Cazoo Extended Warranty - anygood?

Posted 8th Nov 2022
Hi Guys

Been a busy week sorting stuff with car but finally decided to buy a car from Cazoo.

They are offering 3 years extended warranty on the car in the event of anything going wrong… it’s £27 a month.

Just wondered if anyone has ever taken this out and feels if it’s been money well spent?

I imagine obvious scenario - if something goes wrong your covered for expensive repairs and have the peace of mind?.

(The dilemma is if you want it - you have to add it to the point of check out to be able to pay monthly for it - otherwise if you decide afterward buying the car, you have to pay the larger payment as a one off cost)
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  1. bensbb's avatar
    As far as I understand it you are pretty well protected as a customer buying a car from any dealer in the first 6 months
    Your legal rights if something goes wrong with your car | What Car?
    After this period you don't have much recourse just a battle with the warranty provider.
    It's worth checking if the car is still in manufacturer warranty too, a lot of cars have long warranties now, check if that might be transferrable to a new owner or not.

    £19 a month is £912 over 4 years which is quite a lot but not completely ridiculous in my opinion - it does depend on what the excess is though and what's covered. A lot of warranties will only cover major mechanical components e.g. engine and gearbox and on some modern cars you could have a complete failure of the electronic systems that isn't covered and cost £££ to repair. You dont have to buy their own warranty you can look at third party providers like warrantywise and warranty direct.

    Personally speaking though I just put money to one side to pay for repairs. Put your £19 a month in the bank and you'd probably be in profit. (edited)
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    Thank you. I wonder can I cancel it without cancelling a car
  2. Turret-Buddy's avatar
    I got a 69 plate through Cazoo last year, fretted about the warranty, got a years. Which has just ran out, no issues at all so it was kinda wasted. But I wanted it for peace of mind. I doubt if get it again though. You get 90 days warranty anyway that's really more than enough if anything was going to go wrong I'm sure
  3. spicy_gal's avatar
    we bought a Mini from Cazoo 2 months ago and are in the middle of getting issues resolved via their 90 day warranty. It's a real pain in the proverbial. Have to call daily to get updates as to when my car will get booked in for repair works. We didn't extend the warranty because it's a lot of money and I have heard that Cazoo has been shrinking it's workforce so maybe under threat. Your extended warranty wont be worth anything if Cazoo collapse ( there have been rumblings of this).
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    As you are under the 90 free warranty and your new car is having problems - do they provide you with a vehicle whilst your car is being repaired??
  4. nick1981's avatar
    The one I’m looking to buy is actually a 66 plate.. so will be 6 years old.

    I’m working on as the car is slightly older there’s a chance it might become beneficial.

    Although it’s only done 30k miles so hasn’t done loads of mileage.

    Curious to know if in the event you do have a problem - do they attempt to say it’s not covered etc
  5. WWhite's avatar
    My brother had an issue and it was a no-go with the Cazoo extended warranty. All kind of excuses, and at the end the little prints basically say that nothing is covered by the warranty.
    Its a open scam (not only Cazoo, but any policy for an used car). A friend of mine got a claim rejected because it cannot be proved that the failure didn't exist before the guaranty policy...
    Save your money, and use it if needed for the garage in case of a problem.
    Patrick_Bunduki's avatar
    I paid morethan 2k for my car clutch while on that warranty... guys don't even try buying an extended cazoo warranty its a farce they work with a company called Assurant ... after driving my car for only 9k miles the clutch gave up on me... They told me my clutch reached "it end of life" therefore not covered by the warranty. no way in their T&C it said end of life... they are thieves its a scam... the lady at Cozoo was even shocked to learn that there was something called "end of life" for car parts.. Assurant is a bad company with rude customer assistants.. no go guys dont waste your money...
  6. BlackAdam's avatar
    any updates or news? I have bought VW Polo today from 2015 and got 4-year warranty for £19 a month. It’s my first car in life
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    Cazoo were burning through a LOT of cash to keep things going and have pulled out of the EU

    I'm NOT convinced they will be around to support the warranty! (edited)
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    Is it actually serviced by them though? Normally they're just a broker for this kind of thing.
  8. JimboParrot's avatar
    The trouble with warranties is that they don't always cover a mechanic's charges. They have a very low hourly rate quoted.
  9. NDass's avatar
    I've also recently bought a car from Cazoo and my experience with them under the standard 90 day warranty is super sick. They don't value customer satisfaction at all past sales. You will not feel like being welcomed at all at their customer centre, just some very young boys managing the desk .. no aptitude or within their rights to make customer happy by resolving the issues.

    I have a service plan from them for 3 years at £14/p.m. .. which I am now thinking to cancel. Earlier I had in mind to buy extended warranty from Cazoo as my 90 day warranty ends, but I am unlikely to do so.

    It might be better experience to buy an extended warranty directly from brand if they sell one. In my case SEAT does offer one.…lan

    One thing that stood out in Cazoo's t&c for extended warranty was they cover the mechanical failure of gearbox/clutches which is an exclusion in SEAT's own warranty. But hearing experience of others with clutch's end of life thing, makes it look like a false policy.

    It is very hard to decide whether to buy any cover at all or not. (edited)
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    Just to update you / after much deliberation myself I decided to cancel all my “cover plans”
    I decided to set up a new small bank account (car fund), where I send £35 into it every month, each year when the mot and service comes around it will have £420 sat in if for repairs /wear and tear costs.

    I personally feel this is better money well spent and I have access to this money at any point and am in control of my own money. Hope this idea helps. (edited)
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