anyone have the guide/notes to transfer music to the new account, I think you needed to do it on the desktop version? (edited)
    You can just Share to your email so long as you don't want to add anything further to a playlist you've created.

    You can also Invite Collaborators to your own email and that way you can add to a current playlist that you are adding too.

    Depends how many playlists you have I guess. If like me it's only 4-5 playlists then won't take long it'll last you 3 months anyway!
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    I know gmail works but does apple hide my email ?
    just use proton mail
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    is there a way to export/import playlists from , other spotify accounts? Cant seem to find an easy way except add manually again (edited)
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    Thanks fab 🙌