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Posted 27 January 2023

The Last of Us HBO - Episode 1 - Free Stream on YouTube via Sky

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Episode 1 in 1080p on YouTube. Excellent so far. Login required for age verification.
YouTube More details at YouTube
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  1. SwordOfEden's avatar
    Where is the best place to watch 4k and dolby atmos version?
    JoShmo's avatar
    HBO with a VPN.
  2. 5Rivers79's avatar
    Fantastic. One of the best opening episodes of any show I’ve seen.
    popolou's avatar
    Well yeah but being a direct lift of the original material, it's not like it's something new. Maybe it's an age thing but i long for something original nowadays.
  3. Regprentice's avatar
    this left me feeling a little flat, and i was very excited to watch it. It just doesnt have the soul of the game. My wife gave up half way through the episode ... "ive seen this before".

    ****slight spoilers**** i dont think it helped that the show wrongfooted my wife twice in the first 30 minutes. "Ok i understand what this is, it's a show about 1950s scientists, oh wait no it isn't... right,now i understand it's a show about this young girl who is surviving an unfolding zombie apocalypse, oh wait no it isnt...." and so on.
    Lewp's avatar
    How invested are you in this relationship? Is it too late to swap for another wife?
  4. John89's avatar
    How is this not a deal but free to play games are when they get released?
    Chz's avatar
    I imagine the logic (hey, I didn't downvote it) is that if the free games were the first level only they'd probably not get the same reaction. This is a teaser, not a treat.
  5. C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    Well I've watched the first 2 episodes and I think it's a bit average. Hasn't really impressed or engrossed me yet. The Joel character looks a bit like character in the game, but the girl playing elle looks nothing like her. Infact, i dont know if its just me, but she looks quite strange looking. Seems a very odd choice considering naughty dog were so closely involved. Why didn't they just get the actual actress they used in the game?
    steveu's avatar
    Because she’s 40 and the character is 14
  6. DavidKElshall's avatar
    I LOVED the game. LOVE the show so far. I hate how greedy Sky is though!!

    They charge £10 a month to watch their shows and then lace it with f’ing adverts which I wasn’t aware of when subscribing from my iPhone. The adverts kill the immersion of the show but then.. I refuse to pay more or wait to binge it.

    Sky are scummy but this free episode is good. OP thanks for sharing
  7. PonJaul76's avatar
    Need to be a Sky customer or not?
    Jay_m's avatar
    No its free in YouTube
  8. cooper182's avatar
    Kb64's avatar
    Good advice, can I also recommend ShowerGel2morrow
  9. Mr_Frostee's avatar
    Seen episode 2 now, weekly release is too slow, I read that station eleven is similar and you can binge watch that now, thoughts?
    aLV426's avatar
    Netflix has a lot to blame for the binge watching - for me it's the only way to watch TV shows now! Hate having to wait a week or worse those American shows that have a mid season break, really puts you off the show, but it does explain why every episode has a long and protracted catch up part! Previously on.... (edited)
  10. Sweetchinmusic's avatar
    Random question for those watching it on NOW. Does it have subtitles available?
    showstopper's avatar
    Nowtv and sky go doesn’t have subtitles
  11. jw191's avatar
    Are there any good NowTV offers if we want to watch the rest? Can’t find any at the moment :/
  12. AlinDan_Campan's avatar
    I’ve got YouTube premium can watch it too but surprised episode 2 isn’t posted yet.
    cameron.carter's avatar
    They won't post Episode 2, or any others. The point of making the first free is to entice people to watch who will then subscribe to Sky/Now TV to watch the remainder of the season when they otherwise wouldn't have done.
  13. giorgiomrapetti's avatar
    Show is good but the casting isn't great imo.
    ChrisRX's avatar
    Hard disagree. I think Bella Ramsey did a great job.
  14. Toon_army's avatar
    Can't wait for it to finish so I can binge the first series
    nintendofan10's avatar
    Yeah me too
  15. ukpokemonmaster's avatar
    I smell desperation from Sky (edited)
    andypearce543's avatar
    Isn't it one of the highest rated and popular shows right now? I doubt its desperation
  16. KongDonkey's avatar
    Is he the cop from Narcos ?
    wudipest's avatar
    And Oberyn Martel, and the mandalorian...
  17. Ratro's avatar
    I'm waiting for the day when HBO leaves Sky and opens streaming channel like in other countries
    Chz's avatar
    Oh god yes, please. I'd drop Netflix for HBO, but no way is Sky getting a penny.
  18. pukenukem's avatar
    Wow, Sky letting everyone watch it in the latest and greatest 1080p HIGH DEFINITION, for free! Oh, wait, it's not 2010, has anyone told Sky yet?
    JoShmo's avatar
    720p if you're a now subscriber.
    2006 in the house!
  19. moses019's avatar
    Again, just an opinion as a huge fan of the game but I'm not impressed so far. Awful, awful choice for Ellie. And last I looked Joel wasn't Hispanic. I'm watching it out of loyalty but I'm just meh about the whole thing. Don't rush to watch it.
    cameron.carter's avatar
    What does it matter if Joel is hispanic? What about him being white is integral to his characterisation?
  20. StevieW0nder's avatar
    Are they going to do this with all the episodes?
    shanepm's avatar
    No way. It’s an incentive to sign up with Sky or NOW
  21. EazyDuz's avatar
    All the negative comments are from xbox owners salty because they have no exclusives and no TV show other than Halo and that was trash lmao
    DanoVan's avatar
    I’m a Xbox fan boy and I really enjoyed the show really blown away naughty dog is definitely sony best developers
  22. K1NG_PRAWN's avatar
    Don’t do it. You’ll be forced to watch the rest and it will cost you.
    cameron.carter's avatar
    Not if you go sailin' on the high seas me hearty, yarrr.
  23. SukhG01's avatar
    Good show so far
  24. Nodame's avatar
    Should I play the game first or watch the show?
    Sleepy1968's avatar
    If you can find somewhere to plug your controller in, you can play the show.
  25. joestevens67's avatar
    I must be easy pleased as it’s brilliant so far, granted I’m a huge fan of the game and the main characters are superb in their roles….. 10 out of 10 from me.
    reckoning's avatar
    Think everyone likes it? Not heard a bad word said.

    I assume they're using this as marketing for Sky subs, not because they need viewers on the series.
  26. cheapasch1ps's avatar
    Best show currently on TV
    aLV426's avatar
    Oh dear, that doesn't say much for the current shows...
  27. a_steve84's avatar
    Great show, after playing the games which are still standout masterpieces, I was looking forward to the show starting and it hasnt disappointed so far. My only gripe is, I wish they'd release all the episodes at once so I can binge through them, its annoying having to wait a week for the next installment!
    BarnSt0rmer's avatar
    Yes, I think releasing one episode a week is a bit old hat, these days. Most people I know just want to binge through things and not wait, like you say.
  28. Chris22044's avatar
    Episode 3 will be remembered as one of the all-time greateset episodes of TV ever.
    SwordOfEden's avatar
    Or the all time worst
  29. Jay_m's avatar
    I didnt expect to find salty xbox fanboys on hot uk deals comments. Bizzarre.
  30. rumble's avatar
    I fell asleep watching episode 2 the other day.

    All pretty predictable/unremarkable so far if you ask me, but I'll stick with it.
    Rocket0712's avatar
    theses always one ☝️
  31. Amazonianman's avatar
    Superbly done! A visual masterpiece recreation of the best game I've ever played (gamer since 1993)
    Rocket0712's avatar
    ive been gaming since 1992
  32. redCabbage4's avatar
    It asks me to send ID to watch video, no thanks youtube.
  33. fishmaster's avatar
    Well I was wrong. I thought only the computer game could tell such a story in an engaging immersive way but Episode 3 will be remembered for decades, it is perfection. A truly astounding episode, it doesn't follow the game at all, but tells a different story of two relatively minor characters but I have witnessed an TV series episode that will go down in history as one the absolute best episodes of any TV series ever written. They didn't just go for making the best video game adaptation ever they went for story telling of the highest echelons. Not confined to gaming this story transcends any media it is portrayed on, the people involved are story telling geniuses. This is a rare episode of TV nigh a short film. I am not lost for words I have so many, but pictures speak thousands of words, a transcendent work of art this is an episode that defies its genre, it is pure storytelling and open to everybody regardless of their interest or disinterest in the subject matter. Unmissable.
    carddealer's avatar
    So it was alright then?
  34. bluearmy78's avatar
    Watched episode 2 last night. First 2 episodes are very good. Watching on Now, but that's only because Now was part of our BT deal, so lucky l guess.
  35. bilal91's avatar
    deffo give this a watch even if you haven't played the game
  36. DonkeyKonk's avatar
    Just downloaded it to watch later, cheers OP.
    AgentBartonBones's avatar
    yeah watched it on release and not that good, though I may download it and see if its better on the digital hd projector on a 13ft wall..lol
  37. FinalBoss's avatar
    Just like the game, masterpiece. PP doing well so far as Joel and Bella Ramsey has Ellie down to an absolute T.
  38. shawty1984's avatar
    Does this series spoil the second game if you haven't played it yet, or is it just based on the first game?
    fitzyfitz29's avatar
    Considering it’s a ten episode season and seen the first two, I’d imagine they will only do the first game. Might not even finish first ones story
  39. Rocky69420's avatar
    Can’t say I was impressed. I enjoyed it but it’s not very good so far. Don’t hate me for sharing an opinion, this is just not the amazing thing I think everyone expected and on reflection I don’t see how it could have been anyway. It was an enjoyable game if somewhat unremarkable in its storyline. Which is where this tv show is clearly going to struggle. Man and child go from A to B and along the way do not very much. The best bits where the bits not in the game and saying “Dunnam” when she came on screen.
    Rocky69420's avatar
    It’s going to be way better than the Resident Evil movies, ya know, and the society falling down part was excellent. My lack of impressyness boils down to expectations for rest of game sorry tv show.
's avatar