Cheap Korean/ebay 27" 2560x1440 monitor £217 - any good?

Found 31st Mar 2013

Not for gaming or anything like that. Just general pc stuff, programming and some graphics work.
Looks to be the cheapest around at the moment.

Anyone got one of these from Korea and know about the customs charges and warranty?
£40 customs, if I'm unlucky?
And would I have to pay for delivery (back to them) if it's DOA?

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Or try this. Clicky
I wouldn't buy from Korea right now.
Just don't press the big red power button :o)
wonder if people have twigged that the ops monitor is quad hd not 1080p ......
go here and read for a few days and then decide

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Thanks taiko, and all who answered!

Yes I need (would prefer) higher than 1080p - to see more lines of code at once.

Some people are saying that the seller(s) ask if you want it marked as a gift, and at what value. And let you choose the UK end courier, eg DHL. So the tracking will be good and they (DHL) will contact me and handle the duty payment, typically £15-£20. Which seems reasonable

I'll give it a go, and report back on the outcome if anyone's interested.
Just a quick update, in case anyone finds this useful ...

I placed the order with ebay seller Green-Sum on the 31st March (around midnight). And got a despatch email in 6 hours. Monitor was in UK yesterday morning, and it's here in front of me today (4th April) - by DHL. Pretty quick!

I did have to pay full-whack for VAT @20% (£48 inc DHL's admin fee). Although you can ask the seller to mark it as a gift and mark as a lower price than you paid, before you buy - if you want.

DHL tracking was pretty good. Up to the point that you get a "Shipment held - Available upon receipt of payment" notification. Meaning they want you to pay VAT (and duty - which is 0% for monitors). I paid the duty online at epayments.dhl.co.uk/ using the 'waybill' number on the tracking page. Should have been straight forward, but I had to wait for dhl to work out the vat amount until I could get the waybill number to work properly. Once paid, the tracking notification still said "shipment held" until this morning. I had to call them yesterday to see if my payment had cleared/registered with the depot.

Quality wise. The picture is excellent. Sharp and vibrant. And the glossy screen isn't overly reflective. With enough resolution for me to display 2 windows of code side by side. The inbuilt speakers, on the other hand, are c@rp. Probably the worst speakers I have ever heard! But that's not much of an issue to me.
I've not tested for gaming (I don't do that), but fine for full HD movies and graphics work.

I have it running on a cheapo HD6450 with 1gb ram - no problems. The DVI-D cable is supplied with the monitor BTW.

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