Posted 28th Nov 2020
I got up on Wednesday morning and my car windscreen and windows were frozen up - so I used a few jugs of cool water and a scraper to clear them. On Wednesday night, however, I thought that I would try Demon Ice by Carplan - it says to spray it over the car windscreen, etc, on the night that frost/ice is forecast and that in the morning no ice would have settled. So I did this (sprayed plenty on as well) but when I went out on Thursday morning, my car was frozen up exactly as it was on Wednesday, so I had to resort to jugs of water and a scraper again!

Has anybody got any suggestions as to something to use to stop the car windscreen, etc, freezing up overnight, that actually works? A few years ago, I tried out a heavy weight magnetic car windscreen cover, but come the morning, that had actually frozen fast to the windscreen, so I never tried it again. Any suggestions welcome. Thank you.
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