Unfortunately, this deal has expired 18 September 2023.
Posted 20 July 2023

T-Shirt Sale e.g. National Sarcasm Society £7 / Skynet £7 / Gotta go fast £5

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

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Retailers are extending their return policies for Christmas: Full List of Shops Extending Returns Policies for Christmas

Sale is back again, starting from £7 for a tee and delivery starts from £3.

Newsletter code could work on that too.
Get a €1/£1/$1 discount code, sneak peeks of upcoming tees/sales, a chance at a free tee every week and more!
A few examples:
4170350_1.jpgNational Sarcasm Society £7

4170350_1.jpgSkynet £7

The Mercenary Chatty

Gotta go fast £5

Qwertee More details at
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  1. sc0tt88's avatar
    The Honey plugin found the code CRAFTYDRAGON and it took £1 off.
  2. Evil_cycling_lobby's avatar
    Make super kids presents for Pokémon and Super Mario fans

    The postage for 4 kids t-shirts is coming up as £7.95 for me, rather steep! (edited)
    Crossbow's avatar
    If you buy any 6 it's free delivery, so perhaps consider adding couple more.
  3. doxtom's avatar
    How is the quality of the t-shirt and print?
    wee_snoop's avatar
    T shirt quality is OK. Ive bought a lot of these in the past, got 6 last time and it was the first time that I got some with bad printing on them. Jinx from Arcane was a particularly bad one. Looked good in the image but the print was terrible when it arrived. There was a pretty bad Mandalorian one too. Put me off getting any this time (edited)
  4. BUZZ.FUZZ.47's avatar
    Is the sizing true to size
    ralph3's avatar
    i usually wear an XL t-shirt (sometimes an L, and an XXL from SuperDry!)

    I have had a few XL from Qwertee and they are all very much on the larger size, I suspect the L would have been better for me.
  5. urbanbushwacker's avatar
    I got 3 last time and 8 today now im ready for the job interviews
    picklejarbaron's avatar
    Do they still use gildan softstyle for shirts? Just curious.
  6. Winterborn's avatar
    Nothing yet, but i'm sure they'll throw some more in in a couple of days
  7. justabout72's avatar
    Don't forget to add shipping which goes up the more you buy unless you buy 6 then its free
    gadgetcake's avatar
    Is this still the case? Tried shopping on the site and even with 6 Tees it's still charging postage, can't see anything in the site about free postage?
  8. R3DN4T10N's avatar
    Can get £1 off by signing up to newsletter
  9. IllDigATunnel's avatar
    Good quality t-shirts imo.
  10. urbanbushwacker's avatar
    I've just bought myself another six
  11. thepointman's avatar
    Great price. Ordered matching sonic shirts for the family!
  12. fredswatchbox's avatar
    Just ordered 2 t shirts, thanks for the heads up. 🏽
  13. Hizzards's avatar
  14. phil_winstanley's avatar
    Been a long time customer and really not had a bad shirt yet....shipping can be a little below and I've seen various complaints about their shipping costs although seems to be working on that now
  15. DwarfKingLuke's avatar
    It's a great store. Great quality and good prices. Been using them for years
  16. muf's avatar
    Kids t-shirts are very wide, but no complaints with the quality.
  17. scunny's avatar
    delivery is £4 for me
  18. MadonnaProject's avatar
    What's the sizing on this like?
  19. 123shop's avatar
    Awesome t-shirts! Great quality
  20. Phlop0's avatar
    Nothing says questionable internet history like a comedy printed t shirt
  21. Kirby_Hater's avatar
    They've got Kirby shirts. Voted cold.
  22. shaddow's avatar
    £6.95 delivery for 3 T-shirts, don't think so. Cold
    Crossbow's avatar
    Yeah, a bit steep that. However, get 6 t-shirts & it's only £14 more in total as free delivery kicks in. Perhaps share with family/friend, who may be willing to buy 3 as well & go halves.
  23. imsomethingyournot's avatar
    Shipping costs outweigh the designs sadly. Bought off these guys before a fair few times and their customer service is great. But the wait times and increasing delivery charges I just can’t justify anymore
    londonstinks's avatar
    just get 6 and it's free, works out like 4.5 a shirt , crazy good.
  24. Diogenes007's avatar
    56 £4 tee shirts to choose from (free delivery on 6 or more purchases).... (edited)
  25. bob_regis's avatar
    Just got mine and they are awful quality.
    I have gone to return them and there website states if bought in the sale that they do not accept returns. I am sure that this is in contavention of the sales of goods act.

    Be warned.
    sc0tt88's avatar
    My print isn't centred on mine. It's the Skynet one, so really obvious
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