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I have a secondhand shop and I find that the best machine is still bosch and Hotpoint..dont bother with servis,indisit and I think Beko is a good cheap alternative.
i want a mate like you who buys her mate a washing machine!
was looking recently and seemed to be the LG direct drive WM's were going to be the best
I wasnt slating you i think its lovely
Buy a Bosch.
Bought one 3 years ago and its still keeping up with the kids dirty clothes. They managed to break the door off by swinging on it. I ordered a new door on line and had it fitted within 10 mins. Spare parts are reasonable and designed in a way that makes them easy to replace.
My earlier Hoover was scrapped after 2 years.


You are joking !!!!!!!

This web site:


Says about hotpoint:

"It is sad to have to say that the reliability of current Hotpoint appliances does not inspire confidence".

Go for a Bosch.
I just brought a Hoover washer dryer that i’m very happy with, its quiet has a fast wash and loads of different settings the guy from comet who delivered it said they are very reliable he said Hotpoints are the ones he has to pick up for repairs the most.
Go for Bosch every time. I have a Bosch washing machine, dishwasher, cooker & fridge - they've all been great.
IMO it's better to get a basic spec machine from a quality brand that will be reliable for years, than go for a cheaper brand with tonnes of features you'll never use
Miele are the best, but at a price. What you get is a machine you will probably have for 20 years rather than 2. There are some cheaper models, but still over your budget I'm afraid
This is the one I have and it's amazing (I know - it's discontinued). I've had about 10 different washing machines over the years of all different brands and this is the one for me.
You could try the comet seconds website where you can get some good deals by bidding. I can't remember the URL, but a quick search on here should get it.
Dont think of Hoover-one big joke!!! eight drers later and two many repairs to mention...Hotpoint i believe are similar but havent first hand experience. I will be buying a Bosch next time!

You are joking !!!!!!!This web … You are joking !!!!!!!This web site:http://ukwhitegoods.co.uk/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=134Says about hotpoint:"It is sad to have to say that the reliability of current Hotpoint appliances does not inspire confidence". Go for a Bosch.

From experience, never had a problem with hotpoint!
for a decent Miele deal
Within your price bracket (just) Which says:

Zanussi-Electrolux ZWF14581
Price: £369
Score: 69%
Freestanding or built-in: Freestanding
This Best Buy Zanussi-Electrolux gives excellent washing results across the board: whether you use the cotton, easy-care or 30 degree program, your clothes will come out clean. It’s one of the best models we’ve tested.

The 7kg capacity ZWF14581 from the Jetsystem+ range automatically adjusts the water and energy use according to the amount of washing in each load. We tested the 40 degree cotton program with and without the Jetsystem+ engaged – both scored equally well, but you can save 10 minutes by not using Jetsystem+.

AEG-Electrolux L62810
Price: £294
Score: 68%
Freestanding or built-in: Freestanding
Compare prices: AEG-Electrolux L62810
Although not the best across the board, this 6kg model scores points for excellent cleaning on both cotton and quick cycles.

A cotton wash does take nearly two and quarter hours but the quick wash saves you over an hour.

By the way - you never mentioned washing machine or washer drier?

Hope this helps - we have previously has Zanussi's that have proved very good.
Boots Kitchen Appliancesor Sainsburys depending whether u collect nectar or advantage points (they are both operated by DRL Limited)


This website is very good for comparing prices once you know what you want.

I just recently bought the Indesit Moon from Boots - made up with it - simply to use and clean.
My Dad and Step Dad are both self employed domestic appliance engineers

They both recommend Miele over anything but they are expensive, the worst machine you can get is an Indesit or Indesh*t as they call them.

If you can't afford a Miele you should look to get a Bosch then a Bendix then a Zanussi
From personal experience - Bosch.

From CA -

"Bosch machines are reliable and often among the top scorers in our tests. There are three ranges: the Classixx, Exxcel and Logixx. If you're on a budget we'd recommend a Classixx as they nearly always clean as well as the higher-specification Exxcel and Logixx machines and are cheaper."

"Miele is currently the undisputed king of our washing machines tests. Few can match its consistently high scoring and reliable freestanding and built-in washing machines."

Hotpoint "Their current models rarely match the cleaning ability of Best Buys and reliability is disappointing"

"Hoover washers often do poorly in our tests."

"LG's marketing makes a lot of the Direct Drive technology to reduce noise, but we've found machines aren't especially quiet compared to other models."

My mum and me purchased this and absolutely love it. If you use voucher code for 20% off at littlewoods you'll get it for £239.20. Mwah....gem...x
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