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From Premier League football to the latest episodes of the Simpsons, Sky provides access to a world of first-class entertainment. Whether they are sport fanatics, movie lovers, or just want access to new American TV dramas, millions of UK customers have turned to Sky to satisfy their entertainment needs. All of their packages and products can be found for the lowest prices around by visiting the Sky HotUKDeals listings. Read more
Sky TV with Ultimate TV add-on Package - £25pm x 18 Months / £20 Setup Fee - Total Cost: £470
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Sky TV - Entertainment package £25 for 18 months. £20 one-off set-up cost. Sky Q included as standard. *Called their cancellations team and they offered £19pm for Entertainment pa… Read more
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Sky don't do deals like they used to. Been on plenty of 60-75% off any package with a £100 bill credit in the past. Best you'll get these days is half price and usually without the bill credit. Just for clarity the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are in fact OTT services (over the top).


Depends what you actually got for £40. If the last sentence is what you got, then in my opinion it is not good at all.


Just renewed ours. Been with them for years. I got it to £40 a month.... Is that good? Still in my 30 day cooling off period. I have sky+ HD and one multi room, sky box sets, and all the other channels expect sports and movies....


Very good price imo.


They have, the boxes are effectively loaned. The mini boxes for multi room did have a small additional charge, but even now theyre included in the additional multi room subscription i believe, but ive never had any. Sky costs are all about what you can negotiate. Thats why everyones is different.

La Liga games to be broadcast throughout June for free for everyone (No Sky subscription required) @ Sky Sports / Premier Sports App
11/06/2020Starts at 11/06/2020Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Good offer :) To get access to all the games, Sky UK customers should visit and register with the promo code BACKTOWIN . Non-Sky customers can also sign up us… Read more

I Can't see why sky customers have to add a code just open up free for everyone


How is this free for 'everyone' ?


Looks like you need to call them to cancel, when clicking cancel on website was offered 2 months at £1.99 then once I clicked still want to cancel got this message We're sorry to hear you need to cancel your account with us. Please call the team on 0333 003 3773 to discuss this. Lines are open Monday-Friday 9:30am to 5:00pm.


Where do you enter the promo code. Can't see anywhere to enter it.


Brilliant, just remember to cancel before end of June lol

No Man’s Sky - Coming To Xbox Game Pass (Xbox One/ PC) in June
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
A good addition to GP for both Console and PC Game Page MetaScore of 77 Inspired by the adventure and imagination… Read more
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Was considering buying this, cheers game pass.


Console NMS doesn't support mods and it isn't cross-platform, so it's a no to both questions


I had a similar thought. Will my Xbox save work on the PC? And can I use mods of the pc version?


Just please give us cross save. I have 300+ hours on my ps4 (when I had one)


Oh you are one of those people who only looks at critics reviews and not realising some of them are incredibly bias or haven't even played the full game? Rookie mistake. If you look at reviews and comments from users on websites other than just Metacritic. The real people who have played the full game and not an hour of a beta copy, then you will have somewhat of a better idea about how good the game is...or better yet play it yourself and make your own judgement. Doesn't take much to find that Days Gone and Detroit have scored highly amongst users. Have you even played any of the titles I have mentioned? Do you even have a PS4? I have already played the majority of these 'essential' games you speak of and I can safely say that they have been out for quite some time and more importantly I think you are forgetting...wait for it...can be bought for PS also! (for cheap). I'm sorry but anyone can admit that most of those 200+ games are not 'essential' whatsoever and would have never been touched if they weren't a part of this service. Otherwise there wouldn't be this type of service to begin with. I may have forgot to acknowledge in my previous comments that people might not have time to play the games also. You mention games like AC can have 100+ hours. But the same can be said about arguably some of the best games out right now that cannot be had on GP. Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Spiderman to name a few. These games take many hours to complete too. With huge open worlds and campaigns. I'd imagine someone who doesn't have time to game will get at least a month out of each of those. So if you look at the big picture is it that really much more expensive than GP when these games are currently sub £15? Furthermore are you really going to playing be every game on GP outside of the 'essential' ones. I do admit there are decent games on there which I have played already and it is a vast library but it's nothing you can't get on PS, nothing to warrant me buying a console that has offered poor to mediocre exclusives for many years and not worth paying £120 a year for. Respect my opinion. I respect yours. Let's agree to disagree. If you enjoy GP and see it as good value then I am happy for you but if you think that this is best gaming experience at the moment then you are missing out massively. You said you work in gaming. Do you work for Microsoft by any chance? Haha

Tim Burgess 'I love the Sky' Vinyl - incorrectly listed as CD but actually vinyl. Please read comments. £10 (+£2.99 non-Prime) @ Amazon
-4° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Ok. So I saw Bella Union (the record label) tweet Amazon about this, so it won't stay long till it's corrected. Essentially Amazon has listed the vinyl as CD and vice versa. Peopl… Read more
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Yeah that’s a nightmare but they can only rectify direct purchases through Amazon


Well that sucks because its through amazon third party they wont rectify it. Been offered a refund so i can repurchase the record (for twice the price)


Got the cd through today about to ring up


I had the exact same experience with this vinyl when I ordered it


No such thing as bad publicity...

NOW TV Smart Stick with 1 month Entertainment, 1 month Sky Cinema & 1 day Sky Sports Passes pre-loaded - £19.49 Delivered @ boss_deals/eBay
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Since currys was doing it for £19.99 with auto discount at checkout making it £18.99 which is now oos, this seems the cheapest if you're after Now TV Trio pass with stick. So, t… Read more

I'll second that. Actually any Roku, as you also get more app options too.


Cheaper buying individual on cdkeys


Isn't this based on the model up from the Roku Premiere, the Roku Streaming Stick+, as it has TV controls on the remote and is a stick? Just wondering. Either way, the Premiere is working great for me - having Plex as an app is superb!


Many are buying these just for the passes. I did and then watch via my Roku or PC. (y) Sold the stick for £10.


Yes they can as I've done it a few times. You just login to your existing account on the stick and they are transferred to that. You don't have to activate them immediately I think! If you already have say an active Cinema pass it will just show as a voucher in your account and you can activate it later.

Free 4 Week Trial Of Sky Cinema! (Cancel Any Time) Account Specific
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Hi, Just got an email for a free 4 week trial of Sky Cinema (Cancel Anytime) Just in time for the bank holiday weekend! Enjoy!
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Spent an hour and a half on the online chat to sky today, my subs were discounted to £96 a month and next months would be £111, this is with the sky sports pause discount, Best I got was £96.50 a month for everything including broadband and netflix. Can see why half the country is using illegal methods to stream tv and I told them that. I’ve been a customer of theirs off and on since 1992 and to be honest they are taking the michael with their prices




Yes it will. IT IS A CON !! I just tried it and sure enough it removed my sky sports discount - and on their phone lines they are refusing calls unless its from a vulnerable category. This really does amount to fraud. I wish I had listened to Kammykay who called this straight away. Now going to be a pain to sort out.


Also its says don't phone them at this time but thats the only way to cancel or downgrade your package !!


i'd like to confirm on sky chat the conditions so I have something in writing before taking this but can't find sky chat option anywhere, anyone have a link ?

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Free Games on Sky Q
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
You can now play games on Sky Q using your remote control with the new PlayWorks app, it's been announced. You can play 20 free games right now, which include classics like Tetris,… Read more
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It can run Doom...


I had no idea it was available, thanks.


Gotta love the return of Tetris for this. I miss Sky GameStar




It was just sarcasm

Sky Mobile Piggybank data: trade in 20gb (or 10gb + £2) for a £10 Sky Store voucher
200° Expired
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Just noticed this offer is back on Sky Rewards Piggy bank, basically cash in unused data in your piggy bank and get a voucher for Sky Store. 20gb gets you a free £10 voucher, or 10… Read more

If you want to rent a movie, you can only use it for skystore online. You cant watch them through your sky box. If you rent and keep (£15ish) you can download to sky box.


A £10 voucher won't get you far with their overpriced movie store 😡


Hugely overpriced goods like a screen protector for 20 quid .


I have over 300gb in piggy bank


Would be great if they swapped data for credit on your mobile phone account. (cheeky) Also since 'It's a voucher they post to you, not a code' do you post them the voucher back when you want to redeem it or do they allow you to make their lives a lot easier by using the code on the voucher ..... Oh! hang-on! I think I've worked that one out. XD

Sky VIP: Free Virtual West End Shows (& Juliet, Six, Mamma Mia)
03/07/2020Expires on 03/07/2020Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
For sky customers, you will be able to stream six weekly theatre performances. The shows and times are: &Juliet: 21st May 12:00pm to 29th May 11:59pm Six: 28th May 12:00pm … Read more

This is really disappointing from sky. It’s very misleading as I did think it was the full shows. For anyone that would like to watch a full show, The Sound of Music is on YouTube here:


"Missing the buzz of the theatre? Enjoy a taster from this hilarious and fun-loving musical, & Juliet known for its pop anthems from the past 30 years." Yeah I signed up expecting something more, but it appears to be more of a "taster" or advert for the shows with the off song and interviews with the crew that you could likely find on youtube or the theatre website.


Maybe i was a tad harsh, I was just expecting something more, especially since it's only for Sky customers only.


That's a shame, but where does it say that? My wife & daughter have wanted to see & Juliet for a while now.


hope they stick them on NowTV

Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids with Fun Incentives, 4+ Day Battery & Swimproof (Watermelon or Night Sky) - £46.99 delivered @ Amazon
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Kids Fitbit watches also on offer. :) Build healthy habits as a family with the Fitbit Ace 2. Designed for kids age 6 and up, this activity tracker features parental controls… Read more
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Great to see it on offer again; was about to post this myself so have some heat!

Disney+ £5 per month if you sign up via "offers" on your Sky account
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Not bad for existing Sky customers who want to dip in to Disney Plus from time to time. Its a 31 day rolling contract, saving you 99p if you paid directly to Disney. As with other … Read more

For what packages?


Thanks for this @mdcrawley Sure its only 99p a month but you're saving just under 20% on something so if you're able to get it and make use of it its a good deal! :)


This does not work as it adds a 5.99 charge so it’s a glitch


It's not a fair point. Saving a quid here and there is exactly what this site is about.


I can’t even get onto online chat ;(

Sky Q Multi Screen - with a £10 / 18 month subscription you can order extra Sky Q mini boxes free of charge (selected accounts)
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
If you add sky Q multi screen to your subscription you can order extra mini boxes free of charge. I just ordered extra 4 boxes for £10 a month.

I often find the offers are better if u look on Ur account via Ur sky box. I was wanting to add multiscreen, via the app it was asking extra £9 a month. But thru my box it's asking for a extra £3 a month. Very odd!


You did better than me. I have same as you plus movies. £53 pm on 18m


I think that is likely the full going rate. I dont have sport or movies, but most other stuff. Ultimate box sets (which inc Netflix), and Sky q UHD + 2 mini boxed. I just ran off contract and price went up to 56.70. Rang up yesterday, got straight through and 18 montsh at 35 (y)


That's a good deal for sure. I'm still trying to decide if I want to pay anything when only thing I watch is sports, which isn't going to be very entertaining for months. Anyway cheers for the info, I'll definitely be looking something similar if I commit to another contract. (y)


That’s a shame

Additional Sky Q Mini Box £50 at Sky Digital
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
I may be late to the party... I thought you used to pay a subscription fee for every additional box, but these are available with no additional fee. It may only be those who alrea… Read more

Thank you I’ve been trying to order one for 8 weeks I’ve now ordered 2 x


Hi is your box 1tb or 2tb ?


No, apparently they have to activate the multi room option on your account as well. If you have VIP gold or above then the mini box should be free then £10 a month for 18 months (minimum term contract)


If I only have one mainbox and buy another mini box from eBay or wherever will the minibox work without multiroom subscription?


So now sky are charging, very confusing as Sky gave me mine for free

Iphone 11 64Gb with 10GB Data - £36 per month for 36 months - total £1,296 @ Sky mobile
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Was looking for iPhone deal and found a great deal with sky mobile. Its £36 per month with 10gb data, unlimited and mins
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Yeesh. I’ve seen more data for less a month for a whole year less. Pretty bad deal.


A o2-based 36months contraqct sure hope you still get the chance the changep hone after 24 months just as with o2 directly. But as most others commenting i wouldn't go with a 36 month deal, especially since most o2 deals are not or not much cheaper than competitors on 24months(more frequently they are much more expensive) Because also saying something good about o2/o2 based you got the credit them for the clear tariff breakdown.


36 months = 1095 days = 26280hrs . No chance, 2 years is an eternity as it is.


Thanks for your help, I've showed my brother that deal. He will still be able to change if he wants that shorter contract. (y)


FYI, the link didn’t go straight to that deal for me, so it also may not have for the other user. Agreed that your deal is better than this one. Even though there’s an upfront cost, you’re out of the contract sooner.

The Flash Seasons 1 - 5 in HD now £13.99 at Sky Store
212° Expired
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
From the Arrow creative team of executive producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg and director David Nutter, THE FLASH is a fast-paced super hero drama that follows the high-s… Read more

Expired as back up to £59.99


Thank you sir.


Yes it says you can also watch Buy & Keep movies and TV shows on your: - PC/Mac - Android/iOS using the Sky Store app - NOW TV and Roku - LG Smart TV (WebOS1 or above) You can also watch Sky Store content on your Chromecast, simply select the Chromecast icon on the Sky Store apps or to view your content on the big screen. To download the free Sky Store App, go to


Would you be able to watch this through the NowTV app if you don't have Sky?


I do love the show, but I don't know if I'd watch again. I don't think it's has repeat viewing value.

Terminator Dark Fate - HD £7.99 to buy on sky Store
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Recent Terminator film Dark Fate is now £7.99 in Sky Store May Madness sale.

Have seen them all, but this is the worst by far


Have you seen T3 & Genisys?


one of the worst movies i`ve ever seen in my LIFE !


Does this mean it'll be on Sky Cinema shortly? FWIW.. I liked it!


Sorry, Voting cold on this, as it's the same price on iTunes in 4K. Even the iTunes deal has gone cold, it seams a lot of people don't like the movie.

Select Sky Boxsets free through May & June including GoT for Sky Customers
30/06/2020Expires on 30/06/2020Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
With people spending more time at home, Sky TV is making popular and iconic box sets such as Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, Parks & Recreation and Intelligence available to all Sk… Read more

I just tried a few US dramas listed on the sky go app. Still doesn’t seem to be working.


Ah okay, thanks :)


Probably not giving it you for free for 2 months as it’s a selection that will be made free between now and end of June compared to having access to all the ones they offer.


I pay for boxsets does that mean they are free to me for 2 months? I cant find anything anywhere


Thanks opp

Equaliser 1&2 (HD) - Buy & Keep - £6.99 @ Sky Store
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Looking how to spend my sky store voucher and came across this, not a bad price for HD digital copy of both films.
Get deal*Get deal*

Now TV stick. iPhone and iPad app with chromecast. You buy movie and you can watch on all sorts of devices.


You can watch on pc and chromecast but not Firestick and not in HD everywhere.


sky own my sky q box I dont.... if I cancel my subscription they want it back. how would I keep the movie if that had happened?


No it doesn’t!


Denzel is a badass mofo in both films, man is a machine

NOW TV Smart Stick with 1 month Entertainment Pass + 1 month Sky Cinema Pass + Sky Sports Day Pass £19.85 @ Boss Deals/ebay 
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
NOW TV Smart Stick with 1 month Entertainment & Sky Cinema Pass + Sky Sports Day Pass £19.85 @ Boss Deals from Amazon and ebay Amazon link ebay link Features & de… Read more

The deals you quote do NOT include the stick, those are just passes


Yes and comes with a remote.


Will this work for any smart tv?I bought a philips ambilight tv that doesn’t come with the now tv app so i was thinking that would do it.Also do i need a remote control with it?Cheers


How hot the offer is says it all.


Yes, been - past-tense. However, you said "Much cheaper offers around"

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