Posted 18 January 2024

Amtech A3380 Multi Axe, Nail Puller, Pry Bar, Hammer & Axe All-In-One

4 Tools in One…OLE

About this item
VERSATILE AND DURABLE: This multi axe has a strong, one piece steel construction and features a hammer, nail puller, pry bar and axe all in one handy tool
RUBBER GRIP: It is fitted with a rubber grip for extra comfort


Am-Tech Multi Axe
One piece steel construction
Features hammer, nail puller, pry bar and axe
Fitted with comfortable rubber grip
About this item
  • VERSATILE AND DURABLE: This multi axe has a strong, one piece steel construction and features a hammer, nail puller, pry bar and axe all in one handy tool
  • RUBBER GRIP: It is fitted with a rubber grip for extra comfort

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  1. MEATCUBE's avatar
    I actually bought this a while ago, the blade on the axe was terrible, couldn't cut through a small branch and i was always worried about it bouncing back and the hammer whacking me in the face. The prying tool also couldn't compete against a wooden desk and bent out of shape. Absolutely terrible. I left it in the garden and someone stole it. I didn't even mind.
    PepetheFr0g's avatar
    Another person with an axe to grind.
  2. Bob_Ross_The_Boss's avatar
    Can you keep this in your car?
    HotAddict's avatar
    "Its for changing a tyre officer"
  3. windmill's avatar
    anyone else buy a few ( 5% off if you buy 4!) and build an healthy excercise/etc axe-throwing setup in their garage? Asking cos need convincing reasons Not to. (edited)
    Karling's avatar
    These are not really ideal for throwing... as in the sport of axe-throwing.

    Best you get in touch with the Axe Throwing League (IATF)...

    You will though need to have a min. of a 12inch beard if you become a member. (edited)
  4. redtom's avatar
  5. NeptunesNemesis's avatar
    What a pointless item.
    I have a hammer, more than one
    I have a small and large axe.
    I have a selection of pry bars in various sizes.
    Nail pullers no problem 
    What a total waste of money for an item that won’t do any one job particularly well.

    So why did I go oooh that’s a bargain and buy one?
    I need help
    Daves_mate's avatar
    Because you are a warrior!
  6. mrew42's avatar
    Bought three so I can practice juggling.
  7. zzzz's avatar
    Heavier than you would expect
  8. tttm1st's avatar
    Couldn’t think of a reason not to buy 🤷🏼‍♂️
    Addikt's avatar
    I have a method for surviving HUKD. I think to myself “try to remember a time in your life where having this item would’ve made life better/easier”, then, regardless of if I can think of anything, “…sod it, it’s only £6”.
  9. RadiantDuck's avatar
  10. jonnybargain's avatar
    That looks like something you'd take on the crusades or to kill a vampire (edited)
  11. urbanbushwacker's avatar
    BPatrik91's avatar
    With your nickname it's a must
  12. philrrobinson's avatar
    It's only 13.7 inches long.
    Lonerless's avatar
    Are you bragging or complaining?
  13. Shards51's avatar
    Who knew that I needed this? Thanks op ordered
    HwylFawr's avatar
    The zombie apocalypse is coming
  14. Oxide2k's avatar
    Heat I bought it, I'm not entirely sure why, I just felt the need to
    BigBellyNelly's avatar
    More to the point, why not?
  15. Dean_Marcus's avatar
    Imagine hammering a nail with the blade of an axe repeatedly coming towards your face, what could go wrong.
    TBC15's avatar
    Am I wearing any clothes in this scenario?
  16. Tank12345's avatar
    Positively medieval, ordered!
  17. help-me2's avatar
    That not an axe this is an axe
  18. liamwill's avatar
    A must have for any London youth or bike thief.
  19. rubberduck's avatar
    Ordered four. To be sure, to be sure, to be sure.
  20. narcyx's avatar
    Any balaclava hat offers?
    Ouzoherb's avatar
    Most common accompanying purchase is the cartoon snoods
  21. Calumt's avatar
    Ah the London walking stick
  22. TBC15's avatar
    A hand axe with Christian overtones, justwhat the voices say I need,
  23. CourseFinder's avatar
    London loves it!
  24. Ik65's avatar
    This is then one thing i would have if i was stuck on a deserted island
  25. defgimp's avatar
    I tried to use the nail puller on one of these at the weekend, worked fine on a single piece of wood but struggled using it on nails in floorboards, the top of the axe part kept sticking in the floor as I was trying to get the nail puller under the nail

    worked fine as a hammer to hammer said nail into the floor as I couldn’t get the nail puller under it

    decent weight to it too
    PG1953's avatar
    Always put Protection underneath at the point of contact
  26. mattd555's avatar
    great pocket edc
  27. Pete_OnB's avatar
    Nice weapon for home defence.
  28. BarnSt0rmer's avatar
    Cold, no bottle opener.
    chitychatty's avatar
    Surely you use your teeth if you wander around with this in your belt?
  29. mrew42's avatar
    Last time ... Ok the ONLY time I bought an axe it was from Wilko in Romford
    Cashier "Would you like a bag with that?"
    Me "No, I'll just carry it around Romford like this!"
    help-me2's avatar
    So no difference to a lot of other people in Romford
  30. Heetz55's avatar
    Hi. Tempting to buy 4 for practicing. Axing for a friend!
  31. PhishTahko's avatar
    Might buy a few incase there’s ever a Zombie Apocalypse 🧟
  32. ShaunRanger's avatar
    I dont need it. I dont need it. I do not need it.
    Ordered, thanks.
  33. jamesywelsh's avatar
    Do not need but it looks cool…..

    Ordered! :-)
  34. thegrimester's avatar
    I am buying 2
  35. Jonewasright's avatar
    Good to have around thee house when the food runs out and the power grid goes down.
  36. trent.milner's avatar
    nice one, great day today....i grabbed this, the duct tape, the shovel just need the industrial man sized bags then I'm sorted for a spot of gardening
    CoolRunnings12's avatar
    Same here except I didnt know about the shovel cheers ordering that now
  37. jimlad21's avatar
    Great tool for the gang culture we have in cities!
    urbanbushwacker's avatar
    Are these cities you talk about populated by the Amish. who roam around in gangs and put up illegal Barnes On Every Street corner
  38. gracey236's avatar
    This looks retro
  39. 360_Fov's avatar
    I was randomly given one of these years ago by my dad and it's just a cool object... don't even use it per se, it's just cool lol
  40. halecrater's avatar
    No free p&p code?
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