Posted 23 June 2018

Cannot get cashback on USA sites anymore since GDPR

I used to use a cashback site called ebates (they are part of rakuten) they didnt offer the best rates but at least they tracked and paid ok.
On the day of the stooopid GDPR, ebates would not let me earn anymore cashback to my location. (even tried topcashbacks us site (.com),, befrugal and extrabux and cactus<something>)
None are tracking my purchases.
Ive tried VPN's to give me a USA/Canada I.P.

Anyone else buy stuff from the states that can recommend a cashback site?
Cant use a special debit/credit card with automatic cashback on purchases either as I need to use a credit card that lets me use it on foreign purchases without excessive additional fees.
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  1. jamie15's avatar
    Maybe try a Smart DNS and see if that works?
  2. regretful1's avatar
    You can use windscribe VPN which gives you a free 10Gb a month, which should work.
  3. splatsplatsplat's avatar
    K, Ive tried smartDNS free trial, changed my ip to an american one. I just tested the site in USA that was blocking me and it still is.

    If anyone reading this, or has a similar problem or bored and want to try themselves.

    Try going to
    It tells me it is unavailable in my area

    Ive tried VPN's (havent yet tried winscribe - trying to avoid paying out to test)
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