Posted 7 April 2024

Black comfortable Trainers to blend in as black shoes - for Work


I'm on a lookout for black trainers that's smart enough to pass as black shoes for work for wearing trousers. I'm on my feet all day at work and need something very comfortable

I was recommended Vans EXO range in black but it's over my price range.
Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Adidas Stan Smith.

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    Are these comfortable?
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    I use these Under Armour Mojo 2 at work. Very comfortable. Got them a year ago at £27. (edited)
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    Not sure of your budget, but look at sketchers on amazon, nice styles and very comfortable,
  4. mutley1's avatar
    sketchers are a good alternative to formal shoes and they are very comfortable.
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    Not trainers ....but just work shoes.....Ive bought a black slip on shoe from Marks and Spencer Airflex range and I can wear them all day without even noticing.

    Not sure what theyre called but the product code (?) is T03/9060/7462

    Skechers are comfortable but arent particularly cheap any more and dont last too long on my feet. (edited)
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    Can't beat skechers for comfort
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    Is that you Jamie?
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    I wore Skechers for work and they were really comfortable but then I bought a pair of Dr martins and after a couple of months of breaking them in I have to say they are more comfortable than the Skechers and they have lasted longer.
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    You might get away with

    Adidas VS Pace Trainers

    Currently £36 here but only sizes 9-12 available…888


    Maybe the adidas Courtblock Trainers would do either

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    Adidas Ultraboosts are incredibly comfortable but they won't make a suitable alternative as a shoe and are expensive.

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    I work in healthcare sales and on my feet all day 5x a week on site. And my feet absolutely ache. So this is all much appreciated. Thanks all
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    you don't say what your budget is.

    Nike Air Force are extremely comfortable.

    Also, have you considered taking two or three pairs to work with you and changing throughout the day to freshen things up so to speak.
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    Customise a pair of Nike Air or Adidas Ultraboost to all black. (edited)
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    Depending on what shoe size you are don't rule out the kids department which sometimes go up to a 6.5 now (in Adidas anyway).

    Friend saved £20 on a pair of trainers getting them from kids section in size 6.
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