Posted 10 February 2024

Best Men's fragrances to pick from this list?

Hello. I would be able to get a set of fragrances at a discounted price at an airport duty-free shop, however I'm stuck on deciding which ones to get.
Any suggestions, thoughts, opinions are appreciated If it helps, I'm a mid-20s male.

Azzaro The Most Wanted EDP 100ml - £56.34 (Fragrantica score of 4.55)

Yves Saint Laurent Nuit Homme EDT 100ml - £59.40 (Fragrantica score of 4.44)

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb EDT 90ml - £61.20 (Fragrantica score of 4.30)

Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Intense EDP 100ml - £67.50 (Fragrantica score of 4.27)

Valentino Born In Roma Uomo Intense EDP 100ml - £69.12 (Fragrantica score of 4.50)

Dior Dior Homme Intense EDP 100ml - £78.48 (Fragrantica score of 4.50)
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  1. Corner_taken_quickly's avatar
    Lynx Africa all the way...
    666FU's avatar
    Yeah. This is the answer. Makes the girls go crazy
  2. stu1991's avatar
    I'd go for the azzaro one, thats the next one i need to add to my collection
  3. headfullofcrisps's avatar
    Our lass told me she loved Viktor and Rolf on me…mind you that was 20 years ago…lol (edited)
  4. ChelseaRae's avatar
    Valentino Born In Roma Uomo Intense gets my vote.
  5. ASongOfIceandFire's avatar
    Dior all day
  6. eelvis's avatar
    What age is the bloke?
    Andrew_K's avatar
    Heya, 25.
  7. suejb2's avatar
    So from the first four comments you’ve been given different suggestions. It’s too subjective. You do you .
  8. nopartylikeansclubparty's avatar
    L'eau de Issey from Issey miyake.

    Nothing comes close in my opinion
    jimbo23's avatar
    Yep. Defiantly can't go wrong with that in my experience.
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