Posted 19th Feb 2023 (Posted 8 h, 45 m ago)
Other than the free DFX Windows App, what other free (preferably), and/or, low cost (last resort, etc), alternatives out there, are there to the DFX Windows App?

I've previously used the commercial/paid for 30 Day trial version, on some 10 in LINX 10 Windows tablets I've owned in the past.

And to be honest with you, it was DECENT! :-D

That (same version, etc), paid version of it doesn't exist again, and they've since since changed their format/structure of both the look and feel of their DFX App, somewhat (it's now free, yes, but at a 'cost' too, yes).

Don't get me wrong, it's still good, or whatever, but not so at the same time (if that makes sense?). :-)

Simply put, what other alternatives out there, are there?

That would inevitably be good (to a reasonable varying degree, at least?), on Windows based tablet's/hybrid device's, etc? - with 'questionable' speaker's (of one ilk, or another), built-in to them too, and suchlike's?

Etc etc etc etc.

Thanx in advance. :-)
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    What did it do? I usually ask Chatgpt these type of questions.
    Never thought of that 'option'. :-D

    Where'd I get myself ChatGPT from?

    I've been hearing a LOT about ChatGPT of late, but yet to make use of it, in anyyyyyyyy way, etc.


    DFX, was/is, an interesting tool/software, which work's as an audio enhancer.

    And via it's software, improved the quality of sound.

    As in, sound/sounds that came via your device's physical speaker's, when you was doing some, eg. watching a movie through your device, watching a You Tube video through your device, and/or ...

    Etc etc etc etc etc.

    By equalizing (or upscaling), the sound 'output', that come's through your speaker's.

    Fairly interesting bit of kit, actually. :-D

    Here's a link to.their site anyway, to give you some wee idea too, perhaps:…cer

    Feel free to give me an idea of your thought's on my above link too, or something? :-)