This little elf toy, boxed with lovely hardback book, boxed like elf on the shelf £5 @ Sainsbury's  instore

This little elf toy, boxed with lovely hardback book, boxed like elf on the shelf £5 @ Sainsbury's instore

Found 20th Sep 2014
Spotted this very cute stuffed toy elf, fantastic substitute on the very overpriced elf on shelf, I know I'm going to have lots of fun staging this for my daughter in the countdown to Christmas
Bought in store at sainsburys
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The real EOAS 'dolls' are hideous, no way would I give them house room. I'm surprised kids don't have nightmares, lol

This is sooooo cute, and I'd definitely have one living in my home. Hot!
Hot hot hot! It's about time someone started competing with that freaky elf doll. It's lovely to see a cute looking doll at a very sensible price!
Hot great price x
ooooo I hope they have them by me!!!
Awesome thanks! Other one is so expensive and freaks me out.

I dont like the real Elf on a Shelf either, but if looking for a substitute and cant find the one posted by OP, try TK Maxx, got mine from there, he's lovely, long legged with a cute face!
I picked up two of these a few weeks ago. Much better value than the Elf on the Shelf.
OOS in 2 near sainsburys near me - must be all the HUKD' on a hunt
Had these in the Heaton Park Manchester Sainsbury's. It's a nice elf, and won't gouge your eyes out at night like the other one
Sent my Dad to our local, they checked the computer and said it wasn't on the system :-(
Had about 8 in Sainsburys in Banbury this morning.
Had loads in Sainsburys in St Albans today so pleased I've got! :-)
Wish I lived near a Sainsburys to get one of these. I want to get one for the classroom this year.
We have the Original EOTS elf and my children love it. DOesn't give them nightmares etc. The EOTS DVD I bought o go along it helped though lol
I got this book a couple of days ago, had to ask at the help desk tho as it was in the stock room with all the Xmas stock,

so glad I saw it on here it's a super cute book, even better that you can personalise it
is this still £5?
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