Tokio Tablet 2.0 @ Sega Amusements £49.99 +VAT

Tokio Tablet 2.0 @ Sega Amusements £49.99 +VAT

Found 16th Dec 2012
On my search to find a budget tablet I came across the Tokio Tablet 2.0 available from Sega Amusements, I never made the purchased so I dont know what the product is like. There is no price on the Sega website but when I contacted them via email the price given was £49.99 + VAT. These are the same tablets that are found in the Sega games machines that can be won at your local amusements stores.
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Looks horrendous.
Ignore the cheap nasty Netbook to the right of the Tablet, the tablet itself does look cosmetically pleasing (not sure how it would perform though).
bloody hard to get specs on too. best source google found was :

Brand new 7" capacitive touch screen
Arm a8 1.2ghz processor
Web cam
4gb storage (micro sd card slot)
Version 4.0.4 ice cream sandwich
DDR 512mb ram

looks crap unfortunately but hard to vote without concrete info.
I've seen it in the flesh and it does look nice, pay a visit to your local Amusements store as these can be found in the large grab machines or those machines where you cut the string at £1 a go.
All the information I can find about it is that it's only (usually) sold to arcade operators by Sega and in bulk. My guess is it's a typical 800*480 generic chinese.

The 1.0 version also is apparently fairly restrictive from what I can gather.
What does the 5pieces/carton mean.....Would be great if they were about £10 each
Actually looking at the website. They probably don't sell single units to individuals.
My 9 year old son got one of these for Christmas. They are easy to use, light and great value for money. They have a multi touch screen, web cam, he video player, wifi, 1.2ghz and 4gb storage plus a micro ad card slot so you can add additional memory. It's a hit in our house, I have an iPad and am well impressed with the Tokio tablet.
we have them gd for using to read books and keeping the kids happy without having to spend to much
Hi, I won x3 of these at our local Arcade. There just like Mini I-Pads!, great Wi-Fi pick up, good quality, records video well & photo's are pretty good too. Very easy to use. Make good gifts for Birthdays/Christmas, etc. It cost me £12- to win all 3, so I was Lucky, got them dirt cheap!!. I'm gonna keep one & give the other 2 away as gifts. Works great on Virgins (Free Wi-Fi) Trains. Watched three movies on it, from Penzance to Paddington Stn, with the Charger plugged in under the table. Via YouTube! . (Now That's Entertainment!).... All round Nice little Android Device. Well done Sega!. Regards, PJ.
My daughter. Won one they are good worth buying one
My 10 year old son won the tokio tablet and smartphone off 1 pounds I was amazed so if you take it for what it is then they are fab. It's not an iPad so don't expect it to be at the cheap price you get what you pay fir but he us happy that's all that matters really.
@clairemac1 hi, where did your son get them for £1? Thank you
I just recently won one of these tokio tablet 2.0 from the seaside amusement on my first go costing me £1 it is a good tablet but does it have to b on charge all the time because everytime I take it off charge it switches off can anyone help??
I won one in a London amusements and it works like any other android tablet
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