Posted 1 May 2024

Comfortable slip-on trainers to wear without socks

Hello, for whatever reason I always seem to reach for my old ugly Crocs when heading out, and I’m after an alternative that looks a bit better.

Have just seen the Literides and they’re really appealing because they seem to be the usual Croc material (ie super breathable and no fabric) but look a bit more like a regular trainer. The only problem is that the reviews aren’t great - averaging 3.7 on the Crocs site.

Are there any alternatives worth checking out please? Ideally I want something that’s comfortable/breathable and also I can slip-on without socks. Thanks!
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  1. Deleted041071960810's avatar
    Lots of places sell equivalents - Asda and Primark amongst others, with various lengths of toe coverage. Some don't go far enough up the foot, that you lose them during the day. Others slip at the heel, so it might take a while to find a pair that suits OP.
  2. AMaky's avatar
    I am not sure on your definition of breathable as crocs are basically rubber so only holes are breathable.
    Look into canvas cotton trainers or a lot of trainers have mesh for summer.
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    Thank you
  3. SaturdayGigs's avatar
    The lifespan on Skechers now is short, poor materials and workmanship, I speak from expensive lessons learned.
    On the other hand they are super comfortable
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    Ah, that's a shame! But I'll take comfortable tbh
  4. Mark_Hickman's avatar
    Why would you want to wear them without socks, do you like sweaty smelly ttainers and blisters ? (edited)
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    Please say you are going to use washable liners, or will throw the shoes in the washing machine. Often.
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