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-35% Discount
-35% Discount
Spotify Premium Discount Code - £6.49 a month (35% off)

I wonder if this is still rolling..


The Premium code you entered has already been used.


Sign up with napster for £5 a month instead, much better service and you get to download some mp3s to keep each month too!


Anybody get the 50% discount code emailed to them? Might sign up if u can get it for £4.99/ month. Definately not worth £9.99 anyway a fiver I can live with

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3 months Free Spotify Premium when paying with PayPal (New Members) @ Spotify
01/07/2021Expires on 01/07/2021Posted 2nd FebPosted 2nd Feb
Offer is for Premium Individual. £9.99/after trial. Cancel anytime. Only open to users who haven’t tried Premium before. Offer valid until until July 1, 2021. Terms and Conditions… Read more

I've got a spare slot for family Spotify. One of the family members decided to stop as he switched to Deezer. The price I'm asking is £6/ month as the family price will be going to £17 :/ Send me a PM for details if you don't know how this works or if you do know and are interested. Thanks (y)


Hi, im intrested if this is still available?


I'm getting this too. 😞


£2.50 (£15 subscription fee / 6).


How much

Free 3 months of Spotify Premium with Madison Beer promo link - New members
328° Expired
Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Hi all! New customers can get a free 3 months of Spotify Premium with a Madison Beer and Spotify promo. This doesn't mean that you… Read more

Ok I'll check it out on the free account and report back here with my findings. I will also check if deleting my Spotify accounts will delete the payment card associated with that account as well. Thank you all !


I believe so, but would have to double-check their privacy policy to be sure :)


I see. By deleting the account data they 'forget' your old card so it can be reused for a free trial again.


You need to use new payment details every time. You can also have the data deleted by deleting your account - which we do about once every half a year to a year just in case ;)



3 Months Of Spotify Premium (New Users) Free @ Spotify
1209° Expired
Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
Update 1
Offer ends today
You can now pick up 3 months of premium for free to try if you haven't benefitted from it before - or else just make a new account - might need a new payment method in some cases a… Read more

This deal is just on time


Remember pirate bay etc..was good times


Running out of email addresses.


record labels are like a promoter. they market the record. where as an artist literally just produces it. there's a reason they took a cut. the best way to support an artist is buy their music through bandcamp (possibly on waiver day)


Spotify is amazing, didn't know until now people used the music scene to virtue signal on behalf of artists though 😁

3 months of Premium for £9.99 @ Spotify
409° Expired
Posted 13th Dec 2020Posted 13th Dec 2020
3 months of Premium for £9.99 @ Spotify£9.99
This may be little more who paid free or 1p for three months trial. But after you can try this.

Is this still available?


You can share your playlist from your previous account, and let the new account see it!


Unless... can I port playlists, followed artists from one Spotify account to a new one?


I have a 3 month free Apple Music & a 6 month free Apple Music - I’ll move to that when my current 3 month PayPal option ends. £10 pm is too much for no ads...


Nice - thanks. I'm a new customer (again!) :D

3 months spotify premium free for PayPal at Spotify (invite only)
197° Expired
Posted 20th Nov 2020Posted 20th Nov 2020
3 months spotify premium free for PayPal at Spotify (invite only)
*** May be account specific*** Try your first 3 months of Spotify Premium free and enjoy all the great content: ad-free music, podcasts, playlists for every mood, and more. Downlo… Read more

Downloaded files can't be played any more after premium expires, it will complain you need spotify premium to play the downloaded files.


Must be for new members as showing as £9.99 for 3 months for me, which is still not bad


You require a code that would have been sent to you by email from PayPal (account specific) - voted cold as you can get a 3 month free trial regardless of PayPal on this link


What happens to the music that you downloaded for offline use once premium expires? I think i used spotify back in like 2012 of something or maybe before that

3 Months Of Spotify Premium (New Users) Free @ Spotify
579° Expired
Posted 17th Nov 2020Posted 17th Nov 2020
Update 1
Also includes accounts which have cancelled premium prior to 17th October
In time for the upcoming holiday season, you can now pick up 3 months of premium for free to try if you haven't benefitted from it before - or else just make a new account - might … Read more

Use a virtual card on a service like Revolut or Monzo. (y)


Would someone be able to tell me how I can do this? I’ve had premium before registered with my gmail using my bank account. Can I get free premium a second time?


worked fine for me. just did it


you're right. i think i had my old account logged in... and it showed the 9.99 for 3 month offer. created a fresh account, and got the free 3 months. cheers


Says it is

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Free Google Nest Mini with Spotify Premium (for new AND existing customers) from £9.99 per month (Eligibility may be limited) @ Spotify
5914° Expired
Posted 1st Sep 2020Posted 1st Sep 2020
Free Google Nest Mini with Spotify Premium (for new AND existing customers) from £9.99 per month (Eligibility may be limited) @ Spotify£9.99 Free P&P Free
Free Google Nest Mini with Spotify subscription (from £4.99- students). Also available for existing customers. Free shipping.

Thanks pal.


If it's never been used, then there's nothing to clear. If however you've bound the device to an account, then the process to reset it is: - put the device in mute mode (slider on the side). - place a finger on the top of the device - after roughly 5 seconds you'll hear a message warning you that you're about to reset the device. - after the countdown is complete, the device will begin resetting to factory default. Allow it to complete the process, and then you're done.


I want to sell mine, does anyone know how to unlink my Spotify account? I think they asked for it upon signing up. I've never used one of these before so not sure if I need to do anything before selling it. The thing has never been used.


Mine shipped today, said it'll arrive in a couple of days!!


I emailed at the time and spotify support gave me a code to redeem ...since had the proper email through with another code... 🙌2 Nest Minis! Cheeky hey but I won't refuse! Probably deservedly, as people have mentioned seemed like they'd prioritising new sign ups when I've been a spotify customer for years felt somewhat unfair!

Get 3 months of Spotify Premium for free through PayPal (New Accounts)
1052° Expired
Posted 28th Jul 2020Posted 28th Jul 2020
Get 3 months of Spotify Premium for free Choose PayPal from the dropdown at checkout to sign up quickly and securely. START FREE TRIAL Offer is for Premium Individual. £9.99/after… Read more

Just worked for me, thanks :)


Thanks for confirming. I'm not a student. :(


I got the same error with a new card as well. I think you would need a new paypal account. They're offering 3 free months to students now, I got it that way.


Has anyone got this working with an existing Paypal account that you have used with Spotify before, or do you also need to set up a brand new Paypal account? I tried with a new card linked to an existing Paypal account and still got this error.


it does work - just got 3 months of premium for free

3 months Of Spotify Premium For Free (New Accounts) Pay Via PayPal
294° Expired
Posted 14th Jul 2020Posted 14th Jul 2020
If you were on the lookout for a Spotify Premium to last you the summer holidays and have not signed up before then this could come handy. Use PayPal as the payment method to bag 3… Read more

Yes got the 99p, got the refund as within 7 days Still waiting for my second code though


99p now still says free spotify on there too


Yeah . will give it to my neighbours kid .. thanks


Why Post a deal that doesn't even work?


yes, i'm aware of the gmail trick :D thanks, I'll pass the stylus onto mum as she likes them for her mobile and iPad

Spotify Duo - 2 Premium accounts free for 1 month + £12.99/month thereafter
297° Expired
Posted 8th Jul 2020Posted 8th Jul 2020
New from Spotify, 2 premium accounts for £12.99 under one 'duo' account. Great if theres only 2 of you in the house! Disclaimer: Yes I know the Family account is better value, but… Read more

Anyone got a curry's code going spare.? I could buy a 99p stylus, but figured I would ask first. Cheers


Anyone got a spare slot on family account?


Sure, if you would kindly. :) DM me


Anyone want my currys Spotify free for 6 months code?


I most certainly did not put anyone “down”, nor did I make any personal comments at all and I think you’re being unfair in what you’re saying. It is you that is making personal comments, not I. You and I clearly don’t agree on the saving %, which should be the one of the best, objective, indicators of how good a deal is, but it’s not worth falling out or arguing over if it’s going to lead to upset, so let’s just agree to disagree and go about our Friday (y)

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