"The Fall" (Wii U) for £1.40 @ Nintendo eShop

"The Fall" (Wii U) for £1.40 @ Nintendo eShop

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Hey guys.

You get "The Fall" for the Wii U for £1.40 @ Nintendo eShop. The normal price is £6.40.

Take on the role of ARID, the artificial intelligence on board a high-tech combat suit. ARID's program activates after crashing on an unknown planet. The human pilot within the combat suit is unconscious, and it is ARID's duty to protect him at all costs! As she progresses into her twisted and hostile surroundings, driven to find medical aid before it is too late, the realities of what transpired on this planet force ARID to reflect upon her own protocols. ARID's journey to save her pilot ultimately challenges the very rules that are driving her.

The Fall is a unique combination of adventure-game puzzle solving, and side-scroller action, all set within a dark and atmospheric story. Exploration will be paramount to surviving your adventure. Utilise ARID's flashlight to uncover a myriad of interactive objects. If what you uncover is hostile, switch on your laser sight, and kick some metal! Get ready for a disturbing journey as you fight, explore and think your way forward, expanding ARID's world, in spite of her protocols.


Any good?


Any good?

It's excellent, kind of like flashback.

Pretty amazing price

Thanks op! Bought!


It's excellent, kind of like flashback.

Seconded, well worth this price. It's been discounted across most platforms recently, probably to highlight the announcement of the sequel.

Is mark e smith in this?

Cheers op

I also like the look of Blasting Agent: Ultimate edition for £2.69 in this weeks new releases, looks like a nod to the Commodore 64.

Bargain. I thought I had this already but it is The Swapper I have. Cheers OP

do it. buy it.

Great game. But finished quite quick. First part of a trilogy too

Looks awesome on the trailer
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