Buying first house: Long gap between exchange and completion, am I right to be worried?

Posted 13th Nov 2021
Long story short, we are first time buyers the house we are buying, the sellers of that house are purchasing a new build. The new build company are insisting on a fast exchange, we have managed to hold them off for a few months but now there is nothing holding anything back so we will likely exchange next week. The completion will not be until the end of January.

2 questions if anyone has any advice.

1st our mortgage offer is valid until completion so won’t expire, what are the risks of it being retracted. We have had and will have no financial changes at all, jobs very secure etc. Is there a real risk?

2nd anyone know of any insurance companies who will insure for this long gap, most companies stipulate you cannot be out of the property for more than 30 days. I I also expect most ‘normal’ insurance is not actually suitable for between exchange and completion.

Any help/advice will be much appreciated.
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