Amazon gift cards now available @ Microsoft Rewards

Posted 12th Jul 2022
Amazon gift cards have finally been added to Microsoft Rewards. £5 Voucher = 7,600 points £10 Voucher = 15,200. This means you could earn £361 Amazon vouchers each year and they don't expire
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  1. shak's avatar
    Is this worth it or better to get something else like game pass sub?
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    You could even use the points for your grocery shopping at Tesco or save them them up and buy Xmas gifts at Curry's or Amazon.
  2. benbb's avatar
    Can’t get on the redeem page atm for some reason to check but this would be awesome if I can,
    Also to note to get that amount in a year would require owning an Xbox, roughly what I get without owning one is

    MS rewards website
    162 points daily searches
    50 Roughly daily quests, often more during the week and less at weekend,
    Plus 150 points every 10 days
    Approx 82, 780 per year

    Xbox app for iPhone
    Approx 300 points a day if you have PC game pass and log into an online server, and do 1 level of jewel
    109,500 per year
    Total 192,280 or £126 in Amazon vouchers
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    That worked and Amazon gift card is there, thanks!
  3. Rum_Ham's avatar
    This is great! I’ve been saving my points for an Xbox Console (using Microsoft store vouchers) but always terrified of redeeming them and then the console going out of stock - leaving you just waiting in hope that it restocks before the Microsoft vouchers expire!!
    jamesrobertkerr1997's avatar
    Very good point. Thanks for acknowledging that.
  4. Neostar's avatar
    15200x10 = 152000 points needed for £100 amazon voucher

    29250x4 = 117000 points needed for £100 microsoft gift card

    Somehow this feels like a ripoff (edited)
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    MS Store rarely has anything below retail prices though, plus the credit expires within 90 days, so if you want is out of stock, youre out of luck. Plus you can usually buy games (if you even need any games now gamepass is so comprehensive) via VPN cheaper than UK prices.
  5. thenexus6's avatar
    Nice! I have almost 200K in MS rewards
  6. shak's avatar
    What’s the best pound for pound thing to get with the points?
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    I only use mine for buying controllers and forza. If you get a limited edition controller they don’t tend to be cheaper elsewhere and if they are it’s only by around £5
  7. SKDREAM's avatar
    Thanks for sharing this! Was planning to use my points to get a £50 mouse from the Microsoft store but now could wait a bit longer and get a better Logitech one via Amazon!
  8. TheJimp's avatar
    Good spot! Looks promising
  9. Admast79's avatar
    £361 in Amazon gift cards that would be around 550k points.

    That's not really possible. Unless I don't know something?
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    550k is the maximum redeemable points
  10. TheJimp's avatar
    I can't see Amazon vouchers on the Xbox app currently, but they are showing on the website, just in case anyone is puzzling like I was.
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    I'm assuming they've only added them today because the only way I could use the redeem section was to right click and open in new tab.
  11. Bikertov's avatar
    Not seeing Amazon gift cards on my console this morning, but it has appeared on the Redeem tab on an Edge PC browser !
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