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Posted 18th Sep 2019
Their prices seem cheap compared to others. But can't find any reviews for them.
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[Guide] Is technodrone a legitimate site?

This Black Friday and Christmas season has featured a new merchant on the scene called technodrone uk. They claim to offer 2019’s hottest products at near rock-bottom prices, including the latest drones, consoles and games. While the old phrase “too good to be true” is often a reliable maxim when it comes to offers like this, you can also miss out on legitimate deals that are genuine by simply dismissing these kind of offers out of hand.

So, in this brief guide, we’ll give our verdict on whether technodrone. uk is a legitimate retailer as well as have a look at what others around the web are saying.

Technodrone uk reviews – What’s the verdict?

On trustpilot, Technodrone currently has 1 star out of 5, with most users reporting having had very negative experiences with the company. More troublingly, technodrone appears to be trying to have negative reviews deleted from the trustpilot website by claiming that they violate the trustpilot’s Terms of Service. With only 1 review out of 111 claiming to have had a good experience, it’s safe to say that technodroneuk is not considered trustworthy by trustpilot.

Is technodrone . uk a scam site?

When it comes to determining whether a site is a scam or not, there are usually a few red flags to look for.

A website’s age is one such indicator, with a lot of scam sites being quite new. According to the whois website, technodrone was created in August 2019, making it a mere 5 months old. While this by no means proves that its a scam site, it is a minor red flag that should already make us a bit cautious.

Another decent indicator that website might be illegitimate are prices that are too good to be true. As of December 2019, is offering all of its products for prices a good 20-25% below the rest of the competition. While good deals aren’t always a bad sign, legitimate sites will usually only offer these kinds of discounts on a handful of products. If all the products it offers are significantly cheaper, then this is a strong sign that something is amiss.

The last piece of the puzzle for this particular company seems to be that so many e-commerce companies are registered to the same address. Nerdpitch, online-escooter .uk, smart-and-wheel .com, shopora and shopozo .net are only a handful of some 20 websites registered to a single address in Paris. All of these sites have suspiciously low prices across the board, which as we previously stated is a serious red flag. Even more troubling is that some of the websites also having dodgy security certificate issuers for their websites. That means that any payment information you enter these websites could also be compromised!

Our conclusion is that you should definitely think long and hard before using technodrone .uk and its associated shops.

At the time of writing, technodrome is now offline.
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