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TECKNET Air Purifier for Bedroom W/Code

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TECKNET air purifiers could effectively capture 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. Its CADR is 250 m³/h, cleaning your air 5 times per hour in a room up to 258 ft². 360°surround air inlet for efficient purification and provides fresh and healthy air, improving the air circulation in your bedroom, living room, and office.
After the air filters and purifiers are being used for 720 hours, a built-in replacement indicator reminds you that you need to replace the filter. Don't forget to remove the plastic bag on the new filter before using and properly reset the filter. Use genuine TECKNET replacement filters to maintain the best performance.

The TECKNET air purifier for home features a 22W motor to quickly purify the air for you, save energy, and protect your health.

The 360° surround air Inlet design makes air purification and dust removal more efficient, providing fresh and healthy air faster.

TECKNET air purifier has a built-in filter replacement reminder indicator. The indicator light will be green during the effective period of the filter. When it turns red, please replace the filter in time to maintain an ideal air cleaning result.

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  1. tharinduasanka's avatar
    Not sure what it’s like but ordered. Anyone has any experience with this ?
    shiona01's avatar
    I bought this a few years ago from Amazon, about £60 and it came with a filter but I bought a spare too. I use it in my sons room during grass pollen season and it made such a difference to him. I run it on normal mode before he goes to bed and then night mode all night. In august, i use it for me during weed pollen season. It blows out some cold air too so handy in hot months. Since we only use it for hayfever, a few weeks a year, the filter is still going strong. However, the buttons rubbed off quickly so had to try to remember where to press
  2. toluca's avatar
    the problem is that you can't buy replacement filters
    BobsterLobster's avatar
    It's only sold out but will be back in stock soon apparently:
  3. Subsh's avatar
    diddytitz's avatar
    How do they no do anything?
  4. davocc's avatar
    Purifier filter costs only £6 less than the device itself... I've always wondered about the washable filter units, if they were up to scratch or not.
  5. xp3200's avatar
    Very hard to get filters for these unfortunately 😞
  6. TimChang's avatar
    Is it illegal to be in a different room?
    sazim's avatar
  7. bigtone1943's avatar
    Why just the bedroom am I missing something
    DanMck's avatar
    It is the size of the room not the type "258 squared" ir will cover (edited)
  8. LiverDeals's avatar
    Does anyone know if this comes on automatically (I.e. can I use it with a smart plug?)
  9. killie77's avatar
    Ordered.worth a Punt
  10. diddytitz's avatar
    Doees it just take the dust out of the air? I wake up with dry eyes that hurt badly. What benefits would this do?

    Also could uou run it off a usbc battery bank
    Sam223's avatar
    Tried a humidifier? 
  11. bharathomes's avatar
    These dont do nothing useless hype during lockdwn
  12. adam1's avatar
    This is a good price for h13 filter.
    £25 is a steal.
    Filter will still be ok just ensure u put a coarse one in to trap larger particles like a cooker hood filter before this.
  13. mark.kearney's avatar
    Thanks ordered 2
  14. PEETSY_BOY's avatar
    Ordered Hoping this is good for the summer pollen months
  15. dsldude's avatar
    Thanks ordered. Appreantly filters are due in the middle of next month.
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