Anyone Using Induction Converter Plates With Copper Pans? Are They Safe?

Posted 23rd Jun 2022
Has anyone tried an induction coverter plate? (This sort of thing).
3954010-9hlIq.jpgI was going to gift a copper pan to my partner's mum. Wondering whether it would be suitable to use with her new induction hob cooker. But I'm reading all sorts of horror stories! Certain brands cause stained - or, worse - cracked glass.

Some suggest keeping cookware at medium, and not high heat (personally I'd rather buy new cookware, instead of worrying about cooking temperatures).

Any experience of these? Thank you
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    We bought an induction hob protector. To prevent us from cracking the surface with a pan..
    We got the:- 'NEW' EDGED STANDARD (4 RING) - 590 X 520MM
    This has :- NEW design available with a sealed silicone edge to prevent fraying. (edited)

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    Yes to stop the surface getting scratched, marked or cracked. We read some of the horror stories and advice too.
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    I would just bite the bullet and buy the correct pans. That looks like a right faff and will always only give you sub-performance in terms of heating / efficiency.
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    Have had no issues with the hob at max heat, but we are using steel pans. Have not used a copper based pan.. And have not tried an induction converter plate either .. (edited)
    I misunderstood you, I thought you were recommending the protector to use with non-induction pans?

    Think it's best erring on the side of caution and not gifting the copper pan. She does okay out of me anyway, usually
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    Having spent some time online we took the recommended advice and brought the protector. As even with the correct pans you can mark, scratch or even cracking your induction hob.. And just been reminded you may have boost on your hob to get it even hotter, which has never caused any problems..
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    Doesn’t placing a metal disc below the pan remove some of the benefits of an induction hob.

    I used to have an induction hob, used cast iron pans, never had a problem. Using a plate under the pan is no less likely to scratch the glass than a pan in my opinion.
    Exactly this, you are basically introducing inefficiency into the system. Just buy the right pans!!
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