Got any questions about deals or products? The hotukdeals community is sure to have somebody who knows the answer. Check out the Ask discussion group for everything deal and product-related.
Got any questions about deals or products? The hotukdeals community is sure to have somebody who knows the answer. Check out the Ask discussion group for everything deal and product-related.
0 replies
Posted 28 m ago
I'm trying to find 3 medium (20kg) hard shell suitcases. Ideally I'd like to spend £40 per suitcase. Would appreciate any deals that someone can steer me to.
uchihayoshinori uchihayoshinori
7 replies
Posted 6 h, 43 m ago
PAC code query. Moving fathers number to my account
Long story short my father would have appear to have dementia. My mum and me are trying to do simple steps at this time to watch say what cash he has, how much he can withdraw etc. One iss…
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5 replies
Posted 8 h, 53 m ago
Recommendation for an activity tracker/silent alarm
What I really need is a silent vibrating alarm that is sure to wake me up but not others around me. Tracking sleep, daily steps, heart rate would just be a plus. I bought s fitbit years ago …
purplewilde purplewilde
13 replies
Posted 9 h, 3 m ago
Cameras - Permission from landlord
Good morning everyone, We installed a camera in our bedroom window(we live in ground floor flat) and the camera only covers our private garden. We have a camera in the kitchen too and thi…
Wayne_John Wayne_John
1 reply
Posted 9 h, 12 m ago
Google Pixel 8 25% Code Ask
Hi, Google has been sending out 25% discount codes on Pixel 8 Pro's to select Google One members. I was wondering if anyone has one that they are not going to be using and can share with me.…
BazzaB1964 BazzaB1964
2 replies
Posted 12 h, 25 m ago
Dyson hairdryer
Wife got one a few years ago and she finds it cuts out every time she uses it despite cleaning the filters. Dyson support want £90 to look at it! Never had issues with other brands costing…
WiganLaticsFan WiganLaticsFan
5 replies
Posted 18 h, 56 m ago
Electric Power break socket keeps tripping
Hello, hoping someone can help We got a used Beko freezer for the store room. It keeps tripping the power breaker socket as soon as I plug-in. When connected to a normal wall socket in the…
playdumb playdumb
9 replies
Posted 20 h, 14 m ago
Coffee machine
Hi Looking at getting a coffee machine - do people recommend any and do supermarket pods work with any to reduce costs? Thanks
adamfarmer272 adamfarmer272
1 reply
Posted 20 h, 55 m ago
VW T6.1 California Ocean Camper Van
Hey Experts, what site can I hire a VW T6.1 California Ocean Camper Van, to try before buying? Also, where can I buy a good used one. Finally, does it worth it? Your personal recommendat…
An.dy An.dy
12 replies
Posted 22 h, 20 m ago
Disney World Planning Advice
Hi. We're looking at going to Disney World next year around August. First time going, 2 adults, 2 kids 10 and 13. Spoken to Tui and Virgin so far for 14 nights. We're planning on staying…
porradude porradude
11 replies
Posted 23 h, 44 m ago
Consumer advice
Hi Oracles, Looking for some advice on a product I bought. I bought the 322GW full package Dash cam from Next base; the main features for me was parking mode whilst the engine is off. You…
KatieMarsden91 KatieMarsden91
6 replies
Posted 23 h, 49 m ago
Virgin media price rise
Hi I took 18 months contract last year April 2023. When I take contract they told me they will be no price rise until end of your contract which is October 2024. The actual plan is 150mb spe…
humdan424 humdan424
20 replies
Posted 23 h, 57 m ago
Online Shopping - The High Street's Downfall
I think it would be nice for us to reverse our, dare I say, dependence, on online shopping. The 24/7, at your fingertips retail phenomenon has been both positive and negative. On the face of…
mstrb8r mstrb8r
8 replies
Posted 19th Apr
Buying my first bbq. Which are best
I am actually going to buy my very first bbq but wondered if anyone could give me some advice please. I have a budget of about £350. Was looking at a gas one. What are the benefits of a dua…
Pilsbury12 Pilsbury12
8 replies
Posted 19th Apr
Pc to handle fortnite and roblox
hi looking for a budget pc for fortnite and Roblox, max budget is £350 You have helped me in the past so I know you can do it. Thanks Nige
n_Rud n_Rud
1 reply
Posted 19th Apr
Hob with Built in Extraction - Any Good?
I've heard Elica brand do an induction hob with an extraction that goes downward, has anyone tried this, would it replace a hood with external extraction? Thanks
BluebirdRobin BluebirdRobin
2 replies
Posted 19th Apr
Hi, Has anyone used this site to sell before? I am looking to sell my tablet and they seem to have the best price. Also is the item fully insured with their Postage Label. Thanks for replies
Brando1 Brando1
64 replies
Posted 19th Apr
Selling site
We’re moving house and getting rid of a lot of stuff. A lot of it is my late father’s. we’ve managed to get rid of some from Facebook marketplace but not getting very far. Looked on vinted b…
Nikita_Percival Nikita_Percival
8 replies
Posted 19th Apr
Blue and white tissue roll suppliers
Does anyone know where to purchase blue or white tissue rolls? I'm looking for large rolls and not the embossed kitchen roll stuff. I used to purchase it on eBay but the seller has disappea…
T1Cybernetic T1Cybernetic
17 replies
Posted 19th Apr
YouTube Premium price increase.
Hello friends. Hi hope everyone is doing well, I just got an email from YouTube giving me notice of the upcoming price increase. I had my account from Argentina and it’s already had many pr…
DayDreamer121 DayDreamer121
1 reply
Posted 18th Apr
ID Mobile (poo emoji) CS/App?
Is it just me or is their whole "self service" thing a load of untested dog dirt. - Been unable to use the app all weekend ("We're experiencing difficulties..") - Just about managed to get …
Roger_Irrelevant Roger_Irrelevant
30 replies
Posted 18th Apr
Wildlife camera recommendations.
Can anyone recommend any decent 4k wildlife cameras with nightvision? I'm determined to catch the local lazy dog walker who likes nothing better than decorating neighbours trees with (poo) …
1616french 1616french
9 replies
Posted 18th Apr
Samsung Jet 75 vacuum cleaner turbo action head broken
Hello. I purchased a Samsung Jet 75 vacuum cleaner from Crampton & Moore last July, one of the deals posted here. Recently the turbo brush head has broken; the internal bit holding the…
whitelightning whitelightning
12 replies
Posted 18th Apr
Pc people, is this a decent build and price?
MSI B650 GAMING PLUS WIFI Motherboard; AMD Ryzen 5 7600X (6C/12T @ 4.7GHz) AM5 Thermalright Frozen Prism240 Black ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler; PC GAMING COMPUTER ATX TOWER CASE TEMPERED GLA…
bluejmc2005 bluejmc2005
1 reply
Posted 18th Apr
Amazon Student Prime Renewal
Amazon emailed me to advise it's due to expire soon. The email advises that, if I am still a student, I can re-verify my status - however, when I click the link in the email to do so or the…
HappyShopper HappyShopper
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