EBay - I didn’t get item - tracking provided after 10 days, seller not responding now !!

Posted 27th Feb 2022
I was waiting over 10 days for a package. It’s worth 140£

Emailed seller, very late so I was wondering why its taking so long, the actual tracking details weren’t uploaded / provided on the eBay tracking was just showing waiting to dispatch.

Stated in my email no sign of my item.

They emailed back saying

“ hope this helps “
Tracking number
Thank you

Obviously clear to seller based on my email I hadn’t received it.

Tracking from UPS states delivered, there is over 30 apartments in my building nothing was delivered to me on that day as I was in the office the entire day.

I contacted ups they stated that seller should contact them but wouldn’t give me any information.
I’m trying to find out who it was delivered to.

On the Ups site it states signature will be taken as Proof of delivery, usually when I get ups delivery the driver takes a photo when I get the package


I’m not sure if this applied to
ups standard with tracking.

I have emailed the seller to contact them for proof of delivery / signature/ photo but no response in 3 days.

Had so many problems with eBay buying & Selling I’m really considering leaving the platform for good as it’s happening too often now and so time consuming and causing me stress that is simply not worth it anymore.

Any advice would be much appreciated on this ?

As seller is not responding should I open a case with eBay ?

Their first response wasn’t exactly reassuring. Like they didn’t care as they provided tracking number 10 days later.

On the eBay page of item it was supposed to be sent Royal Mail special delivery but ups standard was used

One of the reasons I purchased from the was the fact that it was supposed to be delivered with Royal Mail special delivery, it was advertised on the listing, I always prefer Royal Mail delivery tracked for expensive purchases. Special delivery even better.

Does this matter? Obviously Royal Mail special delivery would be way safer than ups standard.

ups drivers never want to come up the stairs, they always leave the package at the front door of building, happens many times as I had run down to avoid it been taken by hundreds of people coming in or out like food delivery drivers or cleaners and so on. It’s not exactly a nice building by any means, plenty of the sort that would take a package of left outside!!
Not sure what I should do now
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