Posted 8th Mar 2017
Before you read this, please check out my other thread regarding this same issue!

So yet again, I purchased a phone from CEX (completely different order) and its signal stops working, the phone is blocked! I purchased the phone on the 10th of Feb, has been working perfectly, but since last week the phone stopped sending and receiving text messages/phone calls.

I tried a couple of different sim cards in the phone and none of them worked. I decided to do a check with checkmend and it comes up as blacklisted/reported lost or stolen.

Just my luck or what 2nd time now. First time it was blocked when i received it, was returned and refunded the same day. This time it got blocked after a few weeks.

To my surprise, I have never had a phone blocked that I or any of my friends/family have purchased of eBay. And in less than 3 months I have had 2 phones blocked from CEX. Seems like people are trying to make quick cash off cex then reporting to insurance!

In case someone is curious, it was an s7 both times.
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